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Hard Questions, Simple Answers - Part 3

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

The Geula is a process. 'It's an awakening'. It is a step by step thing. We are all placed here to put forth effort, to help bring it. And Hashem forbid not to hold it up!

We all have a private 'geula pratit', an individual redemption. As more and more people experience this it will eventually lead to a very public 'geula klalit', total national redemption. By changing our base nature nefesh b'hemis to a G-dly one nefesh elokees, this is called a 'iruta d'tatah' a stimulation from below, our awakening, we rearrange the spiritual matrix. By doing so we bring the balance to kedusha, the side of Holiness. Thus allowing for more shefa - spiritual energy to be released, allowing for more people to wake up so on and so forth, and it grows exponentially until we reach critical mass, then boom, redemption!

The Midrash tells us that 80% - 4/5ths of the Jews did not leave Mitzrayim (Egypt), they died there. WHY? The reason we are told is that they did not believe in Moshe, the Tzaddik HaDor. Having Emunah in the Chochamim is integral part of our lives, and without it we are blind and deaf. They are in effect our example of Hashem in this world as well as our spiritual eyes and ears, as they are much more in tune with the world of truth than we are. We must trust in them if we are to be worthy of redemption! In this we have no choice!

What was it that the Jews of the first exile were in doubt about? Was it that they didn't believe in Hashem (chas v'shalom)? Or was it that they didn't trust that Hashem had sent a redeemer? We are told it was not because they didn't believe that Moshe could take them out of Mitzrayim. It was that they didn't believe that Moshe could take Mitzrayim out of them! Oh, here is the problem, they were at the 49th gate of Tumah 'spiritual impurity'. They had entered until the gate of the last level and were about to pass the point of no return! But there was an awakening! We are told that Moshe was sent after they had 'sighed' over their situation, and had woken up to the fact that they were in deep trouble. 'They 'cried out', 'Chatzot halilah' 'at midnight' over the distance they had fallen away from Hashem.

And now WE are on the verge of despair over the 'avodah', the work it will take to return to Hashem. But what they did not know was (and this is the EMUNAH PART)!!!', WAS?

We are taught Hashem heard them, 'Ah their waking up', in response to their 'sigh'. We are told that Hashem looked down 'Wow! Check it out, they understand and regret', in response to their 'crying out at chatzot! We are told that Hashem remembered! "MY CHILDREN, I MUST HELP THEM...NOW!" Before it is to late.

Despair is a level that is hard to repair. As long as we do not despair, it is easier to fix the problem. 'Where there is hope the is away, out! That's why Rebbe Nachman tells us there is no such thing as despair in the world at all! "AIN SHUM YeUSH B'OLAM KLAL! At this time it is very important to try and wake up as many people to the idea of geulah as possible. This in turn will cause an awakening. Then we have to instruct them on how to return to Hashem, it is not enough to just tell them, they have to be led!

This is everyone's duty. Here, I am 'walking point'. But I'm following my commander, my rav, who's following his. And our general is Rebbe Nachman. I'm just a link in the chain and am just trying to relate to you the next step on the way. As I'm only just a few steps ahead of someone else, perhaps you also are a few steps ahead of the next fellow. If this helps you, by all means share it those whom you come in contact with, and walk point for the next fellow.

Shalom and Blessings from the Holy City, Jerusalem.

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  1. the Moshe Avdo issue today is very tricky, because the revealed "spiritual" leadership today is so problematic. A person must literally turn themselves inside out in tefillos vetachanunim in order to merit "Moshe Avdo". Otherwise, the Baal Shem Tov would not have been banging his head on a tree about our matzav today.

  2. Hi Reb Nati, once again a great post...
    I've got a question for you...!
    You wrote "our general is Rebbe Nachman", and at the beginning "they did not believe in Moshe, the Tzaddik HaDor": is that Rabbi Nahman our Moshe, our Tsadik HaDor ? I personnaly feel it and believe it (despite a 200 years'generation is quite a big extended Dor, but let's say...)but I have many Chabad friends that claim and believe that the Lubavitcher Rebbe, is the Moshe HaDor, our tsadik hador. And true, he was a great great tsadik, so why not ? Hence, my question: is there someone wrong there, and could it be the breslever side ? Thanks for your insights on that issue. AJ

  3. Shalom AJ in his generation rebbenu was the tzaddik hador, in not trying to say that any one person is 'the' tzaddik of the dor. the rebbe Rav Menachem mendel was the tzaddik hador for sure but he is no longer here in the physical world. this is tricky as i'm not stepping on toes but the tzaddik has to be alive, presnetly! moshe returns in every generation. we have some very strong manhigim today.
    from the stand point of waking people up i would have to say that Rav Shalom is way up from in the race but i'm in no way saying more than this he is for sure a true tzaddik and manhig in this generation.The rebbe M.M.sheneerson
    brought us very close Rav Shalom said recently if we only knew how close we would all fall down and cry. 'we were not ready'? the moshe of the generation is known to be the most awake of all and thus waking up others, so look around who is bring people in and and bringing them back and giving them emunah to carry on?


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