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Important Warning

On Friday, the Belz Bet Din in Antwerp released a p’sak din (judgment)prohibiting accepting packages from people following a number of cases in which the packages served the interests of drug dealers. The p’sak states that such actions and money laundering are against the law of the land and therefore, a violation of Torah Law as well.

The notice goes on to state that chassidim are instructed not to take any parcel, even from the distinguished members of the community, without being absolutely certain of the contents of the parcel, report states.

The p’sak adds that the incidents are few in number, but nevertheless, due to recent cases, the bet din is compelled to relate to the current realities, reminding people of the innocent religious Israeli yeshiva young boys sitting in jail in Japan for a number of months, having fallen prey to confidence artists who took advantage of the students good will and willingness to be of assistance.

Assorted TRUE stories!

1. Three religious Israeli Yeshiva students from Bnei Brak were arrested in Japan after local authorities seized what they called "an unprecedented amount" of narcotics concealed in artifacts they were transporting in a suitcase.

The young boys had fallen victim to a con maneuver, a "Heimishe Jew" which had taken advantage of their naiveté and tricked them into unknowingly trafficking the drugs. The youths have been held at the Narita International Airport near Tokyo.

In Israel, the youths were recruited and managed by a haredi member religious hasidic man who offered to fund their plane tickets and accommodations to Lizhensk for the Yarzheit of Rebbi Elimelech, zs'l, in exchange for "a small service." The boys were instructed to fly to Amsterdam, where they would be met by another man who was to entrust them with a suitcase containing ancient antique books, which they would then transport to Japan and hand over to a third party.
The yeshiva students believed that they were really transferring ancient antique books, and told their friends and family about the all-expenses-paid international trek, from Israel to Amsterdam and then on to Tokyo, where they were supposed to hand over the suitcases to a third party at the airport.

In Japan , the authorities are very sophisticated in the topic of drugs and the innocent boys were instantly caught. They are today, in solitary confinement, in a 4x4 cell. They are being subjected to extremely cruel treatment and do not even get to go to see the sunlight for a moment at all. The situation is extremely serious, as in Japanese law, such an offense can incur life imprisonment, or worse. Hashem Yerachem!

Please add the 3 innocent boys in your prayers to be quickly released:
Yoel Zeev ben Mirel Risa Chava, Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel, and Yosef ben Yuta Rivka

2. A religious man, holding a few boxes of "matzot," asked another Jew on the plane to help him with his load. He held the package for him and upon arrival at the terminal; he wanted to give back the boxes of "matzot." The man asked him to carry it through customs. He replied that he's willing on the condition that he can first look inside the box. The man refused and went to look for a different innocent victim.

3. A young Yeshiva student sat in jail in France for a year together with his pregnant wife for doing a "favor" to another Jew. The wife had to give birth in jail!

4. A "Chassidishe" man asked an elderly woman to take a pair of winter boots to Bnei Brak. "They're expensive in Israel ," the chassid explained, "and warm boots is needed, as it is cold there." Upon delivering it to the recipient, the Jew cracked off the heel and demanded the elder woman to wait until he counted all the diamonds. He sternly told her that she's lucky that the correct number of diamonds were there!

5. A "religious" man asked a young Yeshiva boy to take an envelope containing Jewish divorces (get) to Rav Meir Bransdorfer Shlita of the Eida Hacharedit. On the plane, the young Yeshiva boy mentioned it to his friend and the friend exclaimed that the same thing happened to him. They both became suspicious and went to the plane's bathroom. When they opened the envelopes, they found it contained drugs! They quickly flushed the drugs down the airplane toilet.

Upon arrival in Israel , the authorities pulled them aside but found nothing. The young Yeshiva boy explained what happened. The police checked the airplane toilet to corroborate their story, found traces of drugs, and let the boy free. Turns out that the drug dealer tipped off the Israeli customs agents about this young Yeshiva boy in order to divert the Israeli police from the big cache that they themselves were bringing in.

6. A married man was traveling from London to Israel . His neighbor asked if he could take "Nescafe Coffee" to his relative. As he was putting the coffee jar in his suitcase, it fell and smashed and out came a handful of diamonds. He was furious but without saying anything, he took a brand new unopened jar and gave it to the recipient.

7. Before Rosh Hashanah, a married man was approached to bring into Israel a few Shofars. He decided to practice blowing from them but couldn't get a sound out of them. He inspected it ---- it turned out that it was stuffed with drugs.

8. A young man from Antwerp married in the US . After a number of years, he wanted very much to visit his parents in Antwerp but wasn't able to afford the airline ticket. He found out that there was someone willing to pay for his ticket on the condition that he brought back a "small package" of diamonds. He decided to risk it and the worst that can happen if he gets caught, the diamonds will be confiscated. On arrival in the U.S., he was frisked away by agents and was shocked when they told him that the "package" contained drugs. He sat in one of the worst prisons wearing the infamous orange prison clothing. His luck was that this wasn't the first such case that came before this judge, and after a year of incarceration, he was deported .

9. A famous man in London, known for opening his home to strangers, got a call from one of his guests saying he left his Tallit bag and asked if he could send it with someone going to Israel. On arrival in Ben Gurion Airport, it was discovered that there were drugs in the Tefillin bag. They wanted to arrest him so he quickly called his Rabbi who said that he can't give over the name but he can tell them that there is someone waiting outside, and under their watchful eyes, he'll hand over the Tefilin bag. They agreed but warned him, any suspicious movement and he'll be shot. He handed the bag, and the other guy was arrested on the spot.

10. An Australian couple took a Chumash (Torah book) that turned out to have drugs hidden in it and both were imprisoned. The husband sat in jail for nearly a year.
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Martin said...

Those are really sad and upsetting stories. It is good that youre making people aware of the tricks used by these conmen. My eyes were welled up by the time I finished reading that article.

גילוי said...

Sorry for this being unrelated:

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, it hasn't been illegal to transport diamonds for many years. Diamond dealers constantlt transport diamonds internationally.

Simple Photography. said...

Thank you for warning.
It leaves an impression that we live in wilderness, not in human society.
And the saddest part is that this is all about us, Jews. May be we should start learning wilderness survival techniques?

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