Monday, July 28, 2008


The Tag of 7

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I've managed to blog for over 4 years without getting tagged, meme'd, or tied into the various social blog connection challenges that go around. Suddenly, I've been tagged twice in the same "7 Blogs You Read" challenge, and emailed in the "4 things" challenge. So, for the first time ever, here's my social blogging challenge response...

7 Blogs I Read:

- A Simple Jew - One time I was sitting in shul and my fellow chassidim asked me, "nu, and what's with you?" I answered, "I'm just a simple Jew." "Ha!", they replied, "you think you've reached such a level that you qualify as a simple Jew? What kind of ego do you have to think you've reached such a lofty state!" To be simple and straight in one's relationship with Hashem is indeed very difficult in our generation. All the more so for those of us who have spent time entangled in the world. Yet, A Simple Jew manages to share such an approach regularly.

- Lazer Beams - One of the internet's favorite rabbi's, Rabbi Brody manages to always tie world and life events into chassidus and faith in Hashem. He's an inspiring lesson in how to speak positive and tie everything back to Hashem and Torah.

- The Muqata - I love the Shomron (the so called West Bank). There's a space and peace there that calls to me. For various reasons I don't live there (though I live nearby and pass through frequently), but my thoughts are with those who do. Jameel, a silly arab-ish pseudonym for a Jew who does, shares real life with us.

- Dreaming of Moshiach - Teshuva and Geulah are alive at Dreaming, not a topic of philosophy. The blogger draws from a variety of mystical oriented Hebrew sources, as well as their own, to bring powerful material frequently.

- Circus Tent - The blogger shares chassidic historical insights, and sometimes conflicts or points out historical revisionism, among the charedi Jewish sector. Many points inspire me because there's a reality to mesiras nefesh, self sacrifice, versus the stories that always seem beyond real life reach, that grounds me in reality when the circumstances of life are challenging.

- Michael Totten's Middle Eastern Journal - Mr. Totten is an American reporter who spends days, weeks, and months in his reporting zone. Unlike the fluff, misunderstandings, and outright lies and propaganda you get from the mainstream news, Mr. Totten brings an on-the-ground American-ish perspective to parts of the world the rest are just blowing through. Indispensable in understanding the Arab world.

- IsraellyCool - Many of the events that happen in Israel are so extremely serious, and so extremely disturbing, that someone who can introduce an element of humor while still presenting the seriousness of the situation helps lighten my day. IsraelyCool does a yoman's job of this, focusing on the ludicrousness of the terrorists press statements and the Western presses dealings with Israel.

Tomer Devorah and Me-Ander both pointed to me, so I credit them with this post.

The social aspect of this says "In return, those mentioned must post a list of seven (or more) favorite blogs", and of course mention the friend who inflicted this social responsibility upon them. My blessings to all bloggers mentioned and those who mentioned me. May we merit to meet personally in Jerusalem with Moshiach Tzidkaynu and bring a korban ho'da'a, an offering of thanksgiving, for having this opportunity to positively affect others.

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A Simple Jew said...

:) I really appreciate your warm words, Akiva. Thank you.

Aussie Dave said...


nava said...

הודו לה' כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו

Devash said...

I almost didn't do it myself, but it brought blessings down. Sometimes it's good to break from the routine and do something a bit different.

muse said...

Thanks for participating.
Tizkeh l'mitzvot.

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