Friday, October 17, 2008


And Mystical Paths Endorses...

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

A commentor wrote: "the main thing i want to say is this: i don't appreciate people hoping for a comrade obama victory, G-d forbid. some say this will be great for aliyah, which i understand; but as a person who tries to have rachmones, i know that mccain/palin would be best for usa, israel and the world.

i don't know how much you know in israel, but obama is evil, with evil associations. he is a real dastardly slickster. i want to make aliyah and don't appreciate people in israel desiring such a bad man to be in charge of america because they think it will hasten geulah. i cannot stand those kinds of statements!!!!

it is sickening, quite frankly, and lacks any sort of concern for the real lives of people in both usa and israel. one should always daven for the best to happen, not for the 'worst' as some kind of hastening of a greater good. yids that do that actually turn off alot of people from becoming more observant.

think about that!

Just to clarify, to date Mystical Paths has endorsed no one in the US presidential election. Here's what Mystical Paths has to say on this election:

1. Most entertaining US election ever! (I'm certain some will take that the wrong way.)

2. The picking of Governor Palin as a running mate seriously excited my teenage daughters and changed their outlook on possibilities, something that Senator Clinton's candidacy did not do.

3. Orthodox Jewish tradition provides different motivations to lean towards the Democrats and the Republicans. On moral issues, the Republicans get the nod. On social justice issues, the Democrats get the nod. On tax issues and Jewish schooling issues, the Republicans get the nod. On equality and anti-discrimination issues, the Democrats get the nod. BOTH parties have some issues that fit the religious Jewish mindset well, and some that are antithetical.

4. Congressional Republicans have been a domestic disaster for 6 years, abandoning party principles for full access to the national checkbook. Congressional Democrats have proven they can keep up with the Republicans in their 2 years of control.

5. The bad international political decisions of the Democrats from 10 years ago are STILL hurting the US, with US troops still in the Balkans and a pissed off Russia out to cause trouble 10 years later. The Democrat goody-too-shoo world approach is a failure with serious repercussions, which included the build up of Islamic terrorism to the level of attacking the US directly.

6. The 7 years of Republican international war politics of blow them to *ell over there then rebuild it real nice (at our expense) and they'll like us has it's advantages (it's better over there than over here) but has also been a massive failure. First, it's more costly (in dollars and lives) than the American people are willing to sustain. Second, rebuilding from scratch is a nightmare. Third, the US military hasn't been structured for this, and it ties up a majority of US force projection capability.

7. On Israel, the Democrats have forced Israel into untenable goody-too-shoo peace processes requiring Israel to invite mass murderers into the house, and fully train and equip them in pursuing their goals. This has cost Israel hundreds of lives in terror attacks. The Republicans have been more straightforward, Israel must sacrifice parts of itself to make the Arabs happy, resulting in the southern part of Israel being under constant bombardment and the northern border bristling with enemy rockets.

There are stark choices of bad national and international management facing you in this election. BUT NEITHER CANDIDATE HAS PRESENTED ANY * NEW * OR ANY * GOOD * OPTIONS OR POLICIES.

With no good choices on the table, Mystical Paths abstains.


Gandalin said...

The idea that the Democrats should get the nod on "social justice" issues is an unfortunate Yiddishe shibboleth which is long past its sell-by date.

The Democrats talk about how much they love the little guy, but their policies actually hurt him. The false idol of most American Jews, FDR actually prolonged the depression for years with misguided anti-competitive policies.

The free-market and socially responsible policies usually espoused by the G.O.P. will actually produce better "social justice" results for everyone.

The Democrats ask you to judge them on their ostensible goals, while conservatives ask you to judge them based on the results.

Moreover, the very term "social justice" was the favorite catch phrase of Father Coughlin (YS) an anti-Semitic left-winger.

Redistributionist confiscation of one man's earnings to subsidize the benighted programs of a bureaucratic elite is part and parcel of the Democrats' immorality. Socialism is a form of theft by government, based on covetousness, and it brings with it violence and murder, anti-marriage policies, disrespect for parents, and violation of every mitzvo.

The fact that the majority of American Jews will probably vote in this election for a man who has steeped himself for years in anti-Semitic, pro-jihadist, marxist ideologies shows just how blind and foolish they are. To call them lemmings is an unfair slur on the lemmings.

Devash said...

All of this is completely irrelevant and is nothing more than a distraction from what really counts---our personal and national teshuva. While many Jews in chu"l have "good" reasons for not being able to make aliyah, it is still a (unfortunate for them) fact that Jewish national destiny is taking place in Eretz Yisrael and nowhere else. America is a sinking ship sucking under everything attached it as it goes down. Let go of it and maybe Hashem will send you a liferaft to hang onto. Keep clutching it to your heart the way you people are who are invested in these elections and you will surely be destroyed, G-d forbid!

Even IF elections take place, the whole process is sheker and sham. It doesn't matter who wins, the same policies are carried out. There is no real difference between the parties. It only gives Americans an illusion of choice. And this is true of ALL "democratic" elections wherever they may be.

Anonymous said...

Shalom to all.
HaSepharadi and Shiloh, thank you both for your kind words on the other post, and Nightghost, for concurring as such. My thanks.
Devash, you are 100% correct in my view of the "illusion of choice" statement regarding the parties. Such reminds me of Orwell's (Blair's) "1984," with the enemy to Oceania being irrelevant: Eurasia or Eastasia, it was all the same.
As both parties have nothing to offer voters, I have decided to write in a vote of an individual I choose.
My reasoning is such: neither Obama or McCain are "good," and each of them would divide up Yerushalayim and Eretz Yisrael. Now, Devash, the only thing I do not agree with you on is that if we in hageulah remain here (for reasons of neccessity or volition), I do not believe we are doomed. This is because HaShem promised to bring us...all of us...from the far corners of the earth. I believe in this and know with all of my heart that Yisrael is not dependent upon Eretz Yisrael. Remember in Nitsavim, where Moshe said we were a nation that day with finalization of the covenant...and this was before we crossed over the Jordan with Yehoshua. We are a nation...the nation of Klal Yisrael...wherever we are. Wherever my foot treads, my dear Devash, and yours as Eretz Yisrael.
I will not vote for McCain or Obama (no matter who wins, Eretz Yisrael gove'ah!). One of them, we know, will win.
I leave you with this thought to consider: write in one you think is better and as such distance yourself from those two and any potential spiritual complicity from placing one of those two "gemstones" into the setting.
Shabbat shalom v'layla tov,
Yesha Galluzzo

josh said...

I agree with Devash about these elections being irrelevant and a giant distraction even on this blog. Baruch Hashem shelo asani Americai, you guys really get too hyped up about this.

Anonymous said...

Ok people how much will the parties affect you miritz hashem within 5 years?

The canidate we should be begging for, and looking to support is Hashem's canidates. Moshiach ben Yoseph, and ben David.
BEN DAVID 5769!!!!!!!!

Gandalin said...

My point was not so much geared to this election, but on the underlying problem of American Jewish fealty (even among frum Jews) to the folk-marxism of the Democrat Party.

Anyway, I think it'll be (5)770, not (5)769.

guest said...

I want MBD in 5769, but it seems that some are pushing for 5770.

Can we at least agree on Eliyahu HaNavi in 5769? Everyone's waiting for MBD, but I assume that we won't believe MBD when he shows up, so we'll first need Eliyahu HaNavi to organize the press conference. B'ezrat Hashem!

Gandalin said...

Well, the broadcasters at are sticking to 5768 for the imminent arrival of Moshiach Tzidkenu.

Ken yehi ratzon!

Chasmal said...

barack/the lightning bolt and Michelle/ name of the sar of Yisrael in the white house
the geulah has begun!!
Hag Sameach

Anonymous said...

thanks akiva for posting my comment on having rachmones re the elections.

can we please remember this essential fact:

the second bes hamikdash was destroyed due to sinat chinam, right? and, it says that the third and final one will be built from ahavat chinam.

okay, kids, how much explaining is needed here?

to try and scare americans into aliyah is not healthy. you don't think people have enough stress in their lives with families, money, health issues etc? is this ahavat chinam? no way!!!!

you really want americaiim to make aliyah? is that a good thing? of course!!!

but the way to do it is with ahavat chinam. this is what chazal tells us will build the bes hamikdash.

what really irks me is this: i watch the videos and read the articles on arutz 7 and there's this vibe from some people on the staff that the ones who make aliyah are 'special'...higher in status and priveleged and even 'better than' the rest of us.

they look down on jews in chutz. is this my friends sinat chinam,Gd forbid?

we don't have enough problems with the moslems and the missionaries and the assimilation???

for lshem shamayim!!!! people!!!

at arutz7 and elsewhere, you want moshiach right now??

okay, then you better ramp up your ahavat chinam. get it?

maybe, just maybe, moshiach is delaying because of the arrogance of some, not all!!!!, religious jews in israel who think they are above other jews, Gd forbid.

you know what? one of the things i love about breslov, the na nach guys, is that they show such ahavas yisroel. all our hassidic avot focused on this so much. there are countless stories from then and even today about helping just one fellow yid.

you want geulah? then bring the energy of geulah into your lives everyday in every way you can: by showing ahavas yisroel and ahavas bnei adam.

i'm no rabbi and i'm no scholar. i would love to be a simple jew.

and that's just how i feel about it.

there are many religious jews who do dedicate their lives to ahavas chinam and ahavas yisroel.

but whoever reads this knows that moshiach and HKB want all of us to be doing that!!!!

got it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous from 10/21/2008 7:33am

Ahavas Yisrael may help build the Beis HaMikdash earlier than its latest possible moment. However, at a certain point, if chas v'shalom, we are not worthy, galus will end, and not in a pleasant way, such is made explicitly in the words of the prophets. What you call scare tactics is actually making an attempt to make the geulah easier on us all, and is rachmanus.

Anonymous said...

nope. you are underestimating the chesed of H'. the gedolim in israel today agree that moshiach is very close. when? only Gd knows.
you are missing my saddens me that my heartfelt and true appeal for ahavas chinam is slighted by your inaccurate assumption of 'correctness'.

as you know there are different levels of yiras...fear of punishment, fear of hurting another and awe/reverence. all these can be intertwined.

instead of thinking about an 'unpleasant' end to galus...instead, i think it more appropriate to focus on how we can unify yisroel with ahavas yisroel, torah umitzvos, avoadas H' bsimcha and giving chizuk to emunah. i read about these young secular kids in israel who are doing tshuvah with pressure and difficulties from their families.
do you see my point?

besht: where a man's thoughts are that's where he is.

i think it's best for us to practice good thoughts.

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