Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Achdut and Gaza

Photos by R. Nati, Article by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Photo - By the Gaza border from Israel.

Israel has had an incredible level of achdut, unity, through the recent Gaza war. Communities throughout Israel took in the residents and children under fire from the south (for example Beit Shemesh brought 1,000 high school students to learn under safer conditions). And almost everyone turned out to support the soldiers, sending assistance, treats, warmer clothing, etc.

The morale of the soldiers was immense, and strengthened because they knew the country was standing behind them.

One of the keys to the geulah is achdut, unity. Standing together and strengthening one another. The other side knows this and finds great danger in achdut (unity). As achdut grows the Yetzer Hara (the evil inclination) must bring out the big guns and make a full frontal attack.

During the recent war, the Breslevers went and danced with the troops. The Chabadniks went and put tefillin on the troops. Other groups went and said tehillim, brought Torah's for minyanim (prayer quorums), brought tzitzit (ritual fringes) for the soldiers to wear. The soldiers responded by praying, thanking Hashem, and fighting this milhemet mitzvah (war of mitzvah) with all their heart.

It is not a surprise that today the Yetzer Hara fought back. Like at Har Sinai, when Moshe Rabaynu (Moses our Teacher) went up, the Yetzer - which was forced out of the people by their purity, achdut, and connection with Hashem - fought back with images of the death of Moshe and the need for a holy cow (the golden calf). Today the Yetzer has fought back by tripping up a talmid chacham, a rosh yeshiva, insulting the achut (unity) and connection between those in need of prayer and those praying, those who would seem to have experienced miracles - direct help from Hashem in surviving and pushing back the brutal enemy, stating them unworthy. Pay no attention to such words, for the Yetzer Hara has come with all it's strength to damage the unity.

Instead, pay attention to this...Rabbi Nati today near the border of Gaza coming to support and encourage the troops...

The enemy has no care whether we are bearded or not, wearing a yarmulke or not, wearing a green army uniform or not. If you're a Jew, you're a target. There is no question we must stand together, yet let it not be in pain and under fire, let it be rejoicing in Torah, Mitzvot, our connection to HaKodesh Baruch Hu (the Holy One, Blessed Be He), and the ultimate rejoicing with the coming of Moshiach!

Let those who wish to grumble about the unworthy carefully examine their own soul first and be certain the evil inclination has not come with a tricky argument about protecting the kovod (respect) of the Torah in the name of destroying the achdut (unity) of the am (nation).


Anonymous said...

Kol Hakavod, Reb Akiva. We need more blogs that FOCUS on the ACHUD and not the gaps in perspective of Jews. Keep up the desire to serve Hashem and to strenthen Bnei Yisreael with POSITIVE examples, but beware that your own understanding of division not blind you.

Anonymous said...

Well put Reb Akiviva .... and so true

Anonymous said...

these are intense times I hope we all keep praying like our lives depend on it -we're all in it together

Anonymous said...

To add to the good things that happened duirng the war - so many acts of chessed. For 2 of the Shabbatot, women baked enough Challa to make a bracha, and then made small challa rolls. Packages of 2 rolls, 2 tea lights and a note were put together. We did this in our yishuv. When I brought my peckalach to the collection house, I saw that the foyer was overflowing with challot were brought to Yerushalayim early the next morning. Rabbanim Tzvaiim brought them down to Azza and gave them out to the soldiers.
Many other organizations did acts of chessed such as these - giving out packages of food, cookies, toiletries, warm clothing etc.
Mashiach is definitely on the way!!

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