Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Don't Kill Yourself ! ! !

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

My daughter visited a friend over Shabbat, who was crying about her father. Her father has been a successful financial adviser. With a market (basically) only going up for over a decade, unsuccessful advise has been only making 5% - versus successful advise of making 30%.

Making a successful "GET OUT OF THE MARKET" call was missed by almost every adviser, and even if they saw it and wanted to make such a call, their companies or shows said NO as it doesn't fit our profit model (when people sit in cash, brokers make no money.)

So her father is dealing with bosses who are talking about total collapse of their firm and literally chatting about personal suicide. He's taking calls from customers every day who have lost 10 years of profits and 75% of their original investment - who are blaming him for destroying their lives and for their considering suicide.

He's more than a little distraught as everyone around him (many are religious Jews) have completely tied their life worth to their financial worth - and with the collapse of their financial worth are preparing to throw away their lives.

This is the ultimate success of momon - haveil havelim - vanity of vanities - people who have completely wrapped their value in their bank account.

Don't kill yourself! You are more valuable than your fiscal net worth! The value of a person is inestimable. The stuff around you, the bank balance, in the end it's just stuff - here today, gone tomorrow. It's not what you take with you from this world anyway (whether you have a little or a whole lot).

Trust in Hashem! If you're bank balance is falling, fill up your Torah balance! Maybe Hashem just wants to hear your tefilos (prayers)! Be thankful, there are many who would trade their stuff for other more horrible situations (health, disaster, children, marriage). Hashem has been kind, there's been a good time. Now it may be a little tougher, but there's other blessings awaiting.

Shavua Tov, Shana Tova from Shabbos Berashis, a good week from Israel.


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