Friday, October 31, 2008


What Happened in Hebron?

Who are the black clothed police? They're called the Yassam Riot Police - they come to break. See them in action here:


Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but this punctuates why the Chilonim running the Israeli government must maintain the status quo and why they feel compelled to keep the Palestinians in Israel. Without these Islamic "bogiemen" the Chilonim would be confronted with having to actually listen to the demands of the Charedim, whom so many people view as being a threat to their secular way of life. Strange how we never see these incidents being reported on the nightly news here in America.

Nightghost said...

Simply unbelievable. I can't even begin to say how I would feel if that happened to me. Sons-a-guns, why is this still happening? It should not be happening. So angry watching this.

Shiloh said...

It has nothing to do with the Chilonim. Many are very pro Jewish Israel, but hate what our Torah has been made into by the Charedim, so they throw out the baby with the bathwater. I too want a Jewish only Israel, living by Torah and our tradition, but do not want an Israel under the current halachot that contradicts itself and adds tremendously to the Torah while forgetting about the true meaning of Torah. We can leave that argument for the Mashiakh. Nothing is new, we have the same souls as right before the destruction of the second Temple. The enemies are within our own house, who collaborate with the foreign governments to destroy the last remnants of Torah keepers. (That is not an endorsment of the rabbinical excesses placed on the sheep, but since this is what has been taught, we believe it's derech haShem, it's not, but thats besides the point). I know of many religious who's actions are against the Torah, but in line with halachot, but I don't condemn all religious, for how can one blame their actions based on how they where taught. But we can blame the teachers who drive us away from Torah to religion. The bottom line in all of this, is we will be shown that we have errored along the way. The religious must remember the story of Avraham and the two strangers. You don't know who haShem will send to get your rear end out of a bind, so treat those who don't look so religous with dignity and respect. Wish them a shavua tov or shabbat shalom. It's not a waste of a bracha. The one you think least, may be the greatest in the eyes of haShem, and in the future will be the greatest in your eyes, hopeffully soon. I too have never been so offended by some of Yaakov, those who wear the color of death, black. But I still cling to haShem and the Torah. When I meet a religious Jew, I still treat them with respect, but that is not shown in return because I dont fit thier mold. What I do know, is that haShem thinks different of me, has shown me, so don't worry.

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