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Rumors of Achdus

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Acdus / Achdut - Unity, as in people (or a nation) coming together.

"We must hang together gentlemen, or we will surely hang separately" - Benjamin Franklin

Commentary on the Torah on Dor Migdal Bavel (the generation of the Tower of Babel) asks why Hashem didn't destroy these people who rose up against Him the way the Dor HaFlaga (the generation of the Flood) was destroyed? They were worthy of being saved in merit of their achdus - their unity. Their unity gave them the ability to reach great heights, or great depths. That was an attribute worth saving.

At the funeral of the martyrs of Mumbai two days ago, I heard plenty of calls for achdus. I'm told we're all united, we're all Chabadniks now, we're all mourning as one.

I wish it were so...

The funeral of the Shluchim was attended by Chabad. Oh, a few others came, a few. The funeral of the kashrus supervisors was attended by the chassidim of Meah Shearim. Oh, a few others came, a few. I haven't even heard or seen any info about the funeral of the grandmother from (Tel Aviv, or Petach Tikva)?

This week, the settlers are struggling with the government (out to prove it's "strength" against it's own) over a home legally bought, struggling by themselves. UTJ (Israeli United Torah Judaism party) lost the Jerusalem mayoral election as different sub-groups refused to work together. The National Religious dissolved their old political party and formed a new one, that can't organize itself due to disagreements over structure and power positions.

We are divided by politics. We are divided by hashkafa (cultural approach), minhagim (Jewish customs), Torah focus, lifestyle and national culture.

But dear friends, dear brothers and sisters, if we don't come together on our own Hashem will surely bring us together through common DANGER. Let's do it the right way.


  1. It is forbidden to relate that someone has been remiss in matters of Jewish observance -- be it a transgression prohibited by the Torah, a rabbinical prohibition, or even a breach of custom. Such statements are derogatory by the Torah's standards, and thus are forbidden.7 Therefore, it is forbidden to mention an incident in which one of the people involved transgressed a halachah, even in a society where that particular halachah is commonly ignored.

    It is forbidden to say that an individual lacks commitment in fulfilling a particular commandment. Therefore, it is forbidden to say that a man sets aside little time for daily Torah study, or that he does not go out of his way to help others. This would apply even if the speaker and listener themselves study little or are not known for their benevolence, and will openly admit to this without shame. Since the Torah commands us to make Torah study and chesed performance priorities in our lives, it is forbidden to say that someone else lacks dedication in these areas.

  2. A Comprehensive Soul

    The soul of Mashiach comprises the souls of the entire Jewish people. This is what enables him to redeem all of Israel fromexile. Mashiach, as is known, is the all-embracing yechidah of the Jewish people. [For, unique among the five levels of every soul, the yechidah within a soul is its sublime and innermost essence.] To consider these five levels in ascending order: King David was the all-embracing nefesh of the Jewish people; the Prophet Eliyahu was the ruach; Moshe Rabbeinu was the neshamah; Adam was the chayah; and the yechidah will be bestowed upon Mashiach. At the same time, within every Jew there is a spark of the soulof Mashiach. This spark is the yechidah within him, which is a spark of the comprehensive yechidah. Likkutei Sichos, Vol. XX, p. 522

  3. Nice post Akiva, kol hakavod.

  4. Akiva, you know for sure taht achdus is hard to achieve: look for instance within chabad, what happens between moshichistim and anti. Despite, I thought many more knitted yarmulkes would have been seen in the levaya of the Holztberg, HY"D. In Jerusalem, there were all kind of hassidim, especially from Gur, along chabadnikim; but so few others... Oy, oy, oy... AD MOSSAI ?

  5. I honestly dont know what you're talking about. Here in America, NY, there is a tremendous feeling of a universal Jewish connection. In fact, tonight a special assembly is being held organized with the Yeshivish (Litvish) and Chabad community in a large modern Orthodox shul. A large number of non-Chabdniks have been walking like zombies affected by this tragedy. We are not Lubavitch, but my wife hired a babysitter to attend this assembly. She feels like she needs to mourn properly with others. Why are so many people affected here in the US? How can you say there is no achdus? Do we want to become Lubavitch, no. Is that what it takes for some to feel that their is achdus? If so, then the person doesnt understand what achdus means. You dont ask your wife to start dressing and behaving like you just to feel unity. What you want to see is true sincere caring concern and acceptance. I can say that that these feelings and emotions have been revealed here.

  6. I totally agree with Anonymous 7:48pm - same story in my (not even close to NY) American city. Besides, is attending a levayah the only way to show achdus? People are pouring out their hearts in prayer - and their hearts are really broken. Really, this post was not worthy of you.

  7. Although I don't think I could adequately comment on the current state of our (dis)unity, I would like to point out that the 2nd Beit Hamikdash was destroyed (not sure if in part of in full) because of the Jewish people being fragmented.

    Minhagim and Hashkafa are just that, customs and worldview...they are all facets of the same Torah, and as long as they don't contradict the Torah, they don't make anyone more or less Jewish. May HaShem help all of us achieve better Achdut.

  8. I think we're losing it! cv's.
    We are weakened because of the long, long onslaught on our lives and way of life.
    How long can we be beaten into pulp,
    how long can the world torture us?
    How long can we keep trying?
    We are all victims.

    Nevertheless, we must find the resolve to pick ourselves up and keep on going! Remember the phoenix? The bird that lives forever. That little bird whose nest is set aflame at the end of 1000 years, with only a little morsel to remain, and from that morsel grows another phoenix to fly, to soar into the wind, to build a nest, and so forth and so on................until, at last, Moshiach comes.

  9. I watched the funeral on my PC at work.

    Shas can unite with the national religious, but the key is in the Ashkenazi Haredi who are afraid of them. In the upcoming elections, bli neder, I'm not voting for Shas, Agudah, and probably not the new Mafdal if things aren't changed drastically there. But I would vote, ###no questions asked###, for a unified religious party. I would not even bother to read their platform. I would vote for a unified religious party. Speak with Rav Eliyahiv, Shlita, and we would control the knesset by either forming the government, or being a major player in the coalition.

    Worse comes to worse, the erev rav would rear back on their hind legs and unify against the religious.

  10. What can we do to encourage unity?


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