Friday, December 12, 2008


Bam and Open

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

One of the commentors on the last post noted that we've (actually I've) been sidetracked into a more physical rather than spiritual approach, and perhaps should spend a little more time learning. I'll accept that criticism - and took off from preparing a post tonight to spend the time learning chassidus.

Therefore, I need your help. R. Nati has been offline and unable to contribute any posts, so I'm soliciting your help by providing some guest posts. If you think you have some ideas or posts you'd like to share with the Mystical Paths readership, send your guest post to -- akiva .. at ~~ mpaths ^^ dot '' com. (What's with all the funny characters? That's to fool programs which scour web sites for addresses to add to their spam mailing lists.)

R. Nati is on his way north to a series of kevrai tzaddikim tonight at the instruction of his rav. Yesterday he was in a serious car accident, hit from behind and pushed into the path of an oncoming bus. Thank G-d, only cuts and bruises and lots of crunched metal. Today, after hobbling to yeshiva, he left with some others. They stopped on the curb to light a cigarettes as he stepped forward to cross the street, a taxi whizzed around the corner and hit him. Fortunately he was wearing his heavy coat and carrying his seforim carry bag, the taxi dented his gemora and Likkeuti Mohoran and threw him about 10 meters. Again, more cuts and bruises, no broken bones, thank G-d. So he's off for a little spiritual introspection, some cheshbon nefesh. Any tefilot (prayers) for the refuah shalayma of Rav Nathaniel Levi ben Chana Sarah gratefully accepted.


  1. Refuah Shleima Nathaniel Levi Ben Chana Sarah. Refuat HaNefesh u-Refuat Haguf. ((M'Kol Ha-Lev))

  2. That is really weird. My family has had some strange vehicle-related encounters this past week also.

  3. Ghee Whiz, Akiva, what's going on with Reb Nati
    I think he needs some serious teshuva, and submersion into serious learning, away from the madding crowd! He must have slacked off on his Torah.

    Refuah shleima Nathaniel Levi ben Chana Sarah

  4. "neshama" may Hashem forgive you for such an awful statement. nobody, nobody knows why people suffer. please stop ever making such stupid and painful statements.

    may reb nati have a refuah shalema.

    and may he not have to read or hear stupid, painful statements like this idiot made.

  5. sorry, but i am very upset about this:

    nobody has the right to make such assessments "neshama".... a tzadik, maybe, can say such a thing. but it would be done privately.

    how dare you? really. this kind of thing is terrible for am yisroel.

    anyone who does it is chilul H' and causing stress and suffering to a jew. in this case, a jew who already has alot of tsuris.

    you must apologize to reb nati and ask him to forgive you.

    such simplistic, insensitive, arrogant crap can't be tolerated.

    grow up, wise up, get some rachmones and keep your mouth shut when you feel like you need to say such idiocy.

  6. akiva,
    please school this person in middos!!!!!

  7. Akiva,
    Please give our sentiments to Reb Nati. We wish him health, refuah shlema, long life, and many opportunities for mitzvot. May he have happyness and joy in every moment.

    I had a minor accident myself on Yom Rivii as I was traveling to Tzfat. B''H everything is okay.

    I pray for the both of you and for all of the readers of "Mystical Paths" that we may find a deeper and higher connection with Hashem in all that we do.

  8. G-d bless you and yours.
    please tell him that i (a noahide) am praying for his recovery. i hope you wont stop giving us your views on and off on the state of affairs in the world. the media and leaders are not telling the truth, people like us noahides who do and are not recommended to know the deeper and mystical parts of the holy torah, feel lost and are reeling from whats happening in the world and the Hland. we look to you all i.e. the holy sages and rabbis as a light to all nations, spiritually and all ways to guide ourselves in this world. Some noahides have even returned to xtianity feeling that the holy nation of people are not ready to be a light to all of us.

  9. I think this site has the potential to be something really great. It needs spiffing up and writers that are living the Geula would be in order, telling their stories and the stories of others - of emunah and bitachon and HOW to acquire that from the experts. I'd like to see a Dear Rabbi column and also a forum for open discussion. Me. I'm a writer that's humongously depressed (yes, chemicals and their imbalances) without a community or place to call Home, suffering and suffering and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. So FAR.

    What I can offer is sheer how to survive on nothing and turn nothing into something. If there's a venue for that - drop me a line.

  10. I am of the belief that this was the Barry Chamish treatment.
    We need to not depend on miracles, but should assist them in being the least openly revealed to do what is needed.
    I have contacted an Israeli Embassy, and will contact others if I have your support, seeking meetings to discuss these things, and seek Gov to stop harassing our rabbis and leaders.

  11. refuah shelema Reb Nati!

  12. How is Reb Nati now? seems like there's a lot of opposition to his message. The more truth, the more opposition and darkness.
    May Hashem bless him and his family and all of you at this blog.


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