Sunday, August 31, 2008

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Gustav Live

Live Hurricane Gustav Links: (Live Weather Map ->)

Live New Orleans TV links with live broadcasts of hurricane Gustav impacting the US southern coast (Louisianna & New Orleans or Texas or Mississippi).

Live Webcam - Downtown New Orleans RiverCAM

Live Webcam - New Orleans BridgeCAM

Live Webcam - New Orleans French Quarter

Live Webcam - New Orleans Andrew School

- 6-24" of Rain.
- Multiple spawned Tornadoes.
- 10'-34' Storm Surge.

Kudos to the message of local and state government officials, which is: RUN AWAY, NOW NOW NOW. (Bus and Train transportation provided for those in need.)

Blessings of personal and family safety to any of our readers impacted by this storm.

(h/t Dreaming)
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