Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Terror Attack - Jerusalem

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Reports are a short time ago a terrorist intentionally ramped a car into a crowd in Jerusalem. Early reports state 17-19 wounded, the majority young soldiers on a prayer tour headed towards the Kotel prior to Rosh Hashana.

The terrorist is reported to be a legal Arab resident of East Jerusalem. This will make the 3rd such attack by East Jerusalem residents with full Israel rights and access, well employed and in good family situations. The vehicle used was reported to be a very expensive luxury BMW.

Soon, as Israel is forced to impose travel and work restrictions upon the population of East Jerusalem to protect the innocent civilians of Israel, you will hear screams of apartheid and racism. When that comes, remember the tractors and BMW's of death.

More here and here.

(Reuters photo via YNetNews.)


Shiloh said...
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Anonymous said...

Boker Tov.
May the Living G-D grant that our men be healed of the injuries they sustained, and soon.

Please, all who read this: visit Rabbi Lazer Brody's site of Lazer Beams. Baruch Becker (may G-D bless every movement of his fingers) drew a superb cartoon there...and the cartoon tells us exactly what we need...prayer, and emunah.

Shalom v'l'chayyim
Yesha Galluzzo

Shiloh said...
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