Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Being Sued by Hamas

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I continued to be surprised that democracies allow enemies and genocidal murderers full function within their societies. I shouldn't be, as when I read history from before World War II, I find the US had plenty of active German groups and Hitler Support Clubs (yes, really). But still, in the politically correct atmosphere that pervades so much of Western society today I'm still shocked by a situation where if I discussed US Secretary of State Condelizza Rice's inane policies as a factor of the pigmentation in her skin, I'd be villified, but discussing Senator Lieberman's positions as a function of his disgusting Jewishness is perfectly acceptable.

There's a British blog that has no hesitation in pointing such things out. Recently, they translated statements by a British Muslim, The President of the British Muslim Initiative (an organization that proudly funds and supports Hamas) on Al Jezzera which included the statement "We, the Arab and Islamic community, gather here today to express our resentment at the celebrations by the Jewish community and the evil Jew/Jewish evil [translated from Arabic] in Britain".

For translating and publishing this statement from Arabic to English, this British blog, Harry's Place, is being SUED by Hamas UK for libel.

This situation is so ridiculous it begs belief. However, until Western Democracies recognize this evil for what it is, we have to stand up and say something about it.

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  1. What! Reb Akiva what do you expect from Easuv? To say something against his uncle, ans father in law? come on man the working together!wake up and forget all that it just a distraction. our father knows what's up we don't need to.


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