Monday, October 27, 2008


Just Rambling

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I'm standing on my patio, laptop balanced on the ledge, on a cool Israeli night. Looking to my right, I see the lights of Jerusalem peeking out between the hills in the distance. To my left I see the lights of Tel Aviv, as the cool breeze wafts over me.

The rains of blessing have already come! It drizzed a bit on Rosh Hashana, and rained a bit late night during Chol HaMoed Succot. But a true watering rain of blessing came late night on Shabbat, after all where home from synagogue on Parshat Berashit. Our rav mentioned the seforim of kabbalah call this a massive blessing, when the rains start to fall on Parshat Berashit, more so when they fall during the night, and at their highest level when they fall after everyone is already home!

Of course, with the rains of blessing having arrived one puts away the sandals and runs to the shoe store to buy the children new closed shoes for the fall/winter. It was raining again this morning as I headed to work - first workday rain of the new year, 5769. Like in New York during the first snow, everyone just seems to forget how to drive as the weather changes - the commute was a nightmare. (But, as a friend from New Jersey said to me, as 25% of my co-workers from my former US employer were just laid off, they'd happily take a bad commute with a steady paycheck!)

Is Hashem sending us signs that we're not even noticing? The rains of blessing start to fall on the first day, a dirty bomb from Iran is stopped by pirates, the Haman of Iran has suddenly fallen ill, and the Kadima left-wing give up everything coalition in Israel has failed (seemingly).

My dear Jewish friends in the US, I attended a new employee orientation today (ok, it's a number of months I've been working there, but they only do it twice a year). I sat at a table with 30 fellow new-employees, and the recruiting department welcomed us and said, "please, don't forget to bring in your friend's resumes - we need people!" Earlier in the day I watched a number of my Linked-In friends and contacts in the US change their status from employed to available. For the moment, Israel's economy is holding steady (B"H, B"H, B"H) - you may want to give that some thought as the US situation deteriorates.

A final note: There was some unpleasant events in the West Bank today, exactly the type we would point out and comment upon in the past. However, the bloggers here have been taken to task for past commentary - one in a moderate way and one in an extremely severe way. Sharing our opinions in these areas is not worth it.


muse said...

And don't you enjoy the shechina in the air?

This is the good life, no quotation marks needed.

Devash said...

R' Akiva, I couldn't find your email contact info here so would you please contact me through my blog's email? I've got someone who is in need of a job. Any info you could send me would be great. Also, you might want to update your profile since you are no longer residing in the US. TIA.

Anonymous said...

Is it safe to sit outside with a laptop in Beitar Ilit?

Akiva said...

I don't know, I don't live in Beitar Illit.

Keli Ata said...

I think he's confusing you with someone else.

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