Thursday, October 16, 2008


Oh, Please Let Us Stand Only With Hashem!!!

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Big news from the States is a long time Jew hating politician, exactly like the advisers to kings of old who were so jealous of the success of others - especially if they were Jews - who would scheme and plot against their Jewish foes, that this politician has let it be known that with the rise of the Great Obama "an Obama administration would crush 'the Zionists clout'".

Many Jewish people tremble when they hear such words. How can a lone sheep survive surrounded by 70 wolves without a big strong friend like the United States of America?

And so Israel for the last few decades has pandered to American interests. America pays just enough, helps just enough, to keep poor little Israel leaning on her. Then with the leverage and the threat of pulling away, she beats little Israel into doing what's in America's interest and Israel's detriment. Stop a won defensive war, give back the gains, empower the enemy, invite the terrorists in, release unrepentant barbaric mass murderers, finance those trying daily to destroy you.

Please Mr. Jackson, please let America stop helping Israel so much! Let Israel's leaders actually have to start worrying about existential threats and stop assuming big brother will cover her *ss.

Let her leaders worry, and then turn to Hashem. Let us stand with The One who matters, not with a nation who smiles and shakes our hand while cutting our legs out from under us (and is eying our heart closely with that knife in hand).

Let our leaders, and all of us, stand only with Hashem.


  1. Excellent take on events Akiva, Kol hakavod! Hang on for the ride.

  2. I just read an article and will post part of it here.========================
    There is one simple but extremely dangerous error being made by the man who is the world's greatest expert on the time period and economics of the Great Depression, Dr. Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

    The Chairman is an expert on the history and consequences of that period. He is being guided by this deep knowledge, yet is totally oblivious to the consequences of the alternative actions he is taking to not make the same errors as the 30s. This is all in his attempt to prevent his president from going down in history along with other failed economic leaders.

    The unprecedented creation of infinite dollars for the purpose of flooding the world's entire financial system is causing the birth an inflation of types unknown in a modern economy.

    The test case for the CONSEQUENCES of present united central bank actions is the history of the Weimar Republic, but this time it is on a planetary basis.

    CONSEQUENCES cannot be avoided by any means. They are economic equal and opposing forces. That is simple fact.

    In an attempt to avoid what the Chairman see as consequences of incorrect central bank action in the 1929 - 1933 period, he is creating new and infinitely more dangerous, longer lasting, society changing, politically provocative new sets of unexpected economic CONSEQUENCES.

    The only number that might compare to the nominal value of all OTC derivatives is a count of all the individual plankton in all the oceans of the world and then only maybe.

    The world will never be the same because of the greed of these 29 year olds and the old goat bosses who sat at the long desk of the board of directors while looking the other way.


    And who is Ben Bernanke? Yes, he's Jewish, and who will the sheeple blame, you got it. There has to be something in the natural realm acted out in order to bring the geula. Let's call for help from haShem. You wonder why the Mashiach will be a tool of haShems used in the galut. Guess what, you have the answer.

  3. Boker Tov
    A special request to all. I ask all to remember: today is the 65th anniversary of what we Yehudim Italkim call HaShabbat Shakur, or the "Sabbath of Black," for the day that the SS rounded up the Jews of Rome upon the Sabbath and began the pogroms in Italia as a whole.

    Most of us are looked down upon (because we are not Ashkenazim or Sephardim, categorically, though our minhagim are closest to Sephardim). Indeed, all of my life, upon revealing that I am one of the Yehudim Italkim, I have been asked, "Oh, are you one of the Pope's Jews?" As a child, I was told (usually after a beating) that I was not a "real" Jew. We were ridiculed for not knowing Yiddish and for our unfamiliarity with Northern European foods and mannerisms.

    Italia's Jews did not lose millions in our communities as other countries because we did not have millions to lose. My father's family was massacred almost in its entirety: only my grandfather and his sister survived.

    On this day, I ask all to remember the pain of the Yehudim Italkim. We are all Yehudim and we are brothers...sisters...all part of one "family." That was how my family raised me to believe, even though I have never experienced it. My heart is heavy on this day, because on this anniversary, the 17th day of the 7th month, I feel very much alone, as a Jew.

    Each year this day makes me wish others would feel that Yehudim Italkim are part of the "us." Each year this day I wish that I did not feel alone.
    Shalom v'l'chayyim,
    Yeshayahu ben Avraham Galluzzo

  4. Yesha:

    We dwell in the "shade of faith" and are blessed with Hashem's joyous grace at this time.

    R' Shimon Jacobson bring this:

    "Today's honored Sukkot guest is Jacob, who represents compassion. He blesses us (Isaiah 58:8): "Then Your light will pierce like the dawn." In Hebrew, Jacob contains the same letters as the word "pierce". This is the theme for toay: compassion and empathy have the power to pierce through any darkness."

    Stay in the shade Yesha, and dwell securely.


  5. Yesha, what's the problem? So your tradition, probably historically came from Judaean/Galilaean Jewish tradition as opposed to Babylonian tradition is a problem. Be proud, rely on haShem for your comfort, as people will only hurt you. Don't fear, we are in for a big correction, you are not alone by anymeans, we are coming out of the woodwork. The ancient souls are here now. Big Rabbi's know this, the rest will hate, make false accusations, why, not for this blog. This is life.

  6. from usa golus...

    re jackson's statement... he denied some of it and the author is apparently known for exaggeration. nonetheless, i have no doubt that jackson is a jew hater, purely. he may well have said what he said.

    the main thing i want to say is this: i don't appreciate people hoping for a comrade obama victory, G-d forbid. some say this will be great for aliyah, which i understand; but as a person who tries to have rachmones, i know that mccain/palin would be best for usa, israel and the world.
    i don't know how much you know in israel, but obama is evil, with evil associations. he is a real dastardly slickster. i want to make aliyah and don't appreciate people in israel desiring such a bad man to be in charge of america because they think it will hasten geulah. i cannot stand those kinds of statements!!!!
    it is sickening, quite frankly, and lacks any sort of concern for the real lives of people in both usa and israel.
    one should always daven for the best to happen, not for the 'worst' as some kind of hastening of a greater good. yids that do that actually turn off alot of people from becoming more observant.
    think about that!

  7. "How can a lone sheep survive surrounded by 70 wolves without a big strong friend like the United States of America?"

    What has Israel to fear from the wolves? Look at the Defense Technology that Israel's secular leadership either already has and/or could easily deploy.

    Personal Body Armor

    Vehicle Protection
    RAFAEL's Trophy Active Protection System

    Suicide Bomber Protection

    Territory Protection



    Don't believe the hype! This technology was up and running when I was in the military back in the 80's and 90's!

    FBX-T Radar

    The only thing Israel needs to fear is HaShem and the only thing Israel needs to be concerned about on the political front is the short-comings of the secular leadership.


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