Monday, August 11, 2008


We Are Possibly Mistaken

by R. Nati & Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

For several years we have been writing about the possibilities of the Geulah combined with Gog u'Magog. In most of these possibilities, we have been analyzing the United States, and the current president (George Bush) as a likely candidate for Gog. (Further, there are even those who are starting to find gematrias relating to Obama and Gog.)

Yet, this has by no means been clear cut, and the navi (biblical prophet) Ovadiah appears to write about a "friend" of Israel who is only judged in a somewhat minor way for hanging Israel out to dry, rather than being involved in direct actions against Israel.

With the outbreak of hostilities between Russia and the nation of Georgia, and the Israeli connection to Georgia, it could very well be that Russia is Gog. Russia is allied with Iran on many issues, and some have identified Iran as "the Land of Magog" (together with southern Afghanistan and western Pakistan).

Given such a scenario, America would have to become a non-entity, which fits with the holy prophecy of Ovadiah HaNavi. We should begin looking for the connections Gog, MaGog, and the head of Meshech and Tuval. We need to research where these are, there is an opinion that these are Moscow and Tubulsk, the capitols of both white and red Russia (from the north). Of course, both Iran and Russia create an oil connection in the current situation, and the pipeline that passes through the area being warred over in Georgia is part of the equastion.

Now Israel is being threatened by Russia that she should stop helping Georgians. (Seems a number of Jewish Israeli Georgian immigrants became businessmen in arranging significant arms and training deals between Israel and Georgia.)

An unexpected catalyst has appeared literally out of nowhere.

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  1. All along there were people saying Russia is Gog... but does it matter? Amalek is a spiritual inheritance, could it not be the same for Gog?

    Look, Our prophets z'tl, live so many years ago- how could they have described our lives now? Would our definition match theirs?

    I think we all agree that teshuva, achdut and emunah are the goals of our days and years. If we stick to that, then the world around us will follow.

    Achdut. and Patience. Lots of it and it's a tough thing to have when the world is going stupid around us.

    making sense of the unfathomable is a exercise in frustration. conclusions are only as good as the assumptions they are built upon.

  2. My opinion is that the "end-timers" ought to all STOP GUESSING.

  3. In the writings of Breslov it is taught that names change for the same characters and different characters can have the same name. The Day and hour of the final redemption is not known to anyone but to the Tzadik Hador. It might be that Gog is both or that he is one now and then another later and then returns again to the first. All of these issues are mystery of mysteries. The sole truth remains. "The the time of the final redemption is very close", whenever that is.

  4. I disagree with the above chastisement of the end timers. I believe it is a mitzvah to look into the world and see how redemption could play out in each dor. The Rambam urges us to do this and in fact we are not merely supposed to wait for Moshiach, but rather expect him. That being said the present situation is fitting right into prophetic statements of the Gemorah. It is the seventh year and war has begun. The government here is inept. Where Putin takes this I don't know and who Gog is...well it doesn't matter. I believe it is still George Bush (at least on a pnimiut level) Yechezkel needs to be read on a pnimiut level unlike the other naviim because it is the sefer of the Merkavah. Of course it doesn;t matter, because this potential exists in every generation it just is more pronounced now than before, because we are getting closer.

  5. Who said Gog and Magog are the same. May be Gog is Bush and Magog is Georgia (the Land of George 'Gog'.

    Then the wars of Gog and Magog are the wars of Bush with Afghanistan and Iraq and the war of Magog is Russia with Georgia.

    This fits in with the Chofetz Chaim who said Gog and Magog would last 70 years from WW2 (i.e. ending end of 5768) and Rav Kaduri who said Gog and Magog would last 7 years from Hashano Raba 5761 (i.e ending end of 5768)

  6. "AP - With a crisis of Cold War proportions brewing, President Bush is demanding that Russia withdraw its troops from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, agree to an immediate cease-fire and abandon any thought it might have about toppling the country's pro-Western government."

    So we have Gog (Bush) and Magog (Georgia - the land of Gog).... who would have thought....

  7. Whoa, I missed that simple reading!

  8. Well, you shouldn't disagree with the 'chastisement'. What you end up doing by guessing is creating enemies where none exist. Bad judgment.


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