Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A Time of Favor

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

A time of favor is a time when G-d bends down low and cups His hands over the back of His ears so He can hear our prayers even clearer. Of course, this is a metaphor, but, still, it helps us to understand what our role should be at such times.

It is well known that the time of the chuppah (the marriage canopy) is a time of favor. For this reason many brides and grooms are accustomed to bringing a list of their friends under the chuppah with them. They stand there and fervently pray not only for their own marriage to be a success, but for their loved ones too.

Praying for others not only helps the people who are prayed for, it also helps the ones who pray. Prayer is a tremendous kindness. It shows that you are truly concerned with others’ well being. And G-d never lets a kindness go unpaid. He is quick to reward those who take on the concerns of others.

There is another time of favor just as great as the chuppah, but so few women take complete advantage of it. This is the moment when you light your Shabbos candles. Because of this, not only should married women light candles at this time, but single girls should also light a candle to welcome the Shabbos. And if you will do the following when you light you will certainly change at least two lives:

After you make the blessing, while your hands still cover your eyes, and after you pray for your loved ones, say, “Hashem please give my chatan (groom) a nice Shabbos, and bring him to me as soon as we are ready.” After all, even though you do not yet know who he is, he is somewhere in the world, and he is yours.

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  1. my friend: the spiritual path is not the military path. sometimes one can make effective analogies and they can work for individuals at different times; however, the overall spiritual path is not like the marines, may Heaven help us.

  2. Anonymous, who are you trying to kid with the "my friend." Your comment is not at all friendly and you know that, which is why you decided to be "anonymous." Instead of being so critical and condescending, try taking the time and trouble to explain why you feel you are right. Many others might disagree with you.


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