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It's All From Hashem

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Jewish emunah, and I hesitate to translate that as faith as that word is associated with Western and Xian concepts nowadays, emunah - faith, is not believing in "a god". It's not believing in "a power" greater than oneself. Jewish emunah is believing that there is only one power, there is only G-d, and everything is of Him, from Him, and by Him.

You have to know it, to know really, it is all from Him! The good... the (seemingly) bad, only when we don't have Daat, understanding. Everything in this world works to distract us, we see, we feel, we taste, we touch, a flood of senses to overwhelm us with the world, and distract us from...

Him!!! YUD KEY VAV KEY!!!!

Hashem creator of the universe, His actions, it appears to us as natural! But really, every heart beat, every brain wave, billions upon billions of minute operations of the body, of the world around us, stop and think about it. All the creatures and all this!
"Deep breath just thinking about it". The amazing orchestration of the whole world, the whole universe. We don't have enough computers in existence to track even a city, yet the whole universe dances together. But they are trying build the Tower again! We are very close to them totally causing the hiding of His face!

Hashem Yerachem, may Hashem have mercy on us. We have to strive to hear what Hashem is trying to tell us. The Haftara (melekim 2, 2nd kings) of this past week describes Eliyahu HaNavi encountering Hashem's divine presence. Not the wind, not the thunder, not the fire, the soft still voice. I want to hear the small soft voice like a dove in the morning. Because I'm tired having to listen the hard way! (Through hard life lessons.)

We are very close. All is only shadows of what is real. It's darkest right before dawn. Now I know, it only seems dark. And, as it gets closer, it is about to get very dark! In the first redemption from Egypt we find in Shemos (Exodus) it became very dark as judgment was passed on His children. Judgment starts in the house of the L-rd, His attribute of justice requires that He clean house before lookng at the nations, but the cup of trembling is soon passed to the world (Yirmiyahu).

For 2500+ years we have been trembling, our turn is almost over. We must return to Hashem, wake up from the soaps and the movies and the news. We need to turn to Hashem in prayer, and lead by example! The Righteous of the nations need to join in as well, to become Noahide, comply with the 7 mitzvot of the bnei Noach, the seven commandments to the nations - the sons of Noah. We as a nation of priests and all the nations in unison have to bring ourselves up to the level of saying thank You for everything we have!

We are only guests in this world! We come here with nothing and He in His mercy gives us a mother and a father, brothers and sisters, ones to care for us and raise us. Everything is a free gift from Hashem! There are two types of guests, good ones and bad ones. If we don't say thank you for everything, we're being bad guests! And even more so if we complain and ask for more this and that. Are we spoiled, rotten, selfish, ungrateful guests?

Or will we say Thank You Hashem?

Shevua Tov, a good week, from the Holy City of Jerusalem, Thank You Hashem for granting me the opportunity to live here.

Reb Nati

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  1. Wrong!! The goyim must follow the Torah. The Noahide is Talmudic, not Torah, and its earliest source, yes, sit down for this is the book of "acts" in the xtian bible. This nations of Priests where to teach the Torah, but we replaced it with religion via erev rav, and you wonder why we have all these other religions! Yes, it will get dark, we won't turn to haShem easily, we will turn to religion, an idol. The judgment of the nations started in Feb 2002. So the clock is ticking as we enter the final hours. In a flicker the redemption will be here, hope it will be merciful.

  2. I thought there were only about 200 left on your path, living on top of Har Gerazim.

  3. we understand from the Navi (zechariah 14?) that those who don't come to Har Beit for the festival Succot 'will have no rain' and it says in the future in tense, 'Nations' ultimately they were to come and convert but we will see? but the torah we have both wriitten and oral our the truth and it is the truth what ever ideas you have chuck them and cling to the truth!

  4. My path? You don't even know me, and you label me, as only a fool would do, but it's obvious by your picture that this comment came from a Jew who dresses like a polish aristrocratic non-Jew, I can take it as coming from one incredibly ignorant idoloter.


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