Friday, January 16, 2009


Being Connected to a Tzadik

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

This is a question to all of us, but this is posed by Reb Meir Elkabas

Question: A person who has already sinned and blemished himself in life – in what merit does he have to repent and start serving Hashem? If now he is in the hands of the evil side how can he possibly get out?

The holy Arizal answers that the soul of the greatest Tzaddik enters and attaches himself to the soul of this low and far Jew and helps him come out of his darkness (this is what is termed in kabbalistic literature as an "Ibur Nefesh"). This is one of the reasons why Rebbe Nachman stresses the necessity of attaching oneself to the true Tzaddik of the generation. He explains that before a true and great Tzaddik comes down to the world it is possible to approach and serve Hashem without any external merit or help. However, once a true Tzaddik come into the world it is "IMPOSSIBLE" to come close to Hashem without the help of and attachment to this true Tzaddik.

This is because Hashem created the world in a way that free will must exist at every level in life. Thus, once an unbelievable enlightening and unique Tzaddik does come into the world – an equal amount of darkness and concealment must also come into the world, making it impossible to overcome this darkness without the help of this Tzaddik who can counter this darkness.

When the Jews were in Egypt, Hashem Himself could have taken the Jews out of Egypt. Instead he chose to designate Moshe Rabeinu (Moses our teacher) as the savior and redeemer of the Jews. Why? The Talmud, Midrash and Zohar all teach that the whole world was only created for the Tzaddik. At the beginning of creation Hashem foresaw that there would sprout forth individuals who would succeed in totally breaking the physical barriers separating them from Hashem and spirituality. For them the whole creation was created. If so, what chance does the average Jew who doesn't "make it" have to come close to Hashem? For this reason Hashem sent Moshe to save and lead the Jews out of Egypt. Through their faith in Moshe – the "Faithful Shepherd" – they could they safely make the dangerous and difficult journey to complete spirituality – The Holy Land.

May we all have the merit to find, search and attach ourselves to the True Tzaddik of this generation.

Reb Nachman Chazan was Reb Noson's closest disciple and the leading Breslover chassid after Reb Noson passed away. He was once asked if he would talk about a miracle which Rebbe Nachman had performed. Reb Nachman Chazan's expression became very intense and he exclaimed with great fervor, "A miracle?! You want me to tell you one of the Rebbe's miracles? I! I am Rebbe Nachman's miracle!"

Reb Nachman Chazan felt his service to God to be insignificant and worthless. He felt too distanced from G-d to be of any consequence. Yet, G-d had seen fit to draw him close to Reb Noson, who fed him many dosages of Rebbe Nachman's "medicines." He eventually rose to a great spiritual position, and so he exclaimed, "I am Rebbe Nachman's miracle.


tasneem said...
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ktr7ercom said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

G-d bless you and yours. my humble opinion as a believing gentile : that i agree with Devorah on moderating some comments.
if a jew is to cleave to the tzaddik, what about believing gentiles:
i know we have the 7 laws and its break down, and we attach ourselves to the Holy people, how do we overcome our spiritual problems. Does attaching to a tzaddik also apply to us. thanks.

Leora said...

Do you have any suggestions for how to find him, or someone in mind, etc.? Should it be such a huge mystery, who the tzaddik of the generation is? Thanks for your thoughts.

Devorah said...

By learning the teachings of the Rebbes of the past, you are attaching to them.
Not sure about gentiles.... go to

Akiva said...

Dear Gaza supporters -

Your comments aren't welcome here. Go rage elsewhere.

You ask us to review our actions, first review your own!

Anonymous said...

I apologize for the "off topic" rant in response to the Gaza supporters. I've calmed down and re-read this article and ... WOW! This is deep. In light of an earlier article about there being only "one Jew," I'm asking myself, "If there's only one Jew and the Creation was only created for Moshiach and the world was created for the Tzadik, then isn't there only one Moshiach and by that I mean, aren't all Jews Moshiach?" I'm not saying that all Jews are Moshiach HaMelech, but I'm thinking along the lines of (and connecting) what Rebbe Schnnerson said regarding our veil of perception and this concept of unification:

Yishai said...

On the subject of Rebbe Nachman's miracles, it's written somewhere that every time he would perform some miracle or wonder, he would pray that people forget it, because he didn't want to be known for them. Reb Noson writes that there were tons of miracles, but the Rebbe wanted to be known only for his advice. Interestingly Baba Sali (who thought highly of Rebbe Nachman) forbade people to record or otherwise disseminate any of his Torah teachings, but instead became known almost exclusively for his miracles.

Ultimately we have to pray to G-d to reveal to us who the true tzaddikim of this generation are. Likutei Tefilot, I believe, has a number of prayers along these lines. Of course it also helps to spend time looking and to apply common sense and intuition to the task.

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