Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Liveblogging a War - Georgia & Russia

The news from the Georgia - Russia war is surprisingly sparse. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, MSM has always been hollow - just a facade of reality on it's best day. Now, however, with the reductions in audience and corresponding reductions in income, all MSM outlets have been cutting back on maintaining offices and reporters around the world, relying on local feeds and the AP - AFP - Reuters world stringers to get their info (like a recent AP video of Russian troops attacking - a former soldier friend of mine says "obviously staged for the reporter, soldiers under fire don't act like that, nor do soldiers advance like that).

Fortunately, information is coming out via some regional blogs. Here's some links that are providing info. Note, though, each is obviously skewed towards their particular position. I say that's ok, at least it's clear and with the MSM it often wasn't.

Georgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Blog: War Events by the Hour

The Discovery Institute Real Russia Project: The Russia Blog

La Russophobe : Recording the Rise of the Neo-Soviet Union

Photo Credit: The Russia Blog, Russian forces entering Georgia.


Khopper said...

"Mystical" Paths? "Emunah" Paths? Show me where your Rebbe says to spend your time watching the news instead of learning Torah (or helping other Jews)? Not the Lubavitcher, not the Breslover. The less news to distract a Jew the happier they are.

Reality check? Time for an "Emunah check"!

Anonymous said...

khopper, if you'd have watched the news you'd have known that many israelis and other jews are stuck in georgia

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