Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Gaza Points - Gag Me With a Spoon

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

  • (AFP) At least 25% of Palestinians killed during Israel's massive offensive in the Gaza Strip have been civilians, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees said on Wednesday.

    This is sad, but it means in "the most densely populated area in the world" where the bad guys place their bases, ammunition, and firing positions inside civilian buildings (that's an international war crime by the way), the Israeli Air Force has successfully killed Hamas combantants 75% right on target. That's got to be the most accurate bombing in world history! Seriously impressive.

    Important housing hint for Gazans...when your neighbors are masked men loading missile launchers in their windows, it may be a good idea to move to a new apartment.

  • (YNetNews) The State and IDF have barred reporters from Gaza for about 6 weeks, citing that the volatile security situation in Gaza poses a concrete risk to their safety. The Foreign Press Association in Israel (FPA) petitioned the Supreme Court against the decision. Attorney Gilad Sher, for the FPA, claimed that the State has no right to determine who can and cannot cover the fighting in the Strip.

    That's right folks, the Foreign Press insists it has the right to report what it wants, where it wants, and the State of Israel is REQUIRED, here that REQUIRED, to let it do so. They must be allowed to land in Israel, go where they want (even directly into fighting or standing in front of a military op), and cross any border they want. And, the Israeli High Court AGREES!!!!

    The honorable Dorit Beinish, Elyakim Rubinstein and Hanan Melcer, presiding over the hearing, asked the State to allow some reporters into Gaza in order to set up a "database" there for other reporters.

  • Excuse me, I feel ill.


    Nightghost said...

    I am sure they want in there to tell the truth...........NOT!!!

    Jehoshaphat said...

    See my reply to this:
    What about Collateral Damage?

    Anonymous said...

    "People have a misconception of Hell. Let me tell you what Hell really is. Hell is a spiritual place where everything that exists in our world exists, but in an infinite way. So, whatever you chased after in this world, there you do it ad infinitum. And that's Hell."

    "Bringing Heaven Down To Earth: 365 Meditations from the Wisdom of the Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson," Compiled and condensed By Tzvi Freeman, p. 178.

    There's a lesson in that brief quote for everyone. Sow mindless bombing; reap surgical strikes. When will people learn?

    Writing from Israel, Unlimited. said...

    josh said...

    This is a big mistake and the meretz courts should stay out of this issue.

    We all know that the second 'objective' reporters are inserted into the fighting, they will be reporting about the situation there and under close watch of Hamas. We all know there is no freedom or media there, we should not kid ourselves into thinking there is a 'right' to report lies.

    We all remember CNN admitting that its reporting in Saddams's Iraq was not credible.

    Anonymous said...

    G-d bless you and yours.
    and remember the false report on the 12 year old boy who supposedly died in his father's arms. how many years did it take for the truth to come out and when it did, it was a minute caption in the papers. when it was NOT the truth, it was headlines, and pictorial incitements.

    Neshama said...

    In this war we have our "Father & Child in Trauma" on the ground in Sderot - reminiscent of that incident, only this one is the TRUTH:

    Neshama said...

    I just had to post this:

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