Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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A Brief Note on Comments

- Mystical Paths maintains an official commenting policy here.

- In general, your comments are most welcome - that's why we allow comments. But comments we find offensive, purely at our own discretion, may be edited or deleted.

- This blog is a religiously focused blog, operated by orthodox Jews (ones the news media would generally describe as 'ultra-orthodox') who are followers of various chassidic movements.

- We place no restriction on commentors due to race, religion, national origin, gender, or creed (what is creed anyway?).

- Comments we find disparaging or insulting, in any way, of our religion, religious positions, practices, religious leaders, movements, or traditional religious works may be edited or deleted. Or occasionally used as material for an article making fun of the comment. We can do that, says so right in the comment policy.

- Respectfully presenting your position, asking a question on ours, or engaging in a conversation about an article is great. Even challenging the content or validity of an article can be very insightful. However, while we understand you may feel as strongly about your belief and position as we do about ours, and we respect that, if your position is that ours is (insert various negative comments here), we encourage you to investigate the wonderful free blog tools available for starting your own forum for getting your message out. Please don't expect to be able to use ours in that manner.

- Please continue to comment. Generally, we appreciate the dialog and insights on our articles that you provide!


Anonymous said...

according to dictionary dot com, creed can refer to any system or codification of belief or opinion

peace out and L'Shanna Tova!

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