Monday, February 02, 2009


Annoying News Lies

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

One of the things that's getting to be really annoying is the quantity of news LIES from Gaza. In a classic example of the serial liar who can't seem to help but lie even when the truth could serve his cause, the news media continues to publish obvious falsified stories and photos out of Gaza (obviously falsified if you pay attention, which the media assumes people don't take the time to do.)

Today's example is a photo by Kevin Frayer of the AP. Come, look at the destruction of the Hamas parliament chamber...

Clearly, some serious bombing has gone on. First to mention is the pose, yes pose - as in prepared position, of the person in the photo. Kind of prayer like and contemplative - great photography work if you're doing a wedding or religious occasion. You can just hear the photographer saying "stand there, no a little to the left, now put your hands together, no more prayer like, and look up. No, not at me, at the sky." If it was just the person it wouldn't be tooooooo bad, but...

Take a careful look at these photos. Amazingly, they all just happen to be facing us. Miraculously, while all surfaces are covered in a thick layer of concrete dust from the blast damage, these photos are all clean. The one in the top right even perfectly clean! Now, if one looks closely, one will see that each portrait is not covered with the dust pattern upon which they sit (in particular see the portrait on the white strip, and the clean one on the top right). Two of them are even standing up when everything else in the building is knocked flat!

Meaning, these portraits were removed from the rubble, cleaned off, and place there. The frame of the one in the top right must have been too dirty, so it was removed from the frame and placed on the table.

And thus we have an award winning faux news photo from Gaza. Man (in perfect suit) standing praying in cathedral like chamber next to photos of his (fallen?) comrades.

When truth is lies and lies are truth.


  1. Is that Rabbi Kahane that I see in one of the pictures, or do I just have a one track mind?

  2. this is a comment posted on a blog that said "the end of the world as we know it" re the moslems/lefties and the media. it applies here as well:

    i don't care what the moslems say, what the leftards say. the Ribbono Shel Olam is in charge, the Master of the Universe!

    do i struggle? of course. but my intention is to keep remembering who is in control.

    tehilim/psalms 31:16,17
    in Your control are my times, rescue me from the control of my foes and my pursuers. shine Your face upon your servant, save me in Your lovingkindness.

    so we see in this sentence by david hamelech that HaShem is in control. when it says 'rescue from the control of my foes' we can understand it on different levels. one way is to rescue my mind/awareness from the illusion that earthly people are in control. nope.

    then we see the next sentence about 'shine Your face' etc. so in the moment when we are troubled by the illusion of earthly oppressors, we ask HaShem to illuminate our awareness with His kindness.

    ultimately, this entire battle is not physical. it is a struggle for truth and light. the bad guys wrongly insist that their distortion is the truth. but we know better. we know that the torah of israel and the G-d of israel is the light, always has been, always will be.

    therefore it is incumbent upon all of us, jews and gentiles to strengthen our spiritual work. this has great affect in heaven which affects the earth below.

    it also helps to guide us more clearly on how to respond and proceed with earthly matters.

  3. Koby, are you intimating that we Jews should not object to injustice when we see it blatantly being used against us? Are you suggesting a 'leave it to G.od' philosophy?

    Well, the Torah instructs us to immediately defend ourselves when faced with diatribes that are false. If we are accused of a falsity, we are obligated to refute it on the spot.

    As I see it, it has to do with our image reflecting on kavod shamayim! Emes must be defended, upheld, and uplifted as 'the' ideal.

  4. The Left and and Arabs will always lie. I think Koby and Neshama make an intersesting point. That is, we need to be one people, with one mind, with one goal, to do our spiritual work and not bicker and bite and beat each other up in this virtual world, not to mention the internet.

    Has anyone given any consideration to what this type of fighting among Jews does? As anyone given any consideration to this type of "exchange of ideas" is doing?

    The more we fight, the more we disagree, the more we find less that we have in common the more the other side gains.

    I don't mean the Arabs. I mean the Yetzer HaRah. As Rav Shalom says, "Now is not the time for tears. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and do something!"

    Now is the time to work on the Yetzer HaRah. Now is the time to fight day and night the urge that takes us farther away from Hashem. If Shabbat is a look at the world to come, where ever day is Shabbat, where we're free from the Yetzer HaRah, which is the celebration of the defeat of the Yetzer HaRah.

    The 6 days prior to Shabbat are the days that we work on ourselves, where we roll up our sleeves and declare war on OUR Yetzer HaRah. The 6 days of the week are the generations preceding the world to come, the reign of Mashiach in this world.

    Now is the time to work on OURSELVES and not the Arabs. Hashem will take care of them IF WE TAKE CARE OF OUR WORK. We have to work on ourselves first, the rest will come.

  5. Koby thanx for your comment that psalm quote it was just what the doctor ordered.

    Re: defending emet: R.Akiva it's like your focusing on the posing man and the pictures but ignoring the rest-the building IS in rubble (at least as far as I can tell from the picture). It seems to me this is more a matter of annoying media SPIN .

  6. Anon 7:22 - that's somewhat the point, why add the man and the photos? Why pose the picture?

  7. A Picture is worth nothing compared to the Mashiach.

    Wait and see TRUE Justice when HaShem brings the Mashiach - ALL Humans will see the Glory of HaShem. B"H may it be real soon.

    Evil will not be able to hide from the burning blast nor the Pit, which awaits it to return it to the Ultimate Good.

    All actions are only by HaShem's approval. HaShem is never wrong.

    HaShem is sending us many messages that we confuse with our logic. His Ways are not our ways, His Thoughts are not our thoughts.

    Then, All the Human King's faux news and All the Human Lairs will be silenced - when the Mashiach stands before the World and brings HaShem's Truth.

    Praise HaShem - let nothing come between us and Mitzvahs and Torah Study.


  8. anon 7:22 again-re: why pose the picture-maybe to distract us.
    Also it makes us seem petty and the other side can say, "see they don't care about death and destruction they care that a picture was posed".
    Also I would differentiate this from outright lies like fake dead people jumping out of coffins, or children posing as if they are injured or falsely attributing deaths to the IDF -like in the case of Muhammed al Durra. If we call this picture a LIE to the same degree as these other cases then it cheapens the meaning of "lies" . THis picture show a destroyed building and that's the truth and some guy is posing in a mournful way with some pictures inside the is destroyed building-that is pathos and drama but not a lie.

  9. i thought the same thing when i saw this photo the other day. i'm glad i'm not the only one who noticed this.


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