Tuesday, December 16, 2008


One Last Stab

Not content with the damage already done, U.S. Secretary of State Rice takes one last STAB at Israel.

First this week she leads the Mideast Quartet to make a statement...

The Quartet of Middle East terror negotiators said on Monday there was no turning back from US-led talks between the Israelis and Palestinians even though they have produced a situation of constant civilian bombardment and terror attacks for Israel and placed the Palestinian people under the rule of terror inciting brutilizing Arab thugs.

In a statement issued after a meeting of Quartet members – the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations – the group said the politics of threat launched against Israel last November in Annapolis, Maryland should be accelerated.

"The bilateral give-rewards-to-the-Palestinians-no-matter-what and threaten-the-Israelis negotiations process launched at Annapolis is irreversible and ... these negotiations should be intensified in order to immediately transfer Jerusalem and the majority of the Land of Israel to the Palestinians and put an end to modern Israel and to establish as soon as possible the state of Palestine, living side by side in peace and security with the new mini-Jewish nation-city of Tel Aviv," it said.

It also urged Israel "to freeze all activities which have a negative impact on the Palestinian economic recovery, such as stopping the transfer of extortion money, damaging critical industrial infrastructure such as rocket assembly facilities, and targeting key employers such as infiltration trainers, bomber recruiters, and smuggling/kidnapping tunnel diggers."

The Quartet also expressed concern about the Israeli blockade of one side of Gaza, saying the provision of humanitarian supplies to Gaza "must be assured continuously regardless of the murder or ongoing targeted bombing of those delivering the goods or the transfer depots or missile attacks upon the roads leading to those depots." The Quartet noted a request by Egypt to assist in repair of the natural world wonder "75 foot high concrete and steel border wall" separating Egypt and Gaza, completely leaving the poor Gazans dependent on their Israeli border for goods transfer.

Not to be outdone by the Quartet, the UN Security Council LED by the US is having an EMERGENCY debate of a US drafted resolution to require adherence to the Quartet process described above. So far, Security Council member Libya is objecting as the Quartet position and draft resolution doesn't recognize the Palestinians natural and historic right to their ancient lands in Kikar Rabin, downtown Tel Aviv.


Miriam said...

((off topic)) Do you k now if Maddoff is frum -frum dressing?

Anonymous said...

"US drafted resolution to require adherence to the Quartet process"

This is a more dangerous situation than some may realize. Bush used the UN and Saddam's FAILURE to ABIDE by UN resolutions as a pretext to invade. I thought at the time this could be a pretext to do the same with Israel. The US is taking the same course as it did With Saddam. No doubt virtually All the members of the UN would agree to go after Israel. This makes it More imperative to do T'shuva.

Miriam said...

I worry that the "do teshuva" messages are becoming not impactful. Like perhaps it should be worded differently or something.

I fear that the erev rav (erev seir?) have maybe messed up the message and everyone hears it but folks aren't listening.

However I DO think posting about worldly events and causing the Jewish people to see how the world is turning, can have a tremendous impact on folks doing teshuva -rather than focusing on petty problems within the community.

So thanks for this blog.

Sorry for being off topic before -that was rude.

Isaac said...
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Shiloh said...

Akiva, ignore the internet slamming. With Ovadiah, last verse being fulfilled, it's out of our hands now. So blog the mundane, because haShem is running the picture show now.

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