Friday, July 18, 2008


You Self Righteous Bigot!

by AKIVA at Mystical Paths

Yesterday and today, a self righteous bigot one who calls and believes himself to be a religious Jew but apparently doesn't understand what that means, has left repeat comments on posts of Rabbi Nati highlighting a negative of Rabbi Nati's past, which I have deleted. One for which he has done teshuva, suffered for, and reviewed with his rabbi's and mentors over many many years.

This self righteous individual, who only has the nerve to post his comment as "anonymous", believes that the halachot of teshuva, where one is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to hold up the sins of the past in front of the person who has done teshuva, don't apply to him. This individual either believes he is so perfect that teshuva is not necessary, or only he has the right to stand up having overcome the past.

He would intentionally embarrass another (lashon hara), damage that person's success (jealousy), and harm the repentant. Some day this person will face the Beis Din shel Shamayim (the heavenly court) and will wish to be forgiven for these horrible sins. But the response of the court will be, mida k'neged mida, just as you refuse to forgive so you will be refused forgiveness. (And even worse, as neither you nor any other person was every harmed by the history you wish to share, you do it merely for what, spite?)

Rabbi Nati would happily share with you his past, simply as a lesson that one can indeed dig out of the hole, though as blog editor I don't let him. But, while this self righteous person bigot who may look like a religious Jew but only acts with an evil heart will dig up and vomit ugly history such as many of us have and have overcome, let me state briefly what Rabbi Nati has achieved...

Rabbi Nati studied for 2 years and became a certified kosher slaughterer, a shochet. He has official certification via an orthodox Jewish shochet teacher. He studied for an additional 2 years and became a certified kosher scribe, a sofer. He then studied for an additional 5 years and was granted orthodox Jewish ordination by the orthodox rabbinate of Jerusalem. Along the way he studied chassidus Chabad in Crown Heights, NY and Monsey, NY, and was involved in preparing an onsite care facility for the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 770. In Monsey, he developed a relationship with the Viznitzer Rebbe, and the tallis he wears to this day was personally given to him by the Vitznitzer.

He made aliyah due to intense love and longing for Eretz Yisroel - Eretz HaKodesh, and a desire to be a part of settling and building the land. He's spent almost all his time in Israel living in the Shomron (West Bank), and made a point of being a part of the security team in every town he's lived. On several occasions he's been involved in defense incidents, literally putting his life on the line in defense of his neighbors.

He's spent years learning Kabbalah with a senior rav and kabbalah teacher. Some years ago, he began learning Breslev chassidus and became close to several Breslev tzaddikim. In the last several years, he's been fortunate to become very close to a particular Breslev tzaddik and has become a very dedicated Breslever chossid.

He's the only person I know who can explain Tanya in kabbalah terms and Likkutei Mohoran according to Chabad chassidus! He can discuss Eitz Chaim, Rebbe Nachman, and worlds events according to the navi in the same sentence.

I personally am ENVIOUS of what my friend has accomplished!!!

Now, Mr. Super Religious Anonymous would like to pop up and tell you that Rabbi Nati did some non-kosher things in his past. Yes indeed sir, he did. But the essence of teshuva is admitting that you've done the wrong thing, asking forgiveness for having done it, and never doing it again in the future. And one who does so stands at a place that not even tzaddikim can reach.

Rabbi Nati has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to Torah and Mitzvot, to HaKodesh Baruch Hu and Eretz Yisroel. He is indeed a Baal Teshuva in every sense of the word. Does he still, G-d forbid, occasionally do averot and does he still have midos to improve. Definitely. But, unlike many - such as Mr. Anonymous - he's actively working on it every day. Frankly, I wish I was.

Mr. Anonymous, go crawl back in your hole, for you only have darkness to share.

Oh, just for reference relative to what you're trying to say about Rabbi Nati:

Frequent poster here Reb Gutman Locks was a fully committed Hindu Guru, at the highest levels of avodah zara right up to literally receiving koach hatuma (and I'm only mentioning this because he wrote a book about it, Coming Back to Earth.) It took him 5 years to purge the tuma from himself, but he did it. Today you'll find him at the Kotel tefillin stand every day, giving his days to bring a mitzvah to others.

Famous blogger and inspirational rabbi, Rabbi Lazer Brody (Lazer Beams blog), is a baal teshuva who was an Israeli army commando. His life before teshuva was filled with things nobody would be proud of. His life today is doubly valuable for what he left.

Breslev Tzaddik and famous Jewish emunah teacher and author, HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita, is also a baal teshuva (author of the Garden of Emunah)! This acknowledged tzaddik turned around his life involving things which few would believe. Today, he reaches people others wouldn't touch because he can do more than relate to it, he was there.

Those of us who started searching in the United States frequently went down different paths other than Judaism. Hey, our families knew so little about it we certainly weren't going to respect what they had been spitting on for a generation or more. The fact that we came back and turned our back on those other empty paths says it all.

Rabbi Nati can relate to being in the mud, because he was in it up to his ears. Now, Baruch Hashem, he's reached the point where he can share some of the lessons he's learned in digging his way out and hanging on. I don't envy him having to have had those struggles, but I envy his effort and his success.

You, Mr. Anonymous, probably don't understand what that means, to struggle for every bit of your Torah, to struggle to overcome a lifetime of bad habits and attitudes, and to struggle to live, feed a family, and try to make it in another country just because you believe the Torah that says you should. Since you don't believe one can improve themselves, you are condemning your improvements to not be accepted.

Personally, I envy my friend Rabbi Nati. While I never want to face his struggles, I hope and pray that my efforts in my own life someday measure up enough that I can stand in the same room as he, even if far in the back.

Mr. Anonymous, spew your lashon hara elsewhere, you're not welcome here. Here, we strive to be better, and believe that someday, G-d willing, we might just make it.


Shiloh said...

What about the coming Mashiach, who will be hated by all, a discrace to men. I surely don't think that Reb Nati is on Derech haShem, as the Torah has been replaced by 'religion', but putting that aside, the self rightous usually have an incredibly ugly past, who like to show how bad others are, in order to cover their own sick and twisted past which is in secret. There is no one on this planet that has not transgressed Torah, we actually do it daily, but Reb Nati is trying his best. Kol hakavod. We all have been wrong, and we are wrong daily as we follow erev Rav, but until Mashiakh is revealed, we will continue down this road of incredible error. B'ezrat haShem, we will get it right soon enough. Until then, Reb Nati, do what's right and just in the eyes of haShem. The world will hate you, but get used to it, as we are heading for a big storm. The answer is here before the problem exists. Be humble, as even the Moshiach will over look ones error in 'religion', but as for the arrogant religious, he will not have any simpathy form them. Shabbat Shalom.

Reb. Nati said...

I'm not araid of my past i have made many a mistake if i have wronged any one let him come forward so i can right my wrongs and be clean. on the contary im here because of my past it very well may be that because i understand from experince that i may help someone who feels they have gone to far. it is with fear i approach this not out of 'I'm better than you' i i were to tell you where i've been would it help' i try akiva feels that we should not get personal but believe me it is enough to say i've be in the muddiest of places and am still clinging to Hashem and every thing i have is truly a undeserved gift from Hashem. I am humbled that some one is reading and even more so that i might actually help someone! my only desire in all of this is to help one person get closer to Hashem if i accomplish this it is as if i saved the while world. not better than any one certainly not but im try to improve everyday.
so im not talking to you im walking with you im in the mud and walking out if you want ill try and help but first realize your in the mud too. we all are! so let's climb out together! nu what are you waiting for?

gut shabbos

Reb. Nati said...

Oh and by the way Akiva these remarks are sent by Hashem as a message that to remind me that in not there yet thanks i'm still in need to do t'shuvah.

Devash said...

No worries. The TRUTH always wins out in the end.

AJ said...

Akiva, this kind of cursing guy that like to stress so-called "bad actions" that others have done (not them, you know, they are "straights", with a clean shave under their peyoss...) make me think of what Rabbi Nahman calls "neshichat hanachash"... Cold, cold, cold and sad... I personnaly had the zchut to share Reb Naty itlaavut, aish haTora mamash, and this kind of behavior Mr Anonymous has shouldn't borrow anyone... Reb Naty, keep (our and your) hope alive !! A gut shabbess !! AJ.

Jon Saboe said...

Someone needs to read and study Zechariah 3 where we see Satan accusing a guilty High Priest before the Lord.

Herein we can see the nature and source of a person who dares to accuse a forgiven man.

"I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins." Isaiah 43:25

"What God hath cleansed, that call not thou unclean."

Elisheva said...

What is the IP address of the anonymous coward?
Plz send via email
Thanks. Elisheva in Cleveland

Reb. Nati said...

No need as I have been contacted by this person via email and I received what they said, in a spirit of love and forgive them! and i was there once thanks Hashem I woke up!!!! 20 years ago

Reb. Nati said...

The keter of my talis and my stramiel were gifts from Rav Motel Hagar Grand Rebbe of Viznitz monsey, and i also have a talis that is believed to be the Rebbe's found in the wall of the Rebbe's office when I Worked in 770 These are most prized processions right after my wife and kids.

YMedad said...

Right behind you, Nati!

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