Thursday, October 02, 2008


תרגום עברית

גוגל פרסמה מפתיע טוב אנגלית - עברית מתרגם. שמנו משולבים זה לתוך הבלוג, רק לחץ -תרגום עברית- על החלק העליון של הסרגל הצדדי

Google has released a surprisingly good English - Hebrew translator. We've integrated this into the blog, just click -תרגום עברית- on the top of the sidebar.

We've further added the full Google language translator further down the sidebar (see Search/Translate this blog, scroll down the sidebar), which offers many languages including Spanish, French, Russian, among others.

Now you can read Mystical Paths in your favorite language!
עכשיו אתה יכול לקרוא מיסטית נתיבים המועדפות השפה שלך
Maintenant, vous pouvez lire les Chemins mystiques dans votre langue favorite.
Ahora usted puede leer Senderos Místicos en su idioma preferido.
Теперь вы можете читать Мистические Пути в вашем любимом языке.


  1. Yeah, to thank to you Dear Sir, the Dutch comes out about just ok ! but not excactly as of yet but what do we know in times maybe it will be improving further.
    It nevertheless can in fact be usefull very for the people for whom their English is not up to the test or of whom their Double Dutch gets lost in translation all together.
    (Eat your heart out Babylon)
    (EET je hart uit Babylon ????)

  2. I'm a native Spanish speaker and the Spanish is really good! I didn't know Google had this tool. Now I can finally read those other websites/blogs you mention!

    Shanah Tovah!

  3. НА вашем любимом языке.
    It's fun to nitpick! :-) But Google did a great job - yasher koach!


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