Monday, January 12, 2009


Remember the Children

Several years ago I received the following presentation, which I was able to post and share through several hosting services back then. Fortunately hosting options have improved, leading to much nicer presentation appearance.

While the PROPAGANDA of current war ranges on, in which article after article and interview after interview decrying the fate of those in Gaza, remember the Jewish children who have been targeted in the past, and are targeted today (with the 3rd Hamas missile hit on a kindergarten!)

While they call for their children to be human shields, we defend and cry for the loss of every one of ours...

(full size access here)

Warning - Graphic images!


Anonymous said...

This needs to be put on YouTube and any other websites that one can think of. The regular media will never show these pictures. Thank you for posting this!

Jennifer said...

Hi there!

I saw your blog link on WHYS and decided to check it out.

Please know that for all of the Americans that are believing the hype, there are many that support you.

Take care,

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