Wednesday, August 13, 2008


News Flush: Israel Offers Everything, Palestinians Say Not Enough

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Yesterday news reports stated that Israel Prime Minister Olmert offered 99.9999% of Israel to the Palestinians, only demanding that his personal apartment in Tel Aviv (to be renamed New Jaffa) remain Jewish territory (with the IDF based in his parking space).

Palestinian spokesman Erekat responded today, "we never heard of such an offer, we never received such an offer, and the offer we didn't receive is completely unacceptable. A proper offer would include the parking space and permit 10 million Palestinian refugee's to live in the apartment together with Olmert."

Israeli Kadima MK's commented, "Olmert clearly exceeded his authority as a caretaker Prime Minister. Now, if he had offered all of Israel except for the Ramat Gan luxury towers, we're certain he would have been able to get legislative support for the plan."

Do you think this article is a parody or a joke? Here's the real one, you tell me the difference. Only through Hashem's great blessings do we see a government divorced from everything it was founded upon and everything meaningful to it's nation keep trying to give everything, but only getting a response of MORE MORE MORE!!! If, G-d forbid, the "Palestinians" were serious for even a moment, they would get everything that anyone could want for them - including full world support, financing and help in building their new "nation". Of course, that's not what they actually want, so they increase the demand every time they're close to getting it.

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Anonymous said...

golly -I wonder why that is? What is HaSh-m telling us? Wait-I know-it's the "left wing liberal " people's fault, yeah that's it. Can't possibly be due to anything "we/I" am doing (or not doing)-it's all "their" fault. Sigh

Bar Kochba said...

That G-d that HaShem is hardening their hearts. Otherwise, we would be back in exile.

Shiloh said...

Be happy that Olmert is a master politition. He gives them nothing, and has given them nothing in years. The exact reason for all his interogations is the exact fact that he does nothing to create a terrorist arab state. Wait till livni gets in, say goodbye to Israel. B'ezrat haShem, this will never take place. He may be a lot of things, but one to make a deal with the terrorists, forget it. If he gives them an offer, he know's they will reject it anyway.

Martin said...

I like Israel despite its problems and faults but if it hands Jerusalem over to that despicable culture of death then .. what can I say.. the state of Israel will be meaningless and reprehensible.

Writing from Israel, Unlimited. said...

It's not understood why we are to be like lambs to slaughter. Is this what Hashem wants? For us simply to allow things to *happen by themselves* and for this kind of scenario to unfold without us taking things into our own hands? Let's just ask ourselves - what would Moshe Rabbenu have had us do if this were Amalek that we were dealing with?

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