Monday, July 21, 2008

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Sefer Shel Golus - The Book of the Exile

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Some day, will we write in the sefer of the golus that in the year of the geulah, the nasi of England came to Jerusalem on the fast and mourning day of the 17th of Tammuz, on which we fast in memory of the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem by the Assyrians, and again by the Romans (both on the same day), that the nasi came to demand in modern Israel that the Jews STOP inhabiting the Land, that the Jews STOP building homes in Jerusalem, that they commit collective suicide and march themselves into the sea (ok, he didn't say that last one outright).

Some day, will we write in chapter 2 of the sefer of the golus that in the year of the geulah, during the 3 weeks of mourning for the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash, the nasi-to-be of the United States came to Israel, stood hand in hand with the murderers of Jewish men, women, and children, and announced clearly that when he said he believed in a united Jerusalem he was just kidding, that he prefers to see Jerusalem divided, with walls, guard posts, and snipers, and Jews expelled from the land of their fathers.

Will we write that these incredible warnings came literally during the 3 weeks, yet most ignored it. Will we write of how Jerusalem became a cup of poison in their hands, as the words of the navi (biblical prophet) were fulfilled? Will we write of how we were awed as we watched curses fall upon their lands, as those who curse you are cursed? Will write of emunah (faith) in Hashem as we watched the words of the navi play out before our eyes?

Perhaps, indeed, we will. Perhaps, G-d willing, soon.

The photo is of British Prime Minister Gordan Brown with "Palestinian" leader, terror planner, and holocaust denier Machmud Abbas, taken today in Ramallah. As my daughter made her way to Jerusalem for this fast day, her way was blocked by security for the British Prime Minister as he arrived to declare Israel must destroy themselves. And the government said, thank you sir, may I have another.

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  1. Dear Sir only when the Jewish people take charge of their own lives do they win. When people walk around with their eyes closed they lose. Israel is one of the only countries that have most of their people in the military and yet they seem helpless. Erev Rav will never be for the Jewish people for they are more interested in idol worship. We promised we will do then we will understand have we backed down from that too?


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