Monday, December 08, 2008


India Warning: Say What???

Can anyone enlighten me, what is this guy talking about??? Is there some visual pattern I'm just not seeing?

Via email from "Robert"

To Whom it May Concern:

My prayers and heart go out to the Jewish people and friends and family of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg HY”D. This email is being sent to potentially save a Jewish life and the Eternal One of Israel be Praised!

The following email sent to Indian Nationals in America depicts a pattern of the series of blasts from May 13 in Jaipur, India to November 26, Mumbai (Bombay), India that appears to be a pattern of the Hebrew Menorah. This blast pattern has been noted by Indian nationals living in America and shared with me by a Native Mubai Physician Colleague of mine now practicing medicine here in the United States. Could it give a portent for the Jewish people living in India if the next two projected locations do occur? Caution may save someone’s life.

Look at the pattern below followed by terrorists:

13 May -------- JAIPUR
June -------------------
26 July------------ AHMEDABAD
August ---------------------------
13 September------------ DELHI
October -------------------------
26 November--------------- MUMBAI
December ----------------------------
13 January ----------------- Where Next? Next might be: Lucknow/Kanpur…Then Goa…?

If this happens, it'll complete a pattern….Symbol of Jews….Blasts resembling killing Jews….Starting from the Country which Projects itself as Global-Conglomeration of all Religions.

Things that are confirmed: The dates listed above are accurate, all 2008 significant terrorism incidents hitting India on the dates and locations listed.


  1. Not so, looks more like an xmas tree than a Chanukia/Manorah - starting from the Bay of Bengal to the top of tree in Jodpure, with three branches on either side!!!

  2. Neshama, I was going to say the same thing. Looks like a thin or dead xmas tree.

  3. Neshama took the words out of my mouth /hands! lol

  4. What's left to X-mas tree, no doubt.

  5. I just had an interesting converstation with my wife. I was showing her what I thought was an X-mas tree or if you fill in the area between the dots, it becomes the tip of a sword, but wtih the amazing wisdom and intuition of a woman, if you remove all the lines and only connect the dots, she said it looks like the cycle. hmmm. I think my wife is right. It does look like a cycle.

  6. the curvature in the lines connecting the dots is arbitrary and not part of the information provided. if you connect the dots with straight lines, it looks nothing like a menorah.

    even as it is, it looks more like a telephone pole than anything else.

    with so many worthwhile patterns to work on in life, it's a waste to try and find them where none exist.

    (goa would be a good target of terrorism anyways, because of the high number of israelis who visit there, so even if they did strike there, it wouldn't indicate that the pattern was correct--aside from mumbai none of the terrorist attacks specifically targeted jews)

  7. The Rorschach test of terrorism.

    Now if someone can learn to read the Map of our destiny, that would be very helpful. Like for example, how we get from ::here:: to


    without the Tzarot and minimizing the Gezerot.

    Post the results if you have the notion.

  8. Yes? No?

  9. The lights on a kosher Menorah are lined up in a straight line, with only the Shamash being a bit higher. So I don't see how this could be a Menorah. Could someone 'shed some light' on that perspective :-)

    Happy Chanukah to everyone

  10. I think that folks missed the message.
    The question is not if it is a menorah.
    The question is where next, and alerting others to not be there, or to look out.
    Elisheva in Cleveland

  11. I see a pattern: there are tons of crazy, radical, militant Muslims in the vacinity of all of the attacks. Hmmmmm.....

    I see a Christmas tree.

  12. Forget about the gregorian dates, can someone see if there is a pattern in the Muslim calendar?


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