Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Strike for Israel?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

At 9:00 AM Eastern Time, Strike For Israel will take place. A group of Jewish students has been organizing a protest against their own communities SILENCE in the face of the steps being taken to DIVIDE JERUSALEM and CHOP AWAY most of Israel.

Shhhhhhh. Don't say a word. Congratulations to Tzipi Livni on her successful election as the head of Kadima, who's been negotiating the division, expulsion, and disassembling of Israel but hasn't dared say a word about it (documents are leaking, but it's like chametz found in the middle of the floor on Pesach, just cover it and pretend it's not there until later.)

Shas is now faced with the ultimate choice - not just staying in but enable the creation of a new Tzipi Kadima lead government while ignoring the chametz in the middle of the floor, or stand up and say WE HAVE A PROBLEM HERE. Or rather, as I've discussed in the past the stark choice of Yavne or Yerushalayim. Does Shas choose education and the future generation at the literal loss of the Israel of today, or do they choose to stand for Jerusalem today at the loss of their guaranteed education model towards the future. In other words, do you bet on being the majority in the future (a generation or two away) at intense pain today, or do you try to save today?

So far, their choices have been highly questionable and are putting many at great risk. The choices of the US yeshiva students however, is to be commended.

Good luck with your protest (a walk out at 9:00 AM local time) - may the leaders stand up and take notice that it's TIME TO SPEAK OUT. As with the financial crisis, you must stop the problem before it has too much leverage and becomes impossibly painful to unwind.

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  1. Shhhhh. The Galveston, TX city fathers are keeping from the public the fact that more than 18 people lost their lives in Galveston, TX from Ike. It is reported that hundreds of people came to their tragic end because city officials didn't care that the homeless weren't evacuated. Almost half of Galveston didn't evacuate, many of these were the homeless. Galveston had a homeless population to be ashamed of.


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