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Hard Questions, Simple Answers - Part 4

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

In regards to all the questions about where we are, and when will be, etc... In the Holy city of Jerusalem there are many a Tzaddik, as well as regular folks, preparing begday Moshiach, clothing for the geulah. There is a local tailor in Meah Shearim who is swamped with orders for these clothes, only to be worn for the arrival of the redeemer. He has so many orders that he can't get them done fast enough. They are very beautiful indeed.

This started right after Pesach. The tailor says it all started with a certain chassidic rebbe, then another, and another, etc, until everyone here feels the energy of what is to come. "People are talking."

I'd like to share a bit of Torah from a little sefer called 'The Empty Chair', a book of aphorisms by Rabaynu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. Entry "On The Spiritual Journey" : "Spiritual awakening begins with inspiration coming from without. Then once you are already on the road, the real work begins. Keep at it and inspiration will come from within." (L.H. 3:152c)

Rebbe Nachman said that often even just his daily religious obligations felt like a crushing burden. But the Rebbe found a way to bear the weight of his devotions by each morning saying to himself, "I will ignore tomorrow and all future tomorrows- today is all there is!" The Rebbe understood what wears us down most on our spiritual journey is the feeling that there is to much to accomplish. Instead, he advised focusing only on the task at hand. By doing so, we can overcome even the most daunting of obstacles.

We need to just keep it simple and to the fact. For example I used to look at the siddur and say 'how long is it gonna take to say all this', overwhelmed by the length of the prayers. So I said brachas, jumped to shema, and from there added on each week more and more. The same with my learning. I used to look at all the necessary reading a Jew must do each week and say 'ee efashar', there's no way I can read all this. But slowly I just started to read the parsha for the day, then Tanya for the day, chassidus, then halacha - 1 law a day then, etc. If I had time to read something else I wanted, ok, if not, not. Same thing in prayer - I would tell my yetzer I'm only gonna say one bracha of shemonei esrei with kavana, then another and another till I (G-d willing) make it all the way though.

I've come a long way, thanks Hashem. But now when I look up from where I stand, I see mountains, "BIG MOUNTAINS" in front of me. Gone are the days of flat sand and foot hills, now the real work is beginning! But we can climb any mountain one step at a time. And there within lies the the secret; One step, one day, no more. I/we can make it for the day! You have to believe this to carry on. Ok, so I fell yesterday! And this last week I let the ruach stuss knock me down, 'Blam'. There was a time when I would cry and pout for months on a wrong committed, now the I know the key is to acknowledge my fall, ask for forgiveness, stand up, dust off and run before the next wave comes. The quicker we do t'shuva the less hold the Other side has on us.


"I will praise Hashem with my life; I will sing to my G-d with the little I have left." (salms 146:2). With only what I have left I'll cling to You in praise. And hope only in YOU!

Master of the Universe, help me! You work in amazing ways. Help me to able to make myself happy at all times. I am shattered and broken. Help me to be happy always. Teach me a way. You and You alone know all things: You know everything that has happened from the day I was born until today. You know everything that is happening to me today and this generation, and everything taking place in the whole world and in all the souls of all the Jewish people. You know everything that has happen to my soul: from the day my Neshamah, Ruach and Nefesh were first emanated; How they descended through the worlds of Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah; how the were brought into all the bodies that they were incarnates until they entered this body of mine, this gross and materialistic body...

You alone know the meaning of all these mysteries and all that happened to me in those times and since then until today. You know all that I have done, the good the bad. You know all my sins and transgressions, day by day - those that were unintentional, and those I did deliberately; those under compulsion and those I did of my own free will. And You know whatever good points I have managed to gather, it was only through Your kindness that I did so - even in the bad times.

Likutey Tefilah I 90 excerpt from Reb Nosson of Breslev's prayers 'which I have made mine with little changes'

I have endured from the day of my birth until today, ONLY BY YOUR UNMERITED MERCY!!! and so have you, all of you!

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  1. Hi Reb Nati,
    beautiful post and great insight!

    I'd like to ask you, do you know if the Lubavitcher Rebbe, or the Rabbi Rayatz (previous Lubavitcher Rebbe) ever said anything about Likutey Tefilos and/or LM ? I'd really like to know what they thought/said about the breslover path... Thanks, AJ.

  2. Thank you for organizing the thoughts (how did you know)that have been bouncing around in my own head and for the encouraging words.

  3. Dear Reb Nati,
    Is your son well, from the car-incident on Erev Shabbos? Hope he is unharmed.

    Yesha Galluzzo

  4. Baruch Hashem my son was hit on his bike on his way home on friday. we were rushed to the hospital. we spent an uncomfortable shabbos but it was worth knowing that he just had internal brusing. thank Hashem!!! Thanks for the prayers! Aj the rebbe had a copy of Likutey Moharan on his desk I personally saw it I also knoe that he had a havurta for many years in the safer i'll check and see watch i can dig up but the sefer was passed down from the atler rebbe as one of the frist people that rebbe gave the sefer to was the alter Rebbe. mike just keep your chin up yesha thanks col tov

  5. lovely piece, thanks for posting. it's amazing to think that reb nachman felt his daily devotions a burden. i don't get it....unless he's showing us that he understands us better than we do. which makes sense.


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