Sunday, August 31, 2008

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Barak Obama on Gustav

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Mystical Paths neither endorses nor recommends voting against either US presidential candidate. We do occasionally comment on the political theatre.

While listening to a bit of the Gustav live links, the weather report and storm track was interrupted for an incoming call from (thinks he's) president Barack Obama. Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama stated that he's closely monitoring the situation, and will be following up to make sure the federal government is responding in a timely fashion.

?????? I was unaware that US presidential candidates had been granted federal executive powers. Cool.

...Moments later the news announced that President Bush had made a live statement, which the announcer repeated, noting it was pretty much the same as Candidate Obama's and was being made at the same time. However, Candidate Obama got to go live on the news, President Bush was just noted. (Chuckle.)

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  1. barry soetero (BS) is a perfect example of leftist,fascist, big brother,messiah-delusional crap to ever hit amerian politricks. the guy is beyond delusional. did you see him at their annointing, uh, excuse me, convention? they crowd was going wild and instead of simply starting his speech like a professional, he stood there and took it all in, over and over saying "thank you". pass the prilosec!!!

    he wanted to go to federal court to block mccain campaign's ad exposing his deceit. if that isn't big brother tactics...

    the list of evil associations with BS is so long and so dirty: wright,ayers,rezko,sharpton.

    but still, the leftist media and air headed obamatons guzzle the kool aide and spew platitudes about change and the first black president. of course, nobody ever mentions any qualified black republicans.

    it is a sad testament to the media saturation of america that so many can be fooled. is it only the conservatives who actually read and analyze these things??

    but, the dems are all a-jitter because sarah palin is such a sqeaky clean, popular candidate. ha! good for the republicans!

    let's just hope that when mccain gets in, he'll be better for israel than bush rice.


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