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by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Things are getting confusing. We had 3 generations of great stability. While the US and the Soviet Union stood poised to blow each other and the world to bits, basically everything stabilized around this struggle.

First the Soviet Union disappeared, literally overnight. All the energy that was focused upon the (potential) conflict was turned loose. This led to excess, excess spending, excess investment, excess hubris. The US, the "sole remaining super-power" built itself up with excess, piling leverage upon leverage.

And now, the Super Power US is also poised to disappear in front of our eyes. Oh, the US will still be there - just as Russia is still there. But the US of 1985 - 2007 is crumbling.

People are confused. While a bit longer than a blink of an eye, things are changing at a rapid pace. Jobs are being lost, once great corporations are found to have no actual value. Homes are lost, the ultimate solid investment of real estate is found to be of limited value. Investment portfolios are found to be worth only the value of the paper they're written upon.

People don't know where to turn. Tremendous community chesed that was built to rely upon a steady donation stream is in serious trouble. Charities are also on the edge, some being forced to close. Traditionally solid Jewish schools are missing salary payments, teachers are going hungry.

In an earthquake, the very ground you rely upon becomes unstable. There is literally nowhere to turn and nothing to do, you just hang on.

This is close, but not completely the same. Of course, we always have our Father in Heaven to turn to. But we must make some intelligent decisions as well, we must survey the horizon and take some wise steps. We can't just sit with our mouths opened wide wondering "what happened, oy, what happened"?

Look around. Things have changed. You have some decisions to make.


  1. I think the ultimate decision every single person needs to make is which Side of the Fence are you on? Are you for the Light or for the Darkness? Life or Death?

    And the decision needs to be made NOW. Enough seeking. Enough questioning. Enough. The results are coming in and everyone needs to be Counted.

    So - which Side are YOU on?

    And once you're on - there's no going back. So choose well.

  2. Reb Akiva:
    I read something just today that helps me to see a little light in this dark tunnel we are in right now.
    Divrei Hisorerus by Harav Moshe Wolfson shlita:

    "Something important is taking place in Shamayim now. Although we do not know what it is -- we are not neviim, but we are bnei neviim.

    "The Arizal said that before every historic period for Klal Yisrael can arrive, a korban of a great tzaddik is required to initiate that era.

    "The Arizal notes that before the MIshkan could be sanctified, Nadav and Avihu had to pass away...

    "The Gemara says about the Jewish people that 'if they are not neviim, they are bnei neviim.' Bnei neviim signifies a level lower than actual prophecy, in which only the neshama 'sees' the nevuah, but the person himself does not.

    "However, although a Jew does not know that he is receiving a nevuah, he has a deep-seated feeling that somehting historic is taking place in Shamayim. The natural state of a Jew is to be turned in to these nevuos -- even though he does not actually realize it.

    "The tremendous outpouring of interest and concern displayed by the Jewish community worldwide to the events of the past week is a testament to this.


  3. As below, as above.

  4. Akiva, it may sound like a wild idea, but what about starting self sufficient farming communities? One can definitely be provided with food, and it's possible to have one's own water supply (catching rain water) and even electricity... What do you think?

  5. Anyone interested starting a self-sustaining community in Eretz Yisrael can contact to make real the vision.

  6. G-d bless you and yours.
    As a believing gentile this is my humble opinion. We must all turn to Hashem and do teshuva and bring (not force or proselyte which is the way of us 70 nations) as many as to Hashem which is what Hashem promised us , that you all will be a Light to all nations. All comes from Hashem, and He has already told in the holy tanach what we must do to receive these blessings, and if not, the punishments. May the mosiach come now.

  7. duvid said...

    Akiva, it may sound like a wild idea, but what about starting self sufficient farming communities? One can definitely be provided with food, and it's possible to have one's own water supply (catching rain water) and even electricity... What do you think?

    December 09, 2008 1:43 PM

    I have given this a lot thought as well. I even commented about it with my family. I don't think it's such a wild idea.

    And yes, may the Mosiach come now!

  8. For Duvid:
    This is exactly what is needed: you have hit the nail on the head. Want some info on the (actual mechanics)of how's, visit "Howtopedia," and pull up "all articles," for what to do and learn (you probably already have researched it).
    HaShem promised to bring us back to the tents and the flocks and herds. This semi-nomadic agrarian lifestyle is one dependent on Him and independent of ganafim, ken? It is what He wants; He will have it, Baruch Hu Ha Kodesh Yisrael.
    My wife and I are preparing (day by day) for such, if we are blessed to be able to come to Eretz Yisrael.
    Leave your address if you read this, and I'll write you.."snail" mail, with some ideas and I'll send many documents/plans/how-to's, etc, that I can't send over the wire.
    Yesha Galluzzo

  9. new self-sustaining communities in Israel? Uh, a kibbutz?

    I think that in Israel, things will be sorted out somehow, with God's help. But in the States, I can only admire the survivalists who've been preparing their compounds for years now. People called them whackos, but somehow I think that they subconsciously had it in them, just that they were ahead of the times.

  10. JOSH ........... GO TO

    perhaps some clarification for the confused!

  11. Josh, you are right: as it is in Mislei 22,3 The wise saw trouble and took shelter, the foolish went ahead and was destroyed.

    Also, what I meant (and I think Duvid meant) with "self-sustaining communities" was literally that: how each (kibbutz, if you would) community:
    1. should produce enough for sustainment
    2. should produce enough for export (to other communities) in both sale and barter form
    3. can accomplish both in a matter that conserves natural resources while creating a minimum of industrial (agricultural) waste [environmentally-friendly].

    This was the way that the tribes originally were! Each tribe had its own villages where barter and sale was made. Each could "specialize" in a thing: and the overall economy was sustained by continuous production as well as return (the leavings of the herds refertilized the fields, crop rotation and shemittah, etc).

    I personally believe that such tenets are indispensible, (even for survivalists, inside of or outside of Eretz Yisrael). The reason being if we "cache" stores for the coming times (and all should), we still must be able to produce (via farming and agriculture). If not, we are then only postponing the inevitable shortfall when supplies run out.

    Just food for thought (no pun intended!)
    Layla tov, to all
    Yesha Galluzzo

  12. Yesha: Thank you for the references. What documents/plans/how-to's do you have?

  13. Duvid: I have the following (among many others) that may interest you:
    1. excellent plans for solar cookers
    2. (2)50-pg plans on water purification and water sanitation
    3. plans for solar: stills (for water), drying racks (for fish, meats, vegetables)
    4. how to's on cheesemaking and herding [note: also, consult how-to's by Dr. David Fankhauser, complete/replete with diagrams]
    5. plans for homemade roads, abutments, irrigation canals, water storage facilities
    6. other materials I garnered while in the U.S. Army Special Forces

    All of this stuff, and lists of dozens of sites, books, instructional videos, and contacts.

    If you wish it, it is yours. I believe Tikkun Olam begins with emunah and ends with the common sense that HaShem gave to us. In order to change the world and society, we must first survive it...keep it from killing us. First as Jews, and then as human examples to the world. Then we must build a world different from the horrible, consumer-based, crushing machine that dominates and destroys mankind. One based upon Torah and ahavat Yisroel...on befriending and teaching the stranger...on justice and compassion for all.

    I believe that now is the time to prepare for it. And if the geulah does not occur in our lifetime? You will have created something true to give to your children, and set them upon the path that G-D wished for us...dependent upon Him and upon each other.

    Shalom v'l'chayyim,

  14. Yesha: Wow, that material really does sound very interesting. Thank you! I understand that you don't have email, right? Is there a way I can contact you, may be by phone? I'd like to tell you about some technologies I've been exploring - composter toilet, heat from compost, collecting dew, etc. I'd love to share ideas.

  15. Duvid,
    By all means. Here is my address:
    Yeshayahu ben Avraham Galluzzo
    205 Woodhill Dr Apt E
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061
    tel. 410.595.5502

    We have caller ID but no answering machine. Post/send your address and we will write/send ideas to one another. It is good this way because it is secure and copies of things that couldn't be sent by e-mail can be sent this way. It is in this manner that the most effective networking and communication is done. I look forward to hearing from you, Baruch HaShem.
    Shalom v'boker tov,

  16. Yesha, nice thoughts, but we won't get to that point. Remember the geulah?


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