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Still Waiting

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

#6 I believe with perfect faith that all the words of the prophets are true.

#12 I believe with perfect faith in the coming of Moshiach. However long it takes, I await his coming every day.

- Rambam, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, zt"l, the 13 Principles of (Jewish) Faith

Glückel of Hameln (1646-1724) wrote a diary of instructions to her descendants and Jewish life in her time. In her diaries, begun in 1689, she describes key events in both Jewish and world history, such as the messianic fervor surrounding Sabbatai Tzvi or the impact of the Swedish wars waged by King Charles XII. At the same time, she also describes day-to-day life among the Jewish inhabitants of the Rhine valley.

One of the things Gluckel describes is her uncle's excitement with rumors of the coming of Moshiach, to the point of his packing is household and bringing all his worldly possessions to the port for storage as he prepared his family for departure to Eretz Yisroel (the Land of Israel) for the ingathering of the exiles and the time of the Geulah.

Unfortunately, after waiting 3 years with his whole life in storage for the final call to come, it became apparent that the time of the Geulah had not arrived and the potential Moshiach was not all he claimed to be. He had Gluckel dispose of his possessions as his family started to rebuild their life in a new location.

We have entered a time of world turmoil. Many are confused and don't know what to do. Some refuse to pay attention at all, trying to ignore the wave of turmoil that doesn't fit their existing stable world view. Some of us are seeing signs of the Geulah - may it only be so!!!

We would not be the first to hope for the Geulah, pray for Moshiach, and believe the turmoil is chevlai Moshiach (the birth pangs of the time of Moshiach). G-d willing, we will be the last!

But either way, whether his arrival is tomorrow (G-d willing) or further in the future (G-d forbid), we await his coming every day, and continue to have faith in HaKodesh Baruch Hu (the Holy One, Blessed Be He) that he will come at the proper time, and all these many generations of waiting are for the best.


  1. Akiva, many instances of the geulah have been here before, have they not? Then what is the difference today? Is it not described in Sanhedrin (is it 98, I don't have my copy here). If it was the 'sounds' that was the difference, after those occured, we must wait again. My question is for how long, and do you have a source?

  2. Akiva,
    What's wrong with making Aliyah? What's wrong with giving up the way of the goyim and moving Home to Eretz Yisrael? What is wrong with looking deep inside oneself to see that living in the galut, although comfortable we may be, it's not intended to be our home?

    What we have is free choice. The free choice to recognize that, yes we can leave America, UK, etc. We can leave on our own accord without having to be prodded, tortured, our lives threatened. We have an opportunity of a life time, that is to pack our bags and our PRECIOUS POSSESSIONS and move to Eretz Yisrael. What about the kids you say, they need to finish school. They can finish in Eretz Yisrael. What about our homes, apartments? Rent them and when the economy is better, then sell them. If you can't sell them, then leave them, just as your grand parents and great-grandparents did in the Ukraine when escaping pogroms. There are simple answers to difficult questions. Please encourage those to exercise their free will, the choice that is set before them now and stop discocuraging Aliyah.

  3. BE,
    "The autistics" are saying jews should go to Canaan, and they where specifically warning Russian jews, several times I think. Just a few days ago I heard that the Russian authorities are giving warnings to christian churches that they will soon be declared illegal. This looks like it could be the start of a russian religious oppression.

    Maybe it is an excellent idea to organize a mass removal of jews from Russia, maybe Chabad can do it.

    I am reading that making churches illegal is an idea that came from the Russian ministry of Justice, and that there are also jewish organizations on the "black list."

    I say: sound the grand alarm and get all Russian jews out *now.* Enough warnings on one heap already. Something like this can also happen in USA, for instance against Muslems and jews (compare 1929-1945 Germany.) Canaan is by no means safe, but that does not necessarily mean the west/north is safer. (Suggested safety: return to Torah.)

  4. Take the autistics with an incredibly huge grain of salt. We are trying so hard to bring the geulah, we will fall right back into another mess.

  5. To all,
    Please forgive me for my Lashon Harah

  6. You can see Gluckel's diary, with the relevant part, here:


  7. Just think for a minute:

    Har HaBayit alef
    Har HaBayit beis
    *1948, '67 '73
    *60 years of a viable national homeland coming to a close (that's the 60th year, not the homeland?)
    *44th President Elect of a nation experiencing EXTREME HYPERVENTILATION
    *Eretz Yisrael in AD/HD mode
    *Ahmad spewing
    *Jews all over the world in distress
    *Rabbis saying, "...crazy rabbi's of Eretz Yisroel (the Land of Israel) have no idea what they are talking about"

    How about the $$..BILLIONS..$$ of losses in ponzi schemes??!! (Bernie Madoff)

    Is there anyone speaking sanity?
    The Autists? Maybe!

    A rational person CANNOT DISMISS what is going on all around us.

  8. The reason I believe the Autistics is that I learned that Prophecy still resides in 3 places: with children, with dogs, and with the mentally infirmed.

  9. Shilo:
    What do you think of this: (my blog/site, which is about setting up new countries/states with a better Constitution all over the world, Eretz Israel in particular.)

    I take the autistics more seriously then that because their message is repentence. False prophets often only try to predict the future to get an ear, but they fail to demand a change in behavior.

  10. Neshama:
    The Greeks, Romans, etc., were a long time ago. Thus, someone e.g. 500 years ago could have made similar claims, and say "A rational person CANNOT DISMISS what is going on all around us." And there were others things happening as well, throughout those ages.
    The expulsion from Spain, the Napoleonic wars, the discovery of the Zohar, etc., etc. They had major events in the time of Shabtai Tzvi as well.

    At any time in history, when you "zoom in," you can find earth-shattering events. In every generation. To claim that therefore Mashiach is *certainly* coming tomorrow may well be misguided.

    It does not say "mentally infirmed." If you look at the gemara in Bava Batra 12b, and at the examples given, it is of a raving lunatic on a street corner, who is shouting out random strange things. And a similar haphazard utterance from the mouth of a child. Perhaps God had a hand in putting that random thought into their minds, when they uttered it. That is different from someone *calmly* saying: "I am a lunatic. Therefore, the words I say are prophecy. For we know the gemara. And Ko Amar Hashem, the following message from On High" etc. The gemara was not talking at all about such a case, and it is unfortunate that this source, like so many other sources, is misinterpreted to justify halachically questionable practices of divination.

    No, their message is not repentance. It includes themes of repentance, but their definition of "repentance" is that everyone else who does not subscribe to their specific hashkafot and psakim is evil and must repent, thus granting Divine legitimacy for their very particular hashkafot. This is then really a message of intolerance and sinas chinam, but under the guise of mussar and a call to teshuva.


  11. Josh, let's call it "WISHFUL WISHING" or EMUNAH or what the Chofetz Chaim believed, that any minute Moshiach was coming.

    And he had clothing and a packed suitcase to back up his belief.

    I guess my point was missed, i was trying to show progression from then to now and how some key events (stand out more than others) are indicative for believing Jews to take notice (take to heart).

    Let us at least entertain the notion that a world economy in disarray reflects also its policies, and therefore 'pulling the money carpet' out from under is Hashem's way of 'bringing the ego down' to earth (or countries on their knees).

    Well, you should believe that Hashem orchestrated it all!

    This golus of Jews in America is closing up, and we Jews need to move on ... we have been in almost every land on the earth, don't you think we should go back to where we started!!

    It's just so clearly transparent.

    Anyway, it's Yud Tes Kislev today.

  12. Joshwaxman: "At any time in history, when you "zoom in," you can find earth-shattering events. In every generation. To claim that therefore Mashiach is *certainly* coming tomorrow may well be misguided."

    I agree that there is always tremendous suffering & turmoil of all kinds, however 1 thing has changed: technological progress. Many people don`t remember the first light-bulb, but until that day all light came from candles and fires. Many people take light bulbs completely for granted, but for how much of a percentage of history did we have them ?

    Go back even 1 lifetime, and take a look at the biggest weapons we had. Compare to the present. What we had then was dynamite sticks, bang, a hole in the ground. What we have now is thermo-nuclear explosions of theoretically up to any size: boom, away whole city. Look at the size of cities 200 years ago, compare with them now. 400 years ago we didn`t even know transportation without animals, now we have littered the moon with cars !

    It should be apparent that in quite a short time frame robotics will take off tremendously. I can not imagine the artificial soldier isn`t perfected within the next 100 years. Torah was given some 3500 years ago, in only 100 years we may have to face fully (and more) capaple artificial soldiers if we want to overthrow tyranny. That may seem like a joke or a rant to some people, guess what the first airplane was, and all the other inventions.

    So I say: this is most definitely the end. Maybe not *now* these months, maybe it is still 5 decades away. But it is roughly these centuries. Humanity is destroying nature with such speed that this alone has the power to generate disasters worse then the 10 plagues of Egypt. If tyranny comes down with modern weapons, it has the potential to be much worse then tyranny of the Romans who had nothing more then their brutality and their short sword and some basic engineering. The key here is: power difference between armed/supported and unarmed/unsuported. Roman empire times: 2 unarmed farmers could grab a stick and take out 1 Roman soldier. Compare 2 unarmed laborers grab whatever, what are they going to do against high end weapons, machine guns, spy satalites, financial control systems that centralize intelligence, and so on.

    So I guess: this has to be the end, if it is not then we really will be in need of miracles. Nobody can deny the changes to the world in the last few decades.

    Moreover: this time was predictable all the way back from the stone age. Even then people could have said: then we must have succeeded with justice, because that is the end of our era (primitive technology).

    This has to be the end, we need global Justice very soon, I say: decades at best.

  13. Ha'Azinu.
    Devarim 32.36
    Conditional, not temporal, for the time of the end.

    Shalom to all, and let's concentrate on tikkun olam, personal teshuva and emunah, and ahavas Yisroel.
    Yesha Galluzzo


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