Friday, October 03, 2008

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Financial: Alerts

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Just a few quick articles you should pay attention too:

- Bank Limits Fund Access by Colleges (10% withdrawal maximum)

- State may need $7-billion loan (California has a major cash flow - credit crunch problem, basically it needs a loan and can't get one!)


Ron Benvenisti said...

The progenitors of the financial crisis are Lehman, Goldman, Rothschild and more - they are the Erev Rav that was prophesied by the Zohar and Navi. They collaborated with Esav (most notably England & Germany; the Rockefellers, Warburgs; etc.) to divest the Gold from the US to finance the Third Reich and the Holocaust. This is well documented by journalists and the archives of the Federal Reserve in the early 1930's. This outright Avodah Zorah is what precipitated WWII (as predicted by the Chofetz Chaim) and our current global state of utter falsehood and tyranny. This is not news. Chazal and our True Gedolim absolutely abhor money. Wood and Stone. It is all made of Wood (paper) and Stone (metal). These two items are prohibited from being used in the building of the Beit HaMikdash as well as in the preparation and making of a Sefer Torah. These items will be rendered into less than a breath of air. All the attachment to them will vanish as vapor. But bear in mind. my fellow Jews and Gentiles that one cannot make a Shofar from these materials for that very reason. We can attach ourselves permanently to our Creator, His Truth and Redemption with just the anticipation of a breath of air flowing through the Shofar or a simple sigh of longing for Him and His Torah of Truth in Prayer. The attachment to Wood and Stone is vaporizing, as we have been warned by even our earliest Forefathers, let alone drilled into us by Chazal. All this has come upon us because we do not trust in Hashem and His Torah. We rely on the "news" of the world of the tyrants of Sheker while the Truth is as an abandoned bride. Not only abandoned but raped, pilloried and mutilated in increasingly horrifying means as the years proceed. To where? Do not sit in wonder in the midst of the lies and confusion. We have been warned about all of this, time and time again, for thousands of years. Turn and thank G-d for giving us the Torah and believe in it's Truth. If the world will Ch"V"Sh be vaporized with it's putrid wood and stone, in the worst Messianic scenario, your soul will still survive and you may rejoin the "Knesset Yisrael" in eternity - an eternity that is alive and breathing regardless of governments, politics and the media. They have their books, which they can cook but ours is the Book of Life, may you be inscribed....

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