Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The JBloggers Conspiracy

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

JBloggers (the Jewish blogging community) are a diverse lot, from anarchists and anti-religious to zionists and zealots. There's rabbis, new rabbis, and former rabbis. There's pro-Israel, pro-"Peace", and anti-Israel. In real life, most Jews are a little left or a little right, but like a crowded room in blogging you have to speak LOUDLY to be heard. And strongly voicing your opinion is certainly a shared Jewish trait.

When people look to JBlogging as an organized community (or even an organized conspiracy, muhahaha), they look to the communal events...

o Haveil Havelim - The Weekly Jewish Blog Post Carnival - Started by Soccer Dad, now operated by Joe Settler

o The Jewish Cooking Blog Post Carnival - Started & Operated by Shiloh Musings

o The Jewish Photo Blog Post Carnival - Started & Operated by Bagel Blogger

o The JIBs - The Jewish & Israel Blogging Awards - Started by IsraellyCool, operated in 2005 by The Jerusalem Post, and in 2007 by me - Mystical Paths.

And now we have the International JBloggers Conference, started by Webads.co.il and Nefesh b'Nefesh.

Some JBloggers, and even the mainstream press in Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, have stood up and shouted it's a right wing orthodox JBloggers conspiracy (muhahaha). Why? Because the majority of speakers are pro-Israel and/or right-wing and/or orthodox (or generally religious).

Well, I'm here to let the cat out of the bag. Yes, they're right, it's a right wing pro-Israel pro-settler pro-orthodox JBlogging conspiracy! At tomorrow's conference, we'll be receiving our secret decoder rings as well as being taught the secret handshake.

But why, why have the poor pro-Arab anti-Jewish Jewish bloggers been excluded from so many JBlogging community functions (the carnivals, the awards, etc.) Here's the truth:

Much of the left wing Jewish bloggers spend much of their time fighting Judaism, fighting the growth and success of Israel, digging for the failings of the community (yes, plenty to be found) to hurt the community. In other words, they blog to destroy.

The "right wing" / "orthodox" / "pro-Israel" / "settler" bloggers are (often) driven with a purpose. They're building - building for the future, building a (real world) community, or a country, or Torah and Judaism, reaching out to their fellow, sharing good words and good thoughts.

They build, they create - the blogging carnivals, the awards, and now - the conference. There will be plenty of room to kvetch, it's not perfect, it could be better, etc. But until you build it, there's nothing to kvetch over.

G-d willing, Mystical Paths is attending the JBloggers conference tomorrow evening in Jerusalem, the Holy City, capital of Israel, heart of the Jewish people. Why? For the same reason it has been announced Likud leader and former Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu is attending, the same reason Ha'aretz wrote their negative article, and the same reason Israeli Channel 10 has done 2 televised interviews with a panelist - we now have a chance to speak for our community, and we're now being heard. As bloggers, we need to understand that, understand our impact, and the responsibilities that come along with that.

I'm told all are welcome, but I'm sure that statement is just to perpetuate the conspiracy. Muhahaha.

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  1. WHAT!!!!

    Absolutely not. I have no part in any Carnival, or anything that requires extra effort on my part. I can't even be bothered to submit my posts to the carnivals.

  2. If I wasn't already not going, hearing that Bibi is going to be there would have clinched it.

  3. Kol hakavod to you and all the other "right wing" / "orthodox" / "pro-Israel" / "settler" bloggers out there!!! B"H!!!

  4. the tendency to go a little right or a little left is a problem
    why be complacent? What about the middle path neither to the right OR the left?!
    left wing too Ishmael friendly right wing too xtianity friendly, middle path AH! as it should be.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Akiva,
    If a nazi left a comment on my blog site, I would have no problem leaving it on for all to see...everyone knows he's a nazi so whats the harm. But if someone left a comment like the last one here on your comments...I'd take it down immediately! He's coming disguised in Torah...much more dangerous than being dressed in a gestapo uniform.

    Just a thought...I always enjoy your Blog!

  7. The truth is much more dangerous when you're guilty. Leave it on Akiva, Jews need not be afraid of the truth ! I will credit you with helping spread truth when it mattered (as I will credit Tamar Y. with the same for the same), and not blame you for hiding the truth. Don't listen to people who want to hide someones opinion, without giving an on topic responce, and even afraid to give their name ! You know who I am, you know where i live: I am not afraid because I'm telling you the truth to help you. What is a jew who is afraid of an honest argument !? shame on you anonymous. I don't use Torah as a cloak, I come proving the Torah is true, the Torah is true. Please come back to the real Torah, no alterations, Torah works. See WAJIKRA 25:35-37, DEVARIEM 23:20-21: no money selling. Be free, don't turn yourselves into slaves. (end)

  8. This is certainly a funny place to get into such an argument.

    The Karites, those who only believe in the written Torah without the Oral Torah, and without the authority of the religious leaders of each generation to make the Torah a living Torah and focus and apply it for each generation, the Karites are long gone.

    There is no such movement, there is no such group. They are gone for literally thousands of years.

    Instead, a living Torah has allowed it, and us the Jewish people, to survive as we have been dispersed throughout the world. We have raised up each society we have passed through, setting and literally creating the "human values" standards that everyone takes for granted in this generation, and yet we have maintained our hold on Torah throughout the worst horrors that mankind could come up with - attempting to destroy the Jewish people again and again, and bury the Torah along with it.

    There are always a few who would rise up and reinterpret generation after generation of religious wisdom to fit their own perception or mindset. They can shout as they will, their message has no staying power.

  9. Akiva,
    There are still Karaites still living today, but relatively few.

    Unfortunately, an elementary-school classmate of mine became a big one.

    They are still Jews, but those who deny the teachings of Haza"l are doing themselves and everyone else a disservice, to say the least. I pray that they do Teshuva now because otherwise, the Rambam Hilchot Mamrim 3:1 comes into effect (assuming it's not a case that's mentioned in 3:3).

  10. There are Karaites in Jerusalem today. Because one may disagree with them on some points, why not seek why. The teachings of the Haza"l are just that. Teachings! Not Torah. Today's Karaites have their own collection of legal opinions and writings. Does that make either side 100% correct. Not at all. We all like to think we have 100% the "Truth" but with study of many sects, what I have learned, is that no one has it right, we all have errored. It's true though we have the vast majority of truth, incredible wisdom, prophecy etc. But we have many teachings that are not exactly what one may say kosher. But, it's our business and the goyim can whine all they want. As even the Rambam states, the Moshiach will repair the breaches of the Torah. That means error, we have them so be open to correction. The Karaites are absoulutly correct in some of their practices and opinions. T'shuva, yes, to the Torah, not to 'religion', that is the secret.

  11. There are about 3 economic models known historically: 1. trade everything (labor, products, land, money) freely, 2. the plan-economy (no free trade), and 3. trade labor & products, distribute land and prevent for profit investment (no free trade in land or money). Model 1. are the western goyim and a result of anarchy, model 2. is both feudal and Marxist, model 3. is stable because it distributes power of ownership as a platform for each person in the economy, and it prevents money for profit investment which will eventually stimulate the most profitable businesses, which are those exploiting workers best and turning them into slaves. Model 3 is outlined in the Torah, see also Wajikra 25:23 and Bemidbar 36:14 (land distribution). It is the only working / rational model, proving Torah correct. Trade depends on a "level playing field" (wrt power) which is provided by the distribution of land. Get this right, and you should in principle be able to get yourself out of exile and become a light for the nations, and example to follow rather then avoid (see Eretz Israel). Please allow yourselves to be rebuked, for your own sake, just like happened after the golden calf rebellion. The sooner we can all get out of exile, the sooner we can start to forget all the problems of the past. (Thanks for leaving above comment on, i appreciate it.)


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