Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Boots on the Ground

It's being passed around Israel by SMS that the IDF is moving ground forces on attack in Gaza right now.

Tehillim (Psalms) 121 and 142 are requested to be said for the soldiers safety and success in their mission to protect the innocent civilians of Israel from constant bombardment by the international war criminal terrorists of Gaza.



josh said...

ground forces entered Gaza yesterday.

Dan Schwarz said...

I can't find any news source confirming this (2:44pm EST). Israeli media is subject to embargo but you would think the foreign press in Gaza would publish news of a ground operation right away. Waiting and watching.

Neshama said...

I heard on the news (NY) today 4 Tevet that the ground forces were moving closer to Gaza for a limited incursion AND that Barak was for the intermission because it would contribute to a softer conclusion (not his phrase).

There was an earlier report that they had entered at midnight a day or two ago, but seems that did not actually happen.

The Israeli Ambassador to NY, returned from Israel on Mon am and was interviewed Mon nite by Zeev Brenner, and he spoke very precisely about the war.
He said there is no such thing as dis-proportional force in intern'l law, but rather a country must do their utmost to STOP (kill) the aggressor.

Rabbi Wolfson Shlit"a calls the arabs 'pere adam' = beasts (shiur Parsha Vayesheiv). And the Rambam calls them 'liars'. [even if they become a 'doctor' or 'professor', they are still pere adam.

There you are, this is what Israel has to deal with.

josh said...

'pere adam' is explicitly what the Torah calls the sons of Yishmael. 'wild man' - where man is the adjective.

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