Saturday, September 20, 2008


US Election in the Torah?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Forwarded by a friend. "We do not know if the Torah can be used to predict the future or the exact meaning of these codes. Word or letter wrapping from end to beginning to text as one contiguous body is allowed for."

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joshwaxman said...

And here is a Torah code for Obama becoming president, echoed from (the soon to be obsolete) Redemption 5768, via Shirat Devorah:

This way, either way it goes, we can joyously proclaim the inerrancy of the Torah codes.

The "only" "problem" here is that we would have to assume that Hashem is lousy at spelling, and would put the yud in Palin after the aleph instead of after the lamed. At least, that is really the standard way her name is spelled. (Do Google searches on both web and news to see that this is so.) And if you insist on a yud after the aleph, should there not be one after the lamed as well?

Kot Tuv (and snort),

Akiva said...

I wasn't aware people were also doing searches on navi'im.

Regardless, I put this up for it's general interest value - no interpretation attached. It would be interesting to see what the matrix on Obama is - for the (current) understandings of these is you need multiple things crossing in an area to get a decent reading.

I mean, if you just search for "Obama" or "Mcain" or "Palin", with a short letter sequence you'll find multiple times.

(Useless example, go search for Chabad in the Torah - you'll find tens of instances. But it's 3 letters, so of course you'll find that combo at some skip distance or other. [It does happen to come up at a skip distance of 770 among the many others :-) ])

So it would be interesting to see if they found something more than "Obama".

joshwaxman said...

That's indeed the reason I assumed you put it up -- for general interest value. Yes, people do Torah codes on a wide variety of materials. That does not make them trustworthy. But then, what would make the Torah codes does solely on Chamishei Chumshei Torah trustworthy?

One big problem with Torah codes is the wiggle room, in which you try different spellings until you get a result. It is fairly clear that they tried various different spellings of Sarah Palin until they got one which worked, since they are not using the standard spelling. When I start seeing any and every conclusion being "proven" by a given method, I start to suspect the method.

In terms of Obama, I think they only found one occurrence in all of Tanach, in this one verse in Daniel. But then, how did they choose to spell it?

Kol Tuv,

joshwaxman said...

Also, note other irregularities. E.g. they are not taking the psukim in order. They are apparently doing a wrap-around, starting in Devarim and ending in Shemos!

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