Thursday, July 24, 2008


Esav Hates Yaakov, and Mystical Paths!

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

We've got hate mail. Or rather, some kind soul took the time out to thoroughly explain how us evil Jews are destroying the financial system and world oil production, and his savior, all at the same time. Hey, I know, there's always a few nut jobs everywhere. But, when the US financial system really is a mess, these type of things begin to resonate beyond their small initial audience.

Responding to an old post, Jews Destroy Serbia, about anti-semitism in Serbia (without a Jewish population), an anonymous commentor shared these thoughts of wisdom ...

this is a nonsense website.

madelaine albright who lead the usa bombing of serbia is from a zionist, jewish, and communist family. wesely clark has now admitted his family is jewish. holbrooke, well known jew.

90% of the clinton administration was jewish, as is 90 % of the bush administration.

clinton is the illegitimate son of winthrop rockefeller, and the rockefellers are the head of world sephardic jewry and related by marriage to the rothshchilds. his wife not only look like some yenta jew shes admitted shes a rosenberger. sounds jewish to me.

the bombing of serbia was over a key oil route from the caspian sea for rockefeller/rothschilds oil firms and the usa built the worlds largest military base to guard it.

i mean, you zionist jews MURDERED milosovic on purim, how dumb do you think we are? you had no case and clinton, albright and clark would have been found out in war crimes trials for starting and illegal war.

even the muslim opposition was flow in by the cia. al quida, which are headed by the yemeni jew osama bin laden, a cia asset, probably dead now.

you zionist jews in serbia were extracting your mentally sick revenge, for the serbains not bowing to you and wanting their own country and future and as the serbs sat on key resources leading greedy jews like rothschilds, soros, and rockefeller wanted to get their hands on.

the christian intelligensia in the usa see this and is spreading the news.

even some jews like (web site that does not actually exist included here) are stepping up to speak out against jewish lies.

stop your lies you are a VERY, very evil jew or a dupe for your jewish world and communist world leaders, the schiffs, warburgs, lazards, rockefeller, rothschilds,
the 'money' behind all these wars. what have these people every done for you?

stop your lies jew before you end up in Hell.

the kaballah and the talmud are witchcraft. i have read your holy books, we christians see your hate of the gentile nation, and (xian diety name here).

repent, before the Prince of Peace comes to throw you satanic jews in hell and defeat your zionist world order.

Ooookkkkk, catch your breath there fella. Please don't let any facts get in the way of your hatred and the fantasy world you've built up to support it.

Whew, it's not even worth spending time refuting. Rather, it's a straightforward lesson in Esav hates Yaakov. No logic, if it's bad in the world, it's the Evil Jooos. But, when things get bad and they're looking for someone to blame, the Evil Jooos always make a good target.

Hashem Yishmor - G-d Protect Us!.

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Anonymous said...

ridiculous-everyone knows the feminists are to blame for all that's wrong in the world

Nightghost said...

I am so ashamed that I used to believe in xtianity. I just hope that HaShem forgives me. I'm not going to dwell on it though. Baruch HaShem and Shema Israel!!!!

Liorah Lleucu said...

If the rabbis don't discourage your feelings of shame for once being a christian, then shame on them!

Martin said...

When xians and muslims say they believe in each others god - this is why I believe them.

David said...

Please keep in mind that this person does not represent either Christian or American nominal belief. I feel bad for the guy. He is probably just reaching our for some attention. I hope that what ever problems he is having get resolved so he can get back to living a normal life.

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