Thursday, September 25, 2008


Financial: Conspiracy or Debt Comes Home?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Many people are spinning wild scenarios around the current US situation, tying it to every conspiracy theory ever propagated. ...US Treasury to become effective Dictator...Detention camps (Rex 84) built throughout the US...UN vehicles seen being prepositioned at US staging unmarked military style helicopters seen over parts of the US...US elections to be canceled due to (insert emergency type here: multiple natural disasters, economic, terrorism threat) making US president effective dictator...trilateral commission crashing US economy to devalue currency and force regional adoption of Amero - then to merge with Euro for a one world currency and financial control...CFR (council on foreign relations) operating beyond congressional control to foment (insert world event here: war, terrorism, anti-terrorism, world domination)...Russia is controlling the weather and particularly hurricane patterns & strength to weaken the US and destroy US oil resources...the Illuminati have infiltrated the highest levels of everything and are marshaling all world resources to their one world dictatorial scheme...

Mix in a few religious and/or racist overtones, and you get da joos are causing it, or the devil is causing it, the Rothschild's, or the merged Shabtai Tzvi & Frankist descendants, the aryans who escaped after WWII, or wait I almost forgot the Freemasons, no no no, the Shriners, or maybe its....da jews!!!!

Friends, take a deep breath. We need to point a few things out.

America is broken. It has spent the last 40 years shutting down it's own industries, selling off it's assets, and transferring it's wealth overseas. It was able to sell itself as the dream, and most of that wealth circled back to invest itself into America. But it's over. The pyramid of debt, massively increased by the last 10 years of spending growth and debt to pay for it by the US government and a corresponding massive personal spending growth paid for with an impossibly high amount of personal leveraged debt, the pyramid has exceeded the ability of the foundation to support it. The foundation was sold off, shut down, sent overseas, the foundation was whittled away while more was piled on the top.

The supports holding it all up were foreign reinvestment. But something funny happened, the foreigners decided to start investing some of their money at home. With some of the supports removed, the pile (no longer a pyramid with a nice supporting base, now an unstable tower) started to fall.

With it, the foreign investment cycle supporting it all has ended. Even if a true crash is stopped, the reality perceived no longer matches the dream and the investment cycle, the foreign support, is simply over. No longer will the world finance massive US government debt - or corporate debt - or personal debt at ultra-cheap rates. The US, the tower of babbling debt, is too risky. That giant tower built on cheap supports with the foundation sold off and pocketed will now incur a much higher support cost.

Meaning: Those debt bills are now due in full, and will get paid over the next couple of years.

That's what there is to worry about. Massive business closure, job loss, bank closure, home loss, governments being forced to work within their means - which includes paying the current debt bill, all the way up to economic shutdown. In other words - a full fledged crash and depression.

In the midst of this (interesting timing, huh) we've got Russia on the rampage, a Haman HaRasha in Iran who wants to blow up the world (but Israel first) to bring the Islamic end of days and has the material in hand to do it, the US financial crisis leading to a major US and * world * economic decline, and an Islamic movement that wants to crush the West and doesn't mind sacrificing their own lives to do so.

Regardless of whether we are in the time of the geulah or not, EVERY nation the Jews have prospered in and assimilated into - every Jewish golden age - has ended unpleasantly. You DON'T need conspiracy level stuff to have a complete disaster on your hands. Concerns about Barak Obama, or a Bush dictatorship, election conspiracies, weather control, the Illumanti or tri-lateral commission or Council on Foreign Relations running the US from the inside, all pale beside the REALITIES going on.

Whether we are in the chevlay Moshiach or not, we have moved from a time of world stability to a more chaotic time. Simple wisdom suggests planning appropriately.

Update: Sultan Knish adds more on the US Culture of Debt.


Anonymous said...

"our friends at the BBC" get more desperate by the day.
Thought you might wanted to read this, although this is not a messageboard - and certanly not mine-
bye bye, (Vincent)

Martin said...

Cmon whats the worry? It happened before and the world did not come to an end. The earth is still going to go round the sun isnt it? Trust Hashem. I think theres been far too many financial articles on this blog as of recent.

Anonymous said...

Martin, it is all connected.
Do you like this better? This is really ON-Topic !

Akiva said...

Thanks Vincent, interesting link.

Martin, I'll keep it in mind.

Baruch Eliezer said...

To say that the US's financial cisis is or isn't tied to any number of alleged plots would indicate that one is a Navi. I don't think that any one has the credentials to say so and to rebuke someone for saying so. If someone is rebuked, then wouldn't that indicate that the "rebuker" is also a Navi. All in all, I think that the current financial crisis, however it affects anyone is an indicator of where one's emuna lies. This is the time to recognize that if we are concerned more about our money and our retirement accounts than our neshama, then tshuva is in order. I read an article lately that ties over dependency of medical science (Rabbi Lazer Brody or Rabbi Shalom Arush, I can't remember which) is, in affect, idolatry. The same can be said for one's gold...overreliance on materialism is an act of idolatry. Let's remember what month it is and that we're about to be judged in the next few days. Is everyone's neshama secure enough to say that they haven't committed idolatry?

Anonymous said...

One thing that really bothers me.... vis a viz "conspiracy theories".... is that the 2012 Olympics logo reads "ZION".
check out the logo for yourself and you'll see.... which all leads back to Freemasons, New World Order etc etc. check out a site called and see what he has to say, it's very illuminating.

Elisheva said...

I noticed you cited Plaut aka Sultan.
Please do not.
Remember how he and his buddy Pipes attacks people for being "conspiracy nuts", when they try to piece together facts to understand reality.
He went after Barry Chamish, and has repeatedly shut down information flow. He really can't be trusted. What's his agenda?

Elisheva said...

By the way, your time stamp is not accurate for here in Ohio.
It is 2 in the afternoon, and NOT Shabbos.
Good Shabbos all.

Shiloh said...

Elisheva, is Sultan Knish, or Daniel Greenfield the same person as Plaut? I have read only one article that Daniel wrote about the conspiricy theory stuff. Other then that, he's usually dead on about much of what is happening. Shabbat Shalom (don't worry about the time on the site, I don't think anyone really cares about it)

Akiva said...

The articles are timestamped by Jerusalem time. Seems the comments are also - rather than the time of the poster.

Akiva said...

Elisheva - you and I disagree regarding Chamish. I have a friend who is a very serious conspiracy guy (he took off work for 5 years to research the JFK assassination). He's personally hosted Chamish for speaking sessions - and he says the guy is way overboard.

THAT SAID, it doesn't mean Chamish hasn't come across some real stuff. Some parts of Israeli government operation is troublesome.

Anonymous said...

The only way to combat the conspiracies of earthly rulers and their petty fiefdoms is for us to conspire with HaShem and advance His Kingdom (Malchut Shamayim) through teshuvah, gemilut chasidim v'tzedakah - repentance, acts of loving-kindenss and charity. We must become co-working partners with the Divine in repairing the world. Of course, my detractors maintain that I'm just a crazy person who puts too much stock in the sayings of the Sages. :(

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