Wednesday, January 14, 2009


False Alarm in Jerusalem

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Today, the 'Tzeva Adom' (missile alert - red color) alarms went off! There was for a few tense moments panic and stress. What was this? It was simon, a sign that we need to wake up and do t'shuva. With emunah we can combat this stress, with Emunah! Look up for our redemption draws near. This was a loving reminder to us here in the holy city to turn to Hashem!

(Spelling correction applied.)


raphnix said...

At least the city is still at peace with that false alarm. People shouldn't be anticipating any misfortunes.

Devash said...

"Tzeva Adom" is something else. What we experienced was just a plain old air raid siren.

josh said...

Not all cities have the Tzeva Adom system added to their air raid sirens

Yesterday. a 'false alarm' had air raid sirens in Beit Shemesh and Jm go off (again no tzeva adom). A friend in Jm said it was on for a few minutes.

Look at a map and see that BS and Jm are in approximately the same line of fire from Gaza.

Some people on the outskirts of Rehovot and Beit Shemesh heard a large explosion around the same time.

Me thinks tht if something was fired, it is being shut up by the censor (government would not want to hurt any ceasefire hope right now, right?). In 2008 before the 'war', missiles landed north of Ashdod, but this was not publicized.

If anyone has connections in the media, ask them to confirm what is not allowed to be printed.

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