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Rumor of Moshiach

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

The following rumor has come to our ears. It was heard from highly placed and knowledgeable sources. But, those definitely in the know will neither confirm nor deny this...

Two years ago, before the hilhula of the tzaddik and mekubal (kabbalist) HaRav Yitzchok Kaduri, zt"l, he announced that he had met with Moshiach. Literally met.

Right around Shavuos this year, an invitation was sent to leading rabbonim of all the different streams of Judaism. (The invitation was delivered at the request of one of the holy autistics.) The invitation was to come to a meeting with Moshiach, at the holy resting place of the Baal Shem Tov in the Ukraine.

The invitation was sent to approximately 150 rabbonim, tzaddikim, rebbe's, and mekubalim. Some considered it a joke, or didn't take it seriously, or couldn't believe that it could be true. Less than half came, mostly chassidic rabbaim, rebbe's, and sephardi mekubalim.

At the kever of the Baal Shem Tov, they met with Moshiach. They were told to prepare for the Geulah, and specific failings in their communities to rectify. Moshiach gave each attendee a blessing, and nisim (miracles) were literally seen _on the spot_.

Moshiach indicated he was going to the simple souls who needed to be gathered up in the time remaining. He was not going to the mainstream religious communities, as they were not open to him. He would not be heard from again until this Tishrei (Jewish month around late September this year.)

The rumor comes with a message to prepare. Increase our Torah and mitzvot, FOCUS on ahavat yisroel, love for our fellow, and on emunah (faith) in Hashem.

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  1. Oh how this very simple minded person wishes for this to be true! I shared this with my husband and he questions why Moshiach would skip the mainstream Jewish communities. He says if it's really Moshiach, can he do that?

    My simple minded thinking says, sure! GO to those who need to hear the Message of tshuva... the mainstream Jewish communities have heard and ignored for a long time. Why knock your head on a brick wall? Time is short, reach anyone he can! Also, he tried reaching the communities, the Rabbi's didn't show up! They didn't want to hear or to know. He tried.

    fyi, I am a BT- made aliyah and am waiting daily to hear the Shofar sound Moshiach's arrival, to see the rebuilding of our Beit hamikdash and our return from exile.

  2. Nobody wants Mashiach more than I do, but this doesn't ring true for me.

  3. Sorry, let me rephrase that. I believe it may have happened as described, but I don't believe that the person claiming to be Mashiach really is Mashiach.

  4. Let's keep hope alive !!! Once, one hundred, or even a thousand times stories will be told and won't be but only stories and false dreams about the coming of the redemptor. But still, "achake lo she yavo", and once, we only need it once, it will be a true story, the true legend of our redemption, the true story of Moshiach coming, right here and now... We won't believe it, as it is written: "ayinu kecholmim", we were as dreamers, yes, indeed, we will be like dreamers... Let the dream come true !!! So, why not ?... AJ

  5. If the sources are so knowledgable of the incident, let them give you a name of someone that was there.

  6. LOL, you just don't get it. Rumors are just that, rumors. HaShem will reveal him, comprehend this to the core. Only haShem will reveal his one He chooses, then we will decide if we want him, by using oil. Then there will be a period that he is concealed again. Then haShem, only haShem will finally reveal the person. No 'rabbi', nothing. Another shabtai syndrome. Things are looking bad, but stop trying to create someone. It's not up to us for this. You just simply cannot hear this. I suspect I know who this is, his name is pronounced as usual, but he added a vav to it. He's a baal tshuva, former mossad is my best guess. He's playing with you all.

  7. Reb Akiva, after I was done laughing, I realized it's not a laughing matter. Can you find out via your sources, how this person came to be the mashiakh. Obviously I am familiar with the letter of the late Rav Kaduri, and I know who it pointed to. Can you find out how he was first revealed and post it on your site It's very important when we play with fire. This person, now many rabbi's will be teaching their flocks about this. We are about to make a huge huge error, find out what I ask, and I will tell you why at that point.

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  9. devash,
    we don't know the whole story. It is not said that this person claimed he was mashiach.

    On the other hand, we are confused with the other prophecies saying that in the end of time, we will be fooled by someone we think is mashiach.

    So I think that the best advice is to keep doing tshuva and believe in Hashem, not the news.

  10. "The invitation was sent to approximately 150 rabbonim, tzaddikim, rebbe's, and mekubalim. ..The invitation was delivered at the request of one of the holy autistics.." -- I will maybe believe you if you tell me who's exactly that holy autistic or if you show me one of these invitations.

  11. Mevaser HageulahJuly 21, 2008 7:54 PM

    You all know who "this person" is. His face is very familiar. He did not arrive to Medzibuz by car or plane or donkey.

    Read again the midrashim and the Zohar and "shake off the dust". As the saying in the world: "think outside of the box".

    (It is for this reason Moshiach Tzidkeinu can reach the "simple souls" more easily than the "mainstream religious communities")

  12. ..also, why do we need to know that moshiach is here if the torah tells us already that there's one potential moshiach alive in every generation and so much more ?!

  13. Its time that we focus on what the coming of Moshiach and state of reality the Geula is all about aside from focusing on the signs of his arrival, which are more than obvious.

  14. Maybe its not true now.. but maybe if we do focus on increasing Torah and mitzvot..Ahavat Yisroel and Emunah in Hashem it will be true!!

  15. It's a horrible thing to play with the emotions of frightened Jews.

    Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. How is he Moshiach already if he hasn't done anything yet that Moshiach is supposed to do before he is revealed as such?

    It's not that I don't want to believe that Geula is at the door, I pray with all my soul that we're on the verge of Geula and we'll see Moshiach soon, but in times of despairs Shabbatai Tzi and others like him always rise up, so before I start believing in such a rumour, I'll need a bit more, as much as I love this blog and respect you two

  17. b"h

    I can think of one tzaddik that rav kaduri met in person who many rabbis from much of the frum spectrum considered to be potentially moshiach- the Lubavitcher Rebbe. and Sanhedrin 98b does teach the Moshiach could come from the dead (Rashi).

  18. Akiva - "Ha'levai" this should come to be true!

    As to the events you related, perhaps this is one of the reasons mashiach has tarried until now. Do we really believe or do we not, even if we say the "Ani Ma'amins" and claim to believe in them? For Rabbonim to hear about mashiach and write him off like that saying they do not believe or it is a joke? How do they expect him to be announced? In what way would he be announced that they would not think it is a joke or a scam?

    I do not know if this story is true or not and I am not commenting on it except to say "Ha'Levai". But we must check our reactions to such stories - at what point will we believe mashiach is coming, if when we hear about it we "blow it off"?

  19. hey, and i thought the Lubavitcher rebbe was still alive! oh boy, now i'm really confused...

  20. This is such bs! How can you make fun of a tzaddik like that and start rumors about him and other holy people?!

  21. Doesn't it say that the Rabbonim are going to have to coax him to lead the people out of the golus. Isn't that what happened to Moshe Rabbeinu?

    Doesn't it also say that there will be a 'faker' before the real Moshiach is revealed? Why should he do nissim for those who attended - in order to convince them??

    I'm being skeptical because I am under the impression that Rav Kaduri z"tl said he would have to be coaxed into a leadership position.

    BUT why is it these invitees cannot NEGATE the story?

  22. Is this supposed to be chizuk? Why can't we work on doing teshuvah and mitzvos with the focus of "getting close to hashem" [like the mesillas yesharim says], rather than it always
    coming back to "don't you want mashiach!, mashiach is coming!"

    People don't even know what mashiach really means, and then to tell them at the end that
    Mashiach isn't even going to frum families after all they've done and gone through to
    keep the faith...blasphemy!


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