Monday, October 06, 2008


Geulah Hints and Speculation

by Reb Dov Bar Leib of End of Days and Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Dov: The US market dropped 777 points on Erev Rosh HaShanah. The Dow Jones Industrial Avg. dropped 777 points. The Shekhinah's signature is seven. It is official now. The Divine blessing has left America for the start of the New Year. The collapse that we are witnessing is for the best.

Akiva: Well, it's been a very low speed collapse. The good news is, so far, there's good advanced hints and time to react. The bad news is, no one believes it.

Dov: I just hope that the Jews get out without pograms. A reader of my blog thinks that pograms will occur, but that the situation will take up to two years to reach Depression levels triggering the pograms.

Akiva: I agree with the time frame. Which would make the key year 5770 (a number of obviously great significance to Lubavitch.) It also makes the US the country beat up in Ovadiah, not the source of Gog. The resurgent Russia together with her allies takes that role (which includes Iran). If Russia plays it's same game right now, it comes on a "peacekeeping" mission to protect the significant Russian minority in Israel.

Dov: NATO troops make up the remainder of the "peacekeeping" army. That is how the Turks and the Germans get involved. (Gomer and Togarmah) Unless Bush somehow stays on and elections are canceled. It is hard to see that right now of course.

Akiva: It would seem unlikley unless there's a complete economic collapse, multiple bank runs with major riots, a candidate is assassinated, a series of terror attacks that paralyze the country, or a plague (which we'd probably already be hearing early hints of).

Dov: Do the Russians have a leading figure named George or Gregory? Gog has to be someone named Gog.

Akiva: Neither the PM nor the President of Russia have G oriented names, nor any other major Russian figure that I know of.

Dov: How can a Vlad be Gog? Eliyahu HaNavi will need to answer that one. We will know more by Hoshana Rabah and even more by the first Tuesday in November.

Gmar Chatima Tova


Anonymous said...

>>>Akiva: It [cancelled elections] would seem unlikley unless there's a complete economic collapse, multiple bank runs with major riots, a candidate is assassinated, a series of terror attacks that paralyze the country, or a plague (which we'd probably already be hearing early hints of).

Dov: Do the Russians have a leading figure named George or Gregory? Gog has to be someone named Gog.<<<

What will the fate of the US be when the "book is sealed" on Yom Kippur? Not a shana tova.

*If* the US president is Gog, it is because the last three are the guilty parties, the ones who initiated (beginning with Bush 41 in Madrid) and promote the land for peace abomination/road map/two-state [final] solution. Thus they are all Gogs in spirit and conduct. A Gog collective, so to speak. Such is spelled out in the the initials of their first names:

G-eorge "Gog" Bush 41 - gimel

W-illiam "Gog" Clinton - vav

G-eorge "Gog" Bush 43 - gimel

Gimel Vav Gimel, GOG.

Hashem have mercy!

Anonymous said...

Let's wake up. Those Jews who have abandoned Hashem and Torah in the banking "industry" and the media - they are at the forefront of both (and have been for the last 100 years plus) have brought all this upon the world. It is as the nations say - it is the Jews fault, only they don't realize that those Jews do not represent Judaism in the least and they may never realize it because the nations are blind pawns of Hashem's justice. Unless there is some real Teshuvah on those Jews part like public reparation and Kiddush Hashem by them - I'm afraid we will have to bear the brunt of the worst scenario and hope that we merit the next world.

The tyrants and politicians of the nations are just doing their job, like the Satan, and our own rebels continue to feed them.

Let's hope that there are enough Tzadikkim to sway the balance without any bloodshed.

We made it through WWII and Eretz Yisrael this way, but we blew it again.

Ad Mosai? When will we get it?

Anonymous said...

I love all of these predictions. But what are your practical solutions even for families that would like to come to Israel and cannot. Do you have a job for my husband? Can you pay our rent when we get there? Will you take care of my kids' glasses prescriptions and doctors' visits? We can't even afford the cost of passports, let alone the airfare. Any thoughts?

Devash said...

Anonymous #3, where have you been? It's pretty common knowledge that Israel pays for your tickets over, provides you with a place to land (including transport from the airport to arrive there) and living money for the first few months. You receive free health insurance and tremendous reductions on taxes and rental subsidies for a few years. For the last seven years, Nefesh b'Nefesh has been offering lump sum cash payments, in addition to all of the above from the government and IDT practically guaranteed every English speaker at least his first job in Israel. Of course, now we see all of this bleeding away with the rupture of the financial system.

9/11 was the shofar blow calling all the Jews from out of the West and you've had seven years to make good use of the best and easiest aliyah ever offered to any Jew of any time. Even the housing market overinflated giving you the opportunity to unload your properties for more than they were even worth. If you're still sitting there watching it all fall apart around you, I fear it is already too late.

Say your prayers.

Devash said...

Anonymous #1, this fits my analysis about Daniel 11 describing the last three presidents of the United States. You can read it here:

This is one of the reasons I am convinced that the elections either will not take place or Bush will find some reason not to step down OR there might be a "natural" disaster big enough to destroy America as we know it, something on the order of a Yellowstone Volcano. Bush would then preside over a government in exile. Where might he go?

Anything can happen and happen fast enough to make our heads spin. It's ALL in Hashem's hands.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your analysis, Devash. (I am Anon #1). I am going to print that so I can spend more time studying it.

Because the Madrid conference was the start of the "land for peace" process, it is no coincidence that at the very same time, what was coined the "Perfect Storm" manifested off of New England, damaging the Bush home in Kennebunkport. The merge of multiple systems into that "perfect storm" certainly parallels the joining of the nations against Israel.

Now we have Bush 43, "Mr. Palestine":

Now I wonder how Daniel chapter 8 fits in. Bush 43 and cohorts often refer to Bush's "vision" as the administration's start point for the *creation* of a palestinian state. That vision was proposed on June 24, 2002. עד ערב בקר,
2300. "Erev boqer" is an odd phrase it seems to me. Reads [grammatically] more like it should be something like until [the] Erev Rav, or until Erev Shabbat, but I know I am not too skilled in Hebrew. So if this "erev boqer" is the eve of [the morning] of a Shabbat, or yom tov? Time will reveal the answer yes or no, but 2300 evenings [and] mornings after the Bush vision is 11 Tishri (Friday, October 10, 2008). Evenings and mornings (in that order), kind of like in Bereshith.

Bush's vision is a creation account... only instead of a Holy Land created by Hashem, it's an evil land sown by a Gog man, a substitute land of peace that is a crucible for Israel's destruction. It's a home for an noxious invasive species attempting to supplant and choke off the legitimate crop.

Well, that is nothing that we don't already know, so I don't want to clog up more reply space. It just all seems to be coming together at the same time.

Anonymous said...

OK, Here's a question for you thinking people. BH I am already here in EY, have bought a small apt for myself ( I am of retirement age soon) and have money left in USA_ abt 60 thousand...not enough to buy another apt here ( for my children in America who refuse to see whats happening over there and move here...) WHat should I do with the money? 30 is in bank and 30 in investments...

Devash said...

Take it all out and give it to charity. There are a lot of Jews in EY in very great need of assistance.

If you leave it where it is, you will surely lose everything.

Devash said...

Anon #1, that's very interesting.

Looking at the words from this perspective, the first thing that popped into my head was this pasuk from Tehillim 30: "For His wrath lasts but a moment; life results from His favor; in the evening, weeping may tarry, but in the morning there is joyful singing."

I'll have to think about it a bit. Feel free to contact me through my blog for further discussion.

Shiloh said...

Anon#3. You get a plane ticket, absorption center for 6 months (after 2 they try to kick you out, so you see the manager, yell and scream, and they give you six). You get a 'salary' (I got 1400 shekels per month, 400 went to 'rent', bus pass 250, figure it out). IDT, work at night, salary is not enough to afford to support a family, and I have heard from people not getting paid. Listen, you want to move, then do so, but realize from the start, it's an insane asylum. If you are leftist, you will find your way. If you are pro-Jewish Israel, hang on for the ride. Some of the best ways are to move into a english speaking area, who run their own economy to survive. But that's protected to, if you don't dress like them, walk and talk like them, don't expect any help. The truth is, and no one likes it, we are far from a Jewish state. It is a land with Jews currently. I wish it where the opposite. Also, read the Tanach of what will happen to Israel rather soon. It will be, G-d forbid, a blood bath. I trust the Tanach well over anything else that is written. You must understand fully what you are going to. You must understand the politics, protexia and realize, just as in the second temple, cannot trust anyone. So you must shut your mouth.

Shiloh said...

Anon, about the money, buy gold. Look at how we survived getting the boot from the Arab countries, gold around our necks, and on our fingers. Money will be worthless soon enough. Metals are the only solution, and don't put it in a safety deposit box, when the doors shut, good luck getting past the security to the box in the bank. As far as charity goes, give the prescribed amount based on the Torah. We are not blithering idiots here with giving all our wealth away. That's nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Not too smart to buy gold. Give Tzedakah - that's real value, in two worlds. When everything falls apart those with gold and whatever else will be the targets of the marauding hordes. Wake up!

You don't need autistics to scare you. This is very old news. From Shem to Avraham Avinu and down the line to this very Yom Kippur. Grab it while we still have it. Give Tzedakah and relax. Hashem is in control. Jews - wake up - get with your program, especially you financial movers and media moguls - do a Kiddush Hashem and you will see everything will turn around. Take the lesson from the Megillat Esther = that's the answer. We did it once, we can do it again. BUT WE HAVE TO DO IT.

Anonymous said...

"The progenitors of the financial crisis are Lehman, Goldman, Rothschild and more - they are the Erev Rav that was prophesied by the Zohar and Navi. They collaborated with Esav (most notably England & Germany; the Rockefellers, Warburgs; etc.) to divest the Gold from the US to finance the Third Reich and the Holocaust. This is well documented by journalists and the archives of the Federal Reserve in the early 1930's. This outright Avodah Zorah is what precipitated WWII (as predicted by the Chofetz Chaim) and our current global state of utter falsehood and tyranny. This is not news. Chazal and our True Gedolim absolutely abhor money. Wood and Stone. It is all made of Wood (paper) and Stone (metal). These two items are prohibited from being used in the building of the Beit HaMikdash as well as in the preparation and making of a Sefer Torah. These items will be rendered into less than a breath of air. All the attachment to them will vanish as vapor. But bear in mind. my fellow Jews and Gentiles that one cannot make a Shofar from these materials for that very reason. We can attach ourselves permanently to our Creator, His Truth and Redemption with just the anticipation of a breath of air flowing through the Shofar or a simple sigh of longing for Him and His Torah of Truth in Prayer. The attachment to Wood and Stone is vaporizing, as we have been warned by even our earliest Forefathers, let alone drilled into us by Chazal. All this has come upon us because we do not trust in Hashem and His Torah. We rely on the "news" of the world of the tyrants of Sheker while the Truth is as an abandoned bride. Not only abandoned but raped, pilloried and mutilated in increasingly horrifying means as the years proceed. To where? Do not sit in wonder in the midst of the lies and confusion. We have been warned about all of this, time and time again, for thousands of years. Turn and thank G-d for giving us the Torah and believe in it's Truth. If the world will Ch"V"Sh be vaporized with it's putrid wood and stone, in the worst Messianic scenario, your soul will still survive and you may rejoin the "Knesset Yisrael" in eternity - an eternity that is alive and breathing regardless of governments, politics and the media. They have their books, which they can cook but ours is the Book of Life, may you be inscribed...."

Ron Benvenisti said...

Sing to the Dr. Pepper Song:

I do Tshuva and I'm proud
I use to feel alone in a crowd
But now you look around these days
And it seems there’s a Tshuva CRAZE
I do Tshuva he does Tshuva she does Tshuva we do Tshuva
Wouldn't you like to do some Tshuva too?
I do Tshuva he does Tshuva she does Tshuva
If you’re a Jew, do some Tshuva, then you’ll be a Baal Tshuva too!
Us Baal Tshuvas are an interesting brand
An original breed where even the righteous can’t stand!
Ask any Baal Tshuva and they'll say "only real Tshuva can be that way"
I do Tshuva he does Tshuva she does Tshuva we do Tshuva wouldn't you like to do some Tshuva too?
I do Tshuva he does Tshuva she does Tshuva we do Tshuva wouldn't you like to do some Tshuva too?
Do some Tshuva bring Geula! come on!
Do some Tshuva bring Geula! come on!
Do some Tshuva bring Geula! come on!
Do some Tshuva bring Geula! come on!

Anonymous said...

Shiloh, you are 100% correct: HaTorah v'Tanach, emet. Also that money will soon be next to worthless.
The thing that "baffles" me is that most everyone disregards the 2/3 of all will die, and the remaining 1/3 be proven...and they also disregard the warnings for the Yom Y-WH.
And the "run for EY," is it not written that HaShem will bring EY in the end? All of Klal Yisrael, and gerim tzedekkim who merit such?
Nope, no "financial advice" or "real estate advice" here. I just repeat what the Nevi'im have taught us, we must do: seek righteousness and justice and walk humbly with the Living G-D.
Shalom v'l'chayyim,
Yesha Galluzzo

joshwaxman said...

"Take it all out and give it to charity."

There may be halachic problems with this. Consult your local Orthodox rabbi.

Also, if money does not become worthless and mashiach does not come within 2 years, is devash willing to repay this money?

Making aliyah is a fine thing, but if one is not prepared for it and right for it, it could be a disaster. If one does *not* think that the world is coming to an end, then this is very irresponsible advice.

It brings to mind what happened to Gluckel of Hamelin's father-in-law. See here on parshablog:

Kol Tuv,

Akiva said...

Anon 3 - it is possible to make aliyah with very limited means, and depending on your circumstances may even put you into a better situation. Both Nefesh b'Nefesh and the Israeli government offer significant assistance. (That doesn't make changing countries easy, it is not.)

Investing Anon - the possibility of significant bank failures and major currency devaluation seems high. Commodity investments and/or literally commodities on hand (gold, gems, etc) and some local currency on hand seem to be the conservative moves!

Josh - regardless of whether we are in the period of the geulah or not, we certainly have moved from a time of general world stability (besides having 2 superpowers facing off and about to blow up the world at any moment) to a time of world chaos, with minor wars, major political conflicts, and economic upheavals. It is simple wisdom to adjust ones mode of operation to situations where natural disasters have increased, minor wars may pop up, and economic swings move values in the tens of percents instead of single percents.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous nearly retired:

You should take defensive action.
You should seriously consider liquidating your investments and withdrawing your money from the banking institution first. Then determine what you will do with the cash--even though you may have tax liability for doing so. The reason is there is a high level of risk in the markets. Let's look at the most fundamental: spending has been curtailed and unemployement in America is rising. For this reason alone, corporate profits will fall. (70% of the American Gross Domestic Product was spending). In turn, dividends will fall and then stock prices. Simply put, this is an unhealthy trend--and that is without addressing the hidden rot in the market.



Anonymous said...

all this preachy torahs making my head spin . Take card of yourselves in Israel ! you have a sick govnt and have had for 20 years . They free arabbs , hurt settelers , welcome missionary poison . Deal with your own bank account before casticating the greatest country on earth america !

Shiloh said...

Yesha Galluzzo,2/3 will die, that includes those in EY!!! Esav had been judged, Feb 4, 2002. HaShem reacted that day. A handful of people are aware of this event(s). This includes some kabbalists and Orthodox rabbi's.Everyone concentrates on the Mashiach. He is nothing but only the mouth piece for haShem, Yom haShem is the day we need to be concerned with as you mentioned. It will not be a good day. I am personally waiting for Yom haShem, as events have unfolded, therefore the answer is here before the problem exists. It is simply that haShem has not revealed anymore then He has to a certain few. The train is rolling as most here can testify to, they just don't understand what started it, as the dates are wrong, but not far off. Hang on for the ride.


Anonymous said...


With respect, what happened on 2.04.02? I've googled this and am not certain what you mean.

מושל said...

The sub-prime crisis is really the phenomenon that productive people can no longer afford their houses. The (unproductive) financial and governmental powers have been drawing money from those who are productive for too long. Social injustive is smashing the system that caused it.

Therefore, do not think that the troubles will pass Israel. In Israel, social injustice is at the breaking point. I heard Netanyahu boast that Israel is relatively safe because of his policies. He might believe it himself, but it is false. Netanyahu's attempt to remake Israel into the image of America increased social injustice by a lot.

Akiva said...

The Israeli financial system does not have the kind of massive imbalances currently hitting the US and Europe. That has nothing to do with Netanyahu, rather a system which has never been loose with credit.

Israel however does a majority of it's business with Europe, and a large minority with America. So economic slowdowns there will have a rolling impact to Israel - just a bit of a delay till that impact hits.

מושל said...

That is true, but Israel has a hugely inflated real-estate market, just like the US (had). This causes huge, and largely arbitrary, imbalances in the distribution of financial resources. Netanyahu increased this imbalance in many ways. In short, the situation differs in details from the US and Europe, but not in essence.

Shiloh said...

Anon, a person in the galut was asked by a rav, that when he got to Israel, that he should judge Esav the second he touched to ground. He did so, in the morning. That night a strange thunder began in Jerusalem. It was a clear night, no military activity was occuring. The next day the same thundering occured in the Galiel. One at har Bental, the other at a 1st century tourist site now, the site of a sanhedrin Temple. It was witnessed by myself, several Beit Knesset members, Rabbi's from MO, Charedi and Chabad. Most in the group of 125 did not hear it for some reason. One person asked the one who did the judging upon landing in Israel if he heard the sound. He replied yes, so that day something was revealed. It was perfectly clear and again, no military events where taking place. If so, all would have heard and it was very distinct and could not have been missed. What is even stranger, when this group went to Sefat, clouds suddenly appeared, rained quickly and left. One could say, yes it was winter, but you would have had to see how quickly they came in, rained breifly and rolled back out to a perfectly clear day. This in my opinion has more to do with getting the ball rolling, or haShem has sent the answer before the problem exists. I would have not believed it if I was not there myself. But it's kosher and the two rebbe's on this site know one of the people who are aware of this occurance and they believe he is more then kosher. That is all I will say now. Let's wait for haShem for the next step. This is why I worry not so much about the geulah, but how hard we will be hammered. From my experience, we listen to nothing, as I have been edited here too. That's ok, it's their site anyway. All the best.

Shiloh said...

Just to add something, the Honorable Rav Dovid of Naharia can sit down as reported on another wonderful geulah site. He has not met him even once, but has recieved two letters from him and has had a couple of people meet with the Rav to enquire about things. So, he can relax, the person involved in not in EY, but I suspect the Rav believe's he will be there soon enough. May it be so. This is not the person I am speaking of knowing about it. So don't bombard the Rav, he's busy helping those who need it. B"H

Anonymous said...

Dear Shiloh,
Yes, I did mean, especially, that of 2/3 to die, Eretz Yisrael is included. The greatest weakness of our people is that (erroneously) many think we are "immune" on the Yom Y-WH. We are not. If anything we are more liable, because G-D gave us HaTorah and charged us with imparting it to the gerim.
I believe and follow in the manner that I believe you also follow.
While looking forward to the day that only HaShem will be worshipped, I shudder to think of how such a day will be.
I wish that I could meet you to discuss such things at length, but we are not of means to afford the internet. I write this to you from our local library.
But if you would write my friend gloklum as you said, he can pass on your words to me.
As a friend more than you can realize, I exhort you to write gloklum.
Yesha Galluzzo

Anonymous said...


Thank you for taking the time to explain. I do not quite understand as yet, but hope to soon.


I have always received chizuk from your comments. Love for Am Israel radiates from your words, always.

Tizku L'shanim Rabbot


Anonymous said...

Shalom, HaSepharadi,
I thank you for your kind words: they mean much to me.
Shalom v'l'chayyim
Yesha Galluzzo

Shiloh said...

Yesha and Gloklum, first I have not written, as the internet is the best place currently. I may suggest that I can be reached on the blog at Sign in and we can chat there for a bit. Also Danny there can provide me with your email address if you allow it. ------------------------------
HaSephardi, if you where supposed to understand it, you would. I suspect that most cannot. If you understood it, the next question is what ancient soul was here. But best left alone. All the best in these days.

Devash said...

When I told Anonymous with $60,000 essentially just lying around, i.e. he has no immediate need of it, to give it to tzedaka, no one should have extrapolated from it that I was advocating everyone to sell everything they have and go sit on a hilltop and wait for "the end." (In any case, I'm not looking for "the end" but rather for the BEGINNING of a redeemed and perfected world.)

I'd just like to remind anyone reading here, because it seems some may have forgotten, that all of the money belongs to Hashem. He gives us what we need and if He gives us beyond what we immediately need then He intends you to have the mitzva of giving tzedaka with it. He purposely gives one too much and another too little so that we can share in His trait of giving.

All my life I was taught that you can't outgive G-d. The prophet Malachi tells us that we should not hold back from giving, but that we should... "test Me now therewith, says the Lord of Hosts, [to see] if I will not open for you the sluices of heaven and pour down for you blessing until there be no room to suffice for it."

I was thinking all of this yesterday when it came to my attention that someone needed a hundred sheqels. I had a hundred sheqels set aside to buy what I needed for my seuda hamafseket. Immediately, I realized that I needed to listen to my own advice and trust Hashem to provide.

I gave the hundred sheqels in the morning since I hadn't intended to use it until the evening. Seemingly out of the blue, came back from an entirely unexpected source and without asking, in the afternoon, 250 sheqels.

Invest in Hashem's tzedaka plan, you can't get that kind of return even in a healthy market! Test Hashem and see if you can outgive the Supreme Giver. But I warn you in advance it's not possible.

Understand that one of the reasons for the current economic upheaval is to reveal to one and all that it was always just an illusion that we were providing our own living. Each and everyday, it was always HASHEM and Him alone. This is also what it means to know that He is ONE and there is nothing without HIM.

And one more thing. To those who manage to have their needs met while living in chu"l... The same G-d provides in Eretz Yisrael as He does in chu"l. Maybe your god is constricted in that regard, but mine isn't. The 'salary' is higher in that the spiritual gains outstrip the physical, as befits the Holy Land; however, when viewed from a strictly materialistic viewpoint, it doesn't look like so much. But if you could only see the spiritual rewards with your physical eyes!!!

G'mar Tov and chag sameach to all!

joshwaxman said...

"he has no immediate need of it"
he is near retirement age. that means that soon he will stop working. if the economy takes a downturn, or if unexpected events arise, that money can come in extremely handy. For example, nursing homes can get expensive. Or specialized medical care as people age. Give away all one's money now, and one might end up on the street in old age, or having to move out of Eretz Yisrael to chutz laAretz in order to be taken care of by one's children.

Chazal give amounts, percentages, that one should give to tzedakka. We are dealing with halacha here. Thus (to just pull it off a web page):
"A person should give ten percent of his earnings to tzedaka. It is an even greater fulfillment of the mitzvah to give twenty percent. However, one should not exceed that amount lest one impoverish himself and thus have to take tzedaka himself."

This would probably be considered exceeding 20%, the maximum for maaser kesafim. More than this, one should consult a rabbi, who is familiar with the particular circumstances of the individual and can assess. I do not believe we should be dispensing advice which touches upon halachic issues over the Internet, even if you can color it up with all sorts of nice mussar.

Kol Tuv,

Anonymous said...


I thank you again for replying. Very interesting that you suggest that my response should be "what ancient soul was there." This is precisely what I meant in my response. Your choice of words--"ancient soul"--is an interesting characterization, as I was ruminating over your experience at that level.

I look forward to further dialog.

Tizku l'shanim rabbot


Shiloh said...

HaSepharadi, it's so simple it's scary.

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