Saturday, October 11, 2008


Faith and Financial Disaster

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Shavua Tov, Shana Tova, and Chag Samayach! (A good week, a good year, and for the upcoming Succot holiday, happy holiday!)

This past week was Parshat Haazinu, Moshe's song and not just a prophecy but a future historical outline of Jewish history. Starting with pasuk 15, we are told how Israel will turn away from G-d, each time in it's way. One time becomes fat and rebels, one abandons G-d, one provokes G-d with alien practices, one with vile deeds (baseless hatred). One sacrifices to demons (spirits), one to new gods. They ignored G-d. In many of these past times, Hashem in His kindness sent his prophets, the navi'im, to warn and beg the people to turn away from these practices, but it (usually) didn't help. Hashem gave the people generations, and when the practices were completely entrenched Hashem took action.

In all these cases, Hashem's response was the same. He "hid His face", he let the flock be consumed by the wolves.

But then the situation changes. For the first time, a "generation", a shorter period of time is specifically mentioned. It "reverses itself". Then, rather than the past of turning to alien practices or foreign gods, it turns to no god, and makes shtuss a way of life.

What's Hashem's response? He sends a non-nation to harass them, a vile nation. They'll be attacked with missiles. And, "outside (of Israel?)" the Jewish people will be butchered (the Holocaust), "inside" there will be terror.

What is the shtuss, the "havelim" that are the way of life? What is the non-god in which they put their faith? Momon - money, wealth, vanity, pretentiousness, status, stuff, keeping up with the Jones's.

We have seen the time of a generation reversing itself. The boys, girls, infants, and elders have been butchered, and only a few of the able bodied survived. We have seen the time of terror.

Now, "where is their god, the power in which they trusted?" Momon has fallen, in the blink of an eye the financial system of generations has crumbled. The experts are debating whether it's 1987 or 1929. Can the system be saved and recover in ONLY a few years, or will in crumble and take DECADES?

In either case, we have entered a new time. Do you have emunah about your parnosa, or do you trust in your skills? Do you trust your mutual fund manager, or HaKodesh Baruch Hu? ... in the past, all knew parnosa was from Hashem. If if didn't rain, people would turn their faces to their Father in Heaven and pray, they would examine their deeds and do teshuva, they would take on communal fasts and increase good deeds. (Mishnah Taanit, 13 fasts would be declared for rain!) This past year, Israel had a serious drought, did you hear of any prayers for rain?

We've spent a long time getting divorced from knowing we are in Hashem's Hand on a daily basis. We're being reminded very quickly.

May Hashem take care of all our needs.


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  2. Baruch Hashem! Let it rain; let the truth rain down.


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