Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Of Interest

Just sharing a few items of interest...

From Dixie Yid : "Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook was a leading Torah sage who moved to the Land of Israel in 1904, and I hope to discuss aspects of his approach to the modern Zionist movement in future letters. There were Zionist leaders who viewed the Chareidim as being in the “wilderness”; however, Rabbi Kook offered a defense of the Chareidim. In an essay which discusses the modern Zionist movement (Igrot R’iah 871), Rabbi Kook writes that this movement “will never be a stronghold for the whole nation, because it intrinsically fails to grasp the holy eternal light of the nation’s soul, the spirit of the true God in its midst; thus, it will do well in the external area of building up the nation, but will never be able to deal with its inner side.” Rabbi Kook adds: “That inner building stands ready for other workers of an entirely different type. These will develop, from all places, out of the ‘wilderness’ of the Chareidim, those who faithfully and truthfully opposed Zionism because of their pure zealousness regarding the spirit of Hashem, His people, and the foundation of its existence.”

From Lebanese blogger Perpetual Refugee, commenting on the arrival of baby murderer Kuntar from the prisoner trade: Today, death is being celebrated. Human life obviously has no value in Lebanon, especially when the dead are Jews. But not always. Anyone on the other side is better off dead. It always ends up as a party.

I have no words today. I cannot celebrate the return of Kuntar or any Hezballah 'soldiers'. The Divine Victory celebrations were enough for me. 1,200 dead for 5 of the living. Death is constantly celebrated in Lebanon. We have become the ultimate barbarians. Perhaps we always were.

I can't say I'm proud to be Lebanese anymore. My nation makes me sick. My government makes me sick. My compatriots, with their welcome-home smiles make me sick. As they dance on coffins. As they trample on the remaining dignity of parents that have to endure a living hell. Parents who outlived their children.

I have no words today. I will have no words tomorrow. I no longer identity with the land of my birth. My ashes very well may be scattered in a foreign land that celebrates not death, but life itself.

And, Dreaming of Moshiach notes there's a Solar Eclipse coming on Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av :

This eclipse is very unusual. It starts in Canada, and focuses over Russia and China. Dreaming notes, "This solar eclipse is an unusual and ominous event since visibility of a total eclipse is only once in 375 years. Also, this solar eclipse will be the longest eclipse of the 21st century!"

In Jewish mystical tradition, lunar eclipses allude to negative times for the Jewish people, solar eclipses the same for the non-Jewish nations. The timing on the Jewish calendar is also very interesting, as in the midst of a traditionally negative time for the Jewish people, this major sign of negativity for the non-Jewish nations comes along.

May the 9 days only be a positive time this year!

Eclipse info from Nasa.

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  1. What means "visibility of a total eclipse is only once in 375 years"?
    I recall seeing a total eclipse in the early '90's [or might've been late '80's; don't recall exactly off-hand].

    Perhaps "Dreaming" means to say that from any specific location a total eclipse is only visible every 375 years?


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