Friday, August 01, 2008

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The Three Weeks

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

(This year; July 20 - August 11, 2008)

Over the years these have been troubled times for the Jewish people. These have often been days when evil things have come upon us. This has been especially true here in Jerusalem. The Old City Wall was breached and the Temples were destroyed during these days. This very minute, we find ourselves wrapped up in this potentially dangerous time. Oy! What are we to do?

Do not give in to this type of thinking, not for a moment. We are never left to be thrown about by the times, the stars, and certainly not by the past. We have never been left adrift, but at all times we have been given the tools we need in order to overcome anything that could possibly come against us. Even these three weeks, which can be a time of great concern, can turn into festive days.

Wherever we are, we, the Jewish people, are one. And wherever we are, each of us is on the front line. The Jewish people number some millions of individuals, but the Jewish body is one. We are one body with one life and one soul that fills and vivifies each of us. The value of knowing this is that it shows us that each of us can help to protect our people from the evil that could come against any of us. Wherever you are you can help in our defense.

First, look to see what caused these days to become days of bad tidings. What brought these evil things upon us when they first came? Then simply reverse those actions. We are told that the Temples were destroyed mainly because of idolatry, hatred without reason, and evil speech. So all we have to do now is to increase the love and understanding of the one G-d, love Jews without reason, and say good things about each other.

The remedy for idolatry is to worship the one Infinite G-d -- to think and show others how G-d is everywhere so there can be no validity to a foolish idol. An idol is simply one form or a single power or such that someone claims is a god. The one G-d is everywhere at all times. The idol is only sitting on a table or is one particular spirit or such. It is not everywhere.

The simple remedy for hatred without reason is to give love without reason. Love a fellow Jew just because he is your fellow Jew and not because you want in return. Surely we are to love all good people in the entire world. But right now the particular need is to direct this love toward Jews. If there is enough love it will overcome the senseless hatred that is going out from and toward the Jewish people.

To overcome evil gossip, all we have to do is to go around saying good things about each other. Say something good about everyone you can. Not only will the person who hears you say these things enjoy hearing them, but you will enjoy saying them, too. And the benefits of this good speech will even reach the people you are talking about.

This is a real win-win situation. Not only will you enjoy protecting the Jewish people, but you will also be helping to make the world a better place.

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