Monday, January 12, 2009


The Gaza Syndrome

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

There is no suffering without sin. (Gemora) All yissurim (troubles) come from aveyrot (sins). What is happening in the world today is a result of our behavior. By our deeds we either tip the tiklah (the divine scale) towards zehut (merit) or hov (deficit). By our actions we determine the amount of divine blessing that comes down or the lack of it.

Now if we heed the voice of Hashem and do teshuva then there is no need for the tragedies to befall us. Hashem runs the world down to the smallest leaf that falls from a tree and covers a worm so the sun doesn't burn it, to asteroids hitting the planet Jupiter. The Creator runs the world by Divine provenience, we have no choice in the matter.

Hamas would not be here and a single person would not be hurt or killed if Hashem did not will it. So instead of attacking the stick that He chose to beat us with, we need to turn to the Wielder. It is much more easier to do T'SHUVAH that to mobilize thousands of men and machines.

But it doesn't look that way. We have been conditioned by a Anti G-d Matrix to the point that we do not believe in the truth any more. Instead, the media bombards us with their truth of the moment while selling us more cars, cosmetics, movies, clothes, etc. (Creating beyond desires to NEEDS for goods that never existed before.)

It is written in the Torah, Parshat Haazinu, "if we do not listen to the voice of Hashem then we will be made to listen to the voice of our enemies" and even goes on to describe the Palestinians and specifically say He will send Hamas and attacks by missiles! Stop looking at the symptom and start to look at the cause! If we can fix this at the root then there is no need for the pain and suffering.

We must try, none would argue with that. But if some choose to stay in the dark, it hurts the rest. For we are a people, a whole. We must appeal to all our brothers and sisters for all our sake, and for the sake of all the world.

We are running out of time. Every good deed counts, every thought of returning to Hashem is not wasted. Hurry! Cash in on all the mitzvot today that you can and reap the peace and security you'll receive in the place of stress and fear.

May we all take positive steps towards Hashem today, and find true and complete peace tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

If there are no yisurim without aveirot, please explain the term yisurei ahavah.

Neshama said...

There is one commenter to one of the more stimulating and mind-stretching blogs that consistently argued and challenged the author, as a (friendly) Torah discourse, but the result of the needling and jabbing was so negative that people were wounded and turned away.

I only hope that this commenter has not moved his mouse over to this blog, continuing his mental gymnastics (anonymously).

ReuvenEzraF said...

Essentially all yisurim are yisurei ahavah, even when brought upon a person because of their sins. These yisurim are simply tools which serve to rectify the blemish of the sin. This is a tremendous act of love from our Creator. Hashem wants our souls to be clean so we can receive him in the utmost manner, with the least blockage. If i'm not mistaken , the gemara in Berachos speaks about afflictions of love where a person may be worthy of an increased portion in Olam Haba, but needs to face additional changes so Hashem can bestow it upon them. This also is what happened with all the Patriarchs, being tested with obstacles which in the end elevated them even higher. King David speaks of his "sin". But elsewhere it says "my heart is void within me" meaning he slaughtered the yetzer hara! Well, our Sages say that anyone who thinks King David sinned in in error. The term "sin" is still used, but it doesn't mean an aveira like eating a cheeseburger, it is simply a reflection of some deficiency that is still lacking in the super-high spiritual level of a tzaddik. The Rebbe speaks about this in regards to the "sin" of Reuven ben Yaakov Avinu, which our Sages also say that on e is in error if they say he sinned. It's not within the realm of tumah, but some sort of a ruchnius battle of a higher level with Sitra Achra above if I understand what I studied properly. Maybe Reb Nati or Reb Akiva can elaborate. This is done out Hashem's love and desire that his righteous people reach their greatest potential. Nothing evil comes from Hashem, its all ahavah. It's just that we are not all vessels to see the good in it. When it descends upon us, it may appear to us a gevurot, but Hashem and the tzadikim see the pure goodness in it, even though it may come as a result of sin. It's our task to realize this truth, despite our hardships. It's a step by step process for all of us! Epistle 11 in Iggeret Hakodesh in Tanya talks about this concept in detail. G-d help us succeed. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

I suggest reviewing the relevant section of Masechet Brachot on the topic of suffering.

ReuvenEzraF said...

Indeed, the Schottenstein volume of Berachos Daf Hey and Vav i believe, has a lengthy commentary which explains the first part of what I've said above.

Shiloh said...

Reb Nati, is it possible that the events of the world are related to the last verse of Ovadiah being fulfilled? For Israel, it's a different set of rules. I do not think that doing mitzvot can change the course haShem has for us now (Not saying not to do them at all). I agree, we must all come closer to haShem, but with the verse I quoted above, it has now become out of our hands. Bringing light to the world can only help to lessen the blow.

Reb. Nati said...

Great explaintion reven, shilo all is in the hands of heaven execpt the fear of heaven it's self we need to come closer to Hashem and if it lightens the blow baruch Hashem but we need to serve Hashem without any stings as we are certainly trying to repair a large hole in a sinking ship. so we must bail out the water sort to speak.

k said...

reb nati,
you write great pieces, but i must respectfully make an important note here.

for example, when a young, innocent person dies, or a good person suffers, it is not right to say it'd due to aveiros.

when someone dies we say their soul should have an aliyah, if they're sick, a refuah sheimah.

but, we don't know the details.

maybe the suffering is a tikun for something we don't understand.

sometimes a soul comes into a body for a few hours and leaves and this allows it a much higher aliyah....

look at the 10 martyrs, akiva, the avos...they suffered...did they do aveiros on that level??

here's the point: suffering is not simply from aveiros. the more compassionate and deeper understanding is that either it is for tikkun, or H' is somehow helping us to another level.

it is very delicate to discuss this with people who are suffering. one must be very compassionate and careful.

please, don't ever ever ever tell someone who is suffering or their family that it's from aveiros!!!

read: return again, by trugman, about reincarnation. it gives a great insight to these things.

so, in sum, it's better to think in terms of tikkun, of rectification or a higher will, ratzon elyon, which we know is always "chesed".

this is hard for us as humans, of course, most of us struggle with it:it's part of the human condition and part of our growth.

is suffering from aveiros? sometimes, of course, but we must be careful how we language it and how we discuss it.

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