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A Guest Analysis by email from "Joe"...

Shalom Chaverim (dear friends), it is with great concern that I write this post.

August 29, 2005 saw the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane "Katrina". Now 3 years on, almost to the day, Hurricane "Gustav" is threatening to strike the Louisiana coastline. Estimates have predicted that its current intensity of category 3 may be upgraded to category 5 as it intensifies over the Gulf of Mexico. The Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans have already instigated plans for mass evacuations should the need arise.

Now, what makes this so significant ? I would like to quote from an earlier post that I wrote:

On the 21th of August 2005 as my friends were being kicked out of Gush Katif, compliments of Ms Condi Rice, a category 5 Hurricane by the name Katrina was forming in the Caribbean. It then made a bee line for New Orleans, Condi's city. The rest is history. In Judaism there is a biblical concept called "Midda Kenneged Midda" or " Measure for Measure". 8,000 citizens of the Gush were made refugees, 800,000 citizens of New Orleans were made refugees. BTW the word Katrina has the Hebrew root word Keter which means "Crown" HaShem was showing the world WHO IS WEARING THE CROWN. The 2005 Hurricane season spawned 26 hurricanes. 26 is the number of HaShem.

The name "Gustav" comes from the Swedish word which means "the staff of the gods"

The letter "g" is the seventh letter of the English alphabet. This Hurricane is the 7th tropical storm of the season. Condi Rice has just finished her 7th visit to the Middle East to procure the relinquishing of Shomron (West Bank) from Israel to the Palestinians. This constant convoluted land for peace deal! You would think that Condi would have learned from the last hammering her home town endured. Midda Kenneged Midda all over again.

The name "Gustav" is made up of 2 Hebrew words GUS (gimmel-vav-shin/sin) and TAV (tav-vav). Depending where you put the dot on the letter shin you can get sin. So GUS can also be pronounced GUSH. TAV in Hebrew means label or sign. Therefore we can deduce that the name of this Hurricane could mean "the Sign of the Gush" - the staff in the hand of HaShem. First the crown now the staff. Is HaShem trying to tell us something???? Remember what happened in Gush Katif three years ago.

I hope that I am wrong. Monday the 1st of September, the day Hurricane "Gustav" is predicted to make landfall is also Rosh Chodesh Elul. This month starts the 40 day countdown to Yom Kippur and is the season of Teshuva (Repentance).

May we all return to HaShem with weeping and fasting. May HaShem protect all our friends along the Louisiana and Mississippi coastlines should this Hurricane eventuate as has been predicted.

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browser said...

when was the last time you took your medicine?
please go take it right away,YOU NEED IT


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the name "Gustav". thanks for clarifying it. Makes perfect sense.
Gush Katif. Totally obvious once it's pointed out.

Martin said...

its all very interesting but you cant be serious...even if the storm does a lot of damage do you really think Condeleeza will get the message?? She will remain clueless as ever! So what would be the point of it all?

joshwaxman said...

This strikes me as a bunch of free association, which anyone can do for any purpose, and which therefore signifies nothing.

One particular point, so that perhaps either I, or you, can learn something.

You write:
"It then made a bee line for New Orleans, Condi's city."

Is this actually true, that New Orleans was Condoleeza Rice's city? Or do people make the connection because she is black?

According to her bio at Wikipedia
she was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1954, and her family moved to Denver, Colorado, in 1967. Neither of these two places are New Orleans, in Louisiana. So how is it Condi's city?

Also, Hurricane Katrina seems to be spelled as הוריקן קתרינה, with perhaps a tet substituting for the tav. But a search for הוריקן כתרינה reveals no hits. So it would seem to be spelled with a kof, in which case it does not mean crown...

Gandalin said...

"The letter "g" is the seventh letter of the English alphabet. This Hurricane is the 7th tropical storm of the season."


Only a child shouldn't realize that the hurricanes are named in order with names that follow the order of the alphabet. Thus the name of the 7th hurricane of the year ALWAYS begins with the letter "G."

To build on joshwaxman's point, and if you believe that Hashem sent hurricane Katrina to Condoleeza Rice's city or state, than you a a blasphemer asserting that Hashem can't aim.

Hashem operates this world with hashgacha protis. If something happens to you, it is because of you and for your benefit, not because of something somebody else did thousands of miles away.

Liorah Lleucu said...

And Gush Katif came down after I became homeless too. The measure there is 1:8-10,000. Oh wait, I'm only a Jewitch, so my homelessness doesn't count. No, wait. If your association counts, so does mine.

joshwaxman said...

Just to pile on...

Gustav is spelled in modern Hebrew גוסטב. Thus, there is no sin to transform to a shin, because the letter is a samech. And Tet-Vet differs in both letters from תו. So we have to first make up a spelling, play around with the letters in the spelling, and then interpret it.

josh waxman said...

And another point (sorry to keep harping):

The name "Gustav" comes from the Swedish word which means "the staff of the gods"

This might be true. I am no expert in Swedish name etymology. But it is also more than possible that it means "the staff of the *Goths*."

This book gives both etymologies:

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