Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Israel Politics: Right Wing Disenfranchisement

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Carl at Israel Matzav wrote an article about the fight in Likud over Moshe Feiglin's treatment in the Likud. Here's my take...

Clearly many rightists had hoped that Likud was returning to being a nominally right wing part, with a few hardliners and a few overt moderates.

Instead Bibi has clearly signaled, and not only from the Feiglin affair but from every statement he has made, that he's playing to the pure middle and not tolerating any right-wingness whatsoever. No tolerance for any religious party members, land of Israel party members, or democratic party members (the party is how they say it is, not how people vote).

He may be the best of the old Israeli power elites (and the best English speaker among the group), but he's still one of them.

There is no electoral choice. The right wing is in disarray fighting for scraps and has been unable to serve their constituency (who's been under direct governmental assault). The religious wing is infighting over a perceived growth of power destroyed by that infighting for control of it (see the recent Jerusalem municipal election as a prime example).

Neither (right wing or religious wing) has any intention or ever attempted to rule and govern, only to pick scraps (to get as much of the pie for their narrow interest as possible).

The right wing and religious wing have been completely disenfranchised.

Indeed we seem to be arriving at that time when there are no leaders to turn to, only to our Father in Heaven.


Shiloh said...

Pathetic currently. Yes, you are correct in the last statement. Akiva, in your studies, there is a group whom will intentionally attempt to stop the geulah from occuring. I can't remember who wrote about that. Was it the Baal Shem Tov? Do you have some sources commenting on this?

Neshama said...

Yes, it was the Holy Besht who said as he (i think) banged his head against a tree, that it will be the Rabbis and the Erev Rav who will be responsible for holding back the geulah.

Shiloh said...

Neshama, do you have a source that I can read up on? I understand the first part of the puzzle on how they will or can stop it. I am missing something in this.

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