Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Terror Attack - Your Brother's Blood

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Sunday, Prime Minister Gordan Brown of Great Britain came to Jerusalem and was politically honored. During his visit declaring solidarity with Israel, he met with the terror regime in Ramallah and agreed with everything they said. He finished his visit by demanding an immediate halt to Jewish living in Israel, ah, Jerusalem, ah, actually, to any place the Palestinians have declared theirs.

You know, my youngest son had a game where he would grab something valuable of one of his siblings or parents, stand up proud and announce, "I declare it mine." Sometimes he would do this with multiple items in a single shot, grabbing say 5 things off the table and repeating it each time... "I declare it mine." "I declare it mine." "I declare it mine."

He would then hold his head high and walk off with the item. It was cute and funny, because everyone knew - including him - that he wouldn't get away with it. But if by chance he actually did, say with an ice cream bar in the refrigerator, if no one gave enough attention to challenge him, then he was gone and indeed, it was his.

The Palestinians have been walking around playing this game in Israel. Empty Jerusalem Hill now built into thriving neighborhood - I declare it mine says the Palestinian. Marketplace bought by Jews - I declare it mine says the Palestinian. Jewish holy sites on top of which mosques have been built - I declare it mine says the Palestinian.

The only reason they succeed is because we don't value it enough to pay attention and respond, claiming it back. Because the Land doesn't matter anymore. The Holy Land is only the "Holy Land" in a tefilah, in the spiritual realms. It doesn't mean actual real life dirt, G-d forbid!

This week, PM Brown declared it theirs. Later today, US candidate rock star Obama will arrive in Jerusalem. A month ago, he made a major error and declared it ours. But not to worry, he will go hug some terrorists tonight in Ramallah and declare it theirs.

Only ... Because ... We ... Don't ... Care.

Because if we cared about the Holy Land, if we cared about our brothers blood being spilled, we'd do something about it. We'd SHOUT, we'd PROTEST, we'd support organizations that make a difference, we'd make facts on the ground by living where it's ours, we'd make it clear we don't support candidates who declare it theirs while standing in our brothers blood, and we'd support those who do the right thing.

Don't stand in your brother's blood. Israel is our place, our Holy Land, Jerusalem is our holy city. Stand up, declare it ours.

--> Reb Nati at Mystical Paths adds these thoughts...

To my great sorrow, you're wrong Reb Akiva. We should pray and teach defense techniques. Demonstrating won't work anymore as we are very far past that stage.

We blew it in '95, we should have gone tilt then. Now if we do it will give the world the right to sit on our heads. It's too late for all that now, it's in G-d's hands because we didn't want to do anything when we could have.

Now we have to ask and plead for heavenly mercy. Its sad. But there is whom to look to, to our Father in heaven.

** Mystical Paths prays that Hashem grant a speedy and complete recovery to the many injured in today's terror attack, who will spend MONTHS trying to recover function and put their lives back together.

Photo credit: Amos Ben Gershon\GPO via The Jerusalem Post.

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  1. Right now, the momentum is with us. Talk to everyone about Avodah Ivrit. The ideal is that all the Arabs should be gone from here, but in the meantime a good start is to convince Jews not to hire them and many will go elsewhere for work. Reb Nati there is always something for us to do. We don't have to be the one to finish the job, but we must make a start.

  2. I agree with avoda ivrit and have for years spoke about it. The problem lies with many leftist Jews, yes in Jerusalem, who think that if we just give the arabs jobs, and a peace (piece) deal, then they won't want to kill us anymore. We all know this is non-sense. The other issue is that many do not want to pay Jews a respectible living, as they can pay an arab substantially less. It's really a difficult situation with no politically correct solution.

  3. Devash wrote: "The ideal is that all the Arabs should be gone from here, but in the meantime a good start is to convince Jews not to hire them and many will go elsewhere for work." -- No, they won't go elsewhere. Rather, they'll find yet another more creative way to disturb us, maybe a more violent way, go-d forbid. The Arabs are not the cause of the problem.


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